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  1. I've long wondered why the Chicago 1995 video, which was obviously professionally filmed, was never officially released. Were the original tapes lost? It seems to me that this would be the time to throw in a DVD (presumably of higher quality than what is circulating, though it's not bad in the version I've seen) of that concert in a deluxe or super-deluxe boxed set. Personally I'd be for a new and inclusive track order IF Tom Petty were still alive to oversee it. As it is now, I would imagine that a new track order for an expanded Wildflowers album would be chosen (mostly) by Mike and Benmont. I know that this is heresy to a lot of TPATH fans, but I never thought the WF album was one of the better TP/TPATH albums, or even in the top half of them. So to me the original tracking order of WF is not particularly sacred. But I realize that some people feel the whole thing is a "masterpiece", including the track order, so maybe they wouldn't want to mess with that. On the other other hand, I didn't like the way on Highway Companion that the two extra songs were just "tacked on" to the original album, in the Special Edition (released a little less than a year after the original). A lot could have been done artistically in integrating those two songs with the originals, as has been discussed on this (soon to be gone) website. I think that the new WF would benefit from a full integration of the extra songs rather than tacking them on after the original, but we'll see. Too bad TP isn't still here, for a lot of reasons, including that he won't be able to choose whether to retrack the album or leave it as it is, plus the extras.
  2. Benmont commented that he'd never heard this song, apparently Tom never presented it to the band. Ben thought it might have even been from a time when they made some early WF recordings with Stan (if I understood that correctly, I think he said Stan). Ben talks also of the emotion of hearing Tom's voice again, on something new to him (now). I agree and it's also great to hear Ben's voice again too (and it's been great to hear Ben on some of the videos he posted during the covid outbreak).
  3. I like the lyrical references to childhood, such as playing cowboys, playing Tarzan in the trees, not knowing how hard it would be (later in life). Also, maybe this is the part that brings a tear to the eye: One Day I'll be back One Day I'll be home Right now I've got some things To do out on the Road I agree, this is a good song to have at the end of the forum.
  4. Nice observation. Same key, and similar chord progression. I wouldn't be at all surprised if one song morphed into the other. Yes I hear it too, good call. Musically this sounds like a slowed down Turning Point.
  5. Ha ha, what? Why would they do something like that? Ok I tried it just now. I deliberately messed up the quiz and only got 2/5 right. And they still gave me the free download.
  6. I'm not going to take some damn quiz to hear the song. Here it is, quiz free (got this from the Steve Hoffman site): https://www.tompetty.com/sites/g/files/g2000007521/f/202008/recordings_tgada.mp3
  7. It's actually a surprisingly good list. Obviously none of us would agree 100% with the choices, but there are a lot of deep tracks that show these people do know the songs pretty well. And I'm glad that YDKHIF didn't rank any higher than 16th. Here are some of the songs I happen to think stand out, but are not on that "Top 100" poll list: Luna Hurt Magnolia No Second Thoughts Letting You Go The Criminal Kind Deliver Me The Same Old You (of course) Mary’s New Car Think About Me All Mixed Up Ain’t Love Strange How Many More Days Dark of The Sun Trailer Keeping Me Alive Accused of Love You And Me Turn This Car Around Night Driver Home American Dream Part B Red River All You Can Carry
  8. Here are 10 favorites that popped into my head (no particular order): The Waiting Rebels Straight Into Darkness Even The Losers King's Highway All You Can Carry The Damage You've Done Don't Do Me Like That Runnin' Down A Dream American Girl
  9. That’s a refreshing aspect of this cover band. Eerily, people who grew up with Tom in Gainesville and spent a considerable amount of time with Ronnie Gregg (the aforementioned lead singer) were gobsmacked by how much he is just naturally like Tom: his slight build, his mannerisms, phrasing, even just the way he sits. Also, their sets delve more deeply into the TPATH catalog than do those of a typical cover band. This might be the only TPATH cover band I would travel to see. Yes, some of the Petty cover bands can be worthwhile. And I agree that I wouldn't want to see one where they tried to look like TPATH, especially the blonde wig on the lead singer. The band I saw was called "The Petty Kings", they were at a free outdoor concert about 15 minutes from me, even then I wasn't sure I wanted to see these "imitators" but some friends talked me into it - I was glad I went. Clearly these guys - and one woman (a Petty Queen?), who handled some of the high vocals and some of the "Stevie Nicks" parts - were huge TPATH fans as well as very good musicians. They played the usual "Greatest Hits" and Wildflowers singles, plus Stop Draggin' My Heart Around but also dug a little deeper for songs like King's Highway, and Change of Heart. They also did Walls, which was actually the "newest" song they did. And when they did Breakdown they put in the Hit The Road Jack part. All surprisingly well done, with no attempt to pretend that they "were" TPATH. One thing I wish the tribute bands would do, is to do some of the songs that TPATH never did in concert. Something like The Criminal Kind, Ain't Love Strange, Dark of the Sun, All You Can Carry - whatever works, but great songs that TPATH themselves never did live (or rarely did live), to help keep the flame alive. Maybe that will happen eventually, probably not, but I'd love for a few of these tribute bands to reach out that way.
