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  1. Why has Rolling Stone got rid of this article? Fascist Illuminati Bastards.:cool: Anybody out there got it?
  2. The next person to build mike a guitar and jam with him backstage had better be me.
  3. I hate the way Runnin Man's Bible sounds but I love the song. No Reason To Cry has a few too many cringe inducing lines. The whole album is really great tho. I'm only nitpicking.
  4. I wish I was on a Trip to Pirate's Cove. Sounds like fun.
  5. I smoked it too. With a white russian by my side too. Sounded absolutely dynamite in my $75 studio headphones. haha.
  6. There'll all awesome. But right now i'm diggin US 41 and High in the Morning
  7. Don't Come Around Here No More You gotta watch it in HD.
  8. What is "I Need a Lover"? Misprint on the download page?
  9. What was the mystery Mojo song in the set? I Need to Know!
  10. Haha "There you go" at the end. I love how gradually they are releasing this album. I think Tom is pretty conscious of how useful the internet is.
  11. Really!? Sweet!! Hope its acoustic and in a major key!
  12. I love everything I've heard, which is all the stuff in bold in this list. My only concern is the lack of major key songs so far. But I'm pretty sure most of what we haven't heard will be kinda major, just based on the titles. If No Reason to Cry isn't in the vain of Orphan of the Storm, I'll eat my hat. 1. Jefferson Jericho Blues (On SNL) 2. First Flash Of Freedom 3. Running Man’s Bible 4. The Trip To Pirate’s Cove 5. Candy 6. No Reason To Cry 7. I Should Have Known It (Video and on SNL) 8. U.S. 41 9. Takin’ My Time 10. Let Yourself Go 11. Don’t Pull Me Over (This is gonna be a reggae song) 12. Lover’s Touch 13. High In The Morning 14. Something Good Coming 15. Good Enough
  13. Sweeeeeeet. Hope Mike brings the '59 Les Paul. He said he wouldn't take it on tour, but maybe SNL is a safe enough gig for it. How can ya have a guitar worth a quarter of a million dollars and not show it off???? ANYWAY. I hope they do Runnin Man's Bible and First Flash. Maybe something new like a major key ballad-y thing.
  14. http://m0torworld.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/land-rover-defender.jpg
  15. Love it! Still not as catchy as Runnin Man's Bible tho. I like the echo on Tom's vocal.
  16. Because of that last sentence, I hope that you're female.
  17. Pretty sweet tune. I'm pretty sure Tom is playin most of the lead guitar on this. It's too simplistic and asymetrical to be Mike. Plus that rhythm guitar partsounds like it would be hard to play while singin. What da yall think?
  18. SO glad that my smurf-butt line is being used!
  19. Smurf Cocker.....hmmmm....hehe....there i go again
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