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  1. Well yes it does lay a foundation because it's my story of how I met Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers. Yes, Promo Men and Women were the driving force back in the days and that doesn't happen anymore. To quote Stan Lynch " If you’re really lucky, your band will find it’s champion. The key man who opens the doors. For The Heartbreakers, it was Jon. He climbed in the van with us and did the repetitive, heavy lifting that got our music on the Radio. I cannot thank him enough for being there when we needed him. There’s no Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers without Jon Scott" Stan Lynch Original Drummer – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  2. I got a few chuckles from some comments I saw back in December from a couple of folks who wondered who this Jon Scott fella is? As well someone made the comment about my book saying he's just probably "cashing in" Well yes I have a new book coming and it was going to be about me entire music biz life, but when Tom died, I couldn't write about other bands I worked with like The Who, Skynyrd, Elton, etc......Tom and I were friends for 40 years and when I saw him in Memphis I told him I was writing a book and he said just tell it like it is..some may call it pooh pooh but shortly after his death he visited me in a dream (happens quite a bit) and he said call it Tom Petty And Me. I am a legit friend of his and if anybody has read Warren Zanes Biography, you will find out my connection with the band. At Tom's last show at the Hollywood Bowl, he even dedicated a song to me so for those few who think I'm cashing in, you're wrong. I'm just telling my life story with Tom. The book was delayed because of my daughter's illness (family first) but it's still coming and can be pre-ordered at www.TomPettyAndMe.com I just wanted to set the record straight. Thanks everybody
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