  10. Why? How aggravating. No chance to discuss it in Mudcrutch Farm now. Definitely typical of 2020.
  11. Yes they recorded The Image of Me as well as Nick Lowe's Cracking Up, with the intent of putting them on the 2 LP version (both songs appear on the Playback boxed set). I deliberately left those off because they are cover songs rather than band-authored songs. The only exceptions to using band-authored songs (only) on studio albums are FMF, STO, and the first Greatest Hits. Given that FMF is "solo", STO is a "soundtrack", and GH was an existing compilation with a new single and a cover song thrown in, one could say the "true" TPATH albums never had cover songs. Anyway, I went the route of band-authored songs only. Also I left off the intended The Apartment Song because it fits nicely with FMF and is well-known for being there. It could have fit on the 2 LP Southern Accents, and that was strongly considered at the time. Then again, much as I like hearing Stevie Nicks' voice along with Tom's, I think that song works better with Tom's voice only. When you sing about "being lonely", not a great idea to do it as a duet, IMO. For similar reasons, Mike's recent song Lockdown works better IMO with his providing all the voices and instruments himself, rather than being joined by his band (as he considered doing initially).
  12. At one point Southern Accents was slated to be a 2 LP album. With that in mind, and with the view that you could add in songs that have been released as B-sides, but not on an album, it could be filled out that way. Some justification could also be given to including the previously released B-sides, as a 2 LP album was typically priced in those days at only about 50% more than a single LP album, rather than twice the price of a single LP. Down The Line didn't actually materialize until a few years later, but it seems to fit (sort of) with some of the other tracks. I'm also assuming that the band would keep Ways To Be Wicked instead of giving it to Lone Justice (it appeared on the LJ debut album in 1985). Some Walkin' From The Fire lyrics were later re-used in My Life/Your World, so lyrics from one of those songs would have to change a bit. Another assumption is that the song that became The Boys of Summer was adapted by Petty and placed on this album, rather than being given to Don Henley. Side A: Rebels 5:21 Trailer (Playback version) 3:15 Walkin' From The Fire 4:44 Casa Dega 3:37 Side B: Don't Come Around Here No More 5:07 Dogs On The Run 3:40 Ways To Be Wicked 3:27 Make It Better 4:23 Side C Southern Accents 4:44 It Ain't Nothin' To Me 5:12 Spike 3:33 Turning Point 2:52 Down The Line 2:53 SIde D (The Boys of Summer*) 4:45 Keeping Me Alive 2:59 Mary's New Car 3:47 The Best of Everything 4:03 * - Mike's song that became TBOS, but as a TPATH song The album could also be released as a single CD, running about 68 and a half minutes.
  13. This would be a good album, and more in line with the original theme. Personally though I'd prefer The Best of Everything remaining as the closer, and Southern Accents going somewhere else (maybe the start of Side B). Also, with Casa Dega already being a B-side from the DTT album, I'm not sure if that would go on a "new" album. But the feel and theme works for the album. There also might need to be an EP if not a full album of Heartbreakers Get Funky or something like that (ok that wouldn't be the actual title). Although Down The Line was a few years away, that might have fit on an album with Make It Better and It Aint Nothin' To Me. Possibly adding in Mary's New Car, a cool song that I actually like quite a lot, though it's often overlooked. And what if Mike's music which became The Boys of Summer (for Don Henley) had become a Petty/Heartbreakers song? Tom rejected that music/song because it wasn't fitting the Southern Accents theme, but it might have fit a funkified/psychedelic horn-laden Heartbreakers album which was not Southern Accents. Add in a few more Petty, Campbell/Petty, and/or Stewart/Petty songs, and you might have ended up with two interesting albums from this period instead of one. Or maybe it would just be a mess. I've gotten to like the SA album "as is", but I still think they should have put Trailer in the place of Spike, as was apparently intended at one point.
  14. Arete, yes this is terrific. And I see that it's from September 8, 1994, New York City Radio Music Hall - apparently one-off for MTV. I don't know how I missed this before, maybe everyone else had seen it, besides the two of us. BTW here's a better quality version of it (sound is much better): IMPROVED QUALITY!!
  15. Thanks MJ2LD, that's how I remember it now. How it could have played like "Gimme Shelter" I don't know. But Stan certainly came through creatively, and I like how Steve essentially used Stan's template for it, in his own performances. I stumbled across this live video performance of MJLD tonight, the first time I've ever seen it. This one has Stan on drums and it's either from 1993 or 1994. Complete with annoying (but thankfully brief) introduction by Rosanne Barr. Very listenable though not perfect sound quality (or video quality for that matter), BUT it has a very interesting, very "jammy" extended ending that I don't think I've quite heard on other performances of the song. Overall it's very cool to see this, possibly the very first filmed live performance of MJLD, also one of the last filmed non-acoustic songs with Stan on drums. Kind of a "last dance" in that sense, other than Stan's bored YDKHIF live performance on Letterman.
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