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  1. Just thought of a few more: You Get Me High. Not the Hypnotic Eye song, the one on Playback. Lost Without You (was this written by Petty?) "Worried Guy" [aka Insomnia]. I don't know what album it was left off of.
  2. There was an unreleased song called "Showtime" that was left off the Last DJ.
  3. Rick Beato is awesome. There are a couple other TP videos he did I think. All his stuff is great though.
  4. Tired of screwing up tired of going down tired of myself tired of this town
  5. The closest he came was Wildflowers. I think he really wanted it and the quality of songwriting and production then would have justified it. By '94 double albums were probably pretty passe though. They might have recorded a lot during Let Me Up, but that time period was not a creative high point considering what a clunker that album was. Obviously Southern Accents' concept had potential but the production was in such disarray that it couldn't have happened.
  6. It's crazy the songs that didn't make the album. Including Walkin' From the Fire and Trailer would have nearly completed the southern concept and they had those songs IN THE POCKET. I can't imagine Walkin' From the Fire not being a hit in 1985. Not to mention Tom passing on Mike's demo that became the Boys of Summer, a huge hit for Don Henley. Just a few tweaks and we get this track list: 1. Rebels 2. Don't Come Around Here No More 3. Southern Accents 4. Walkin' from the Fire 5. Spike 6. Trailer 7. Dogs on the Run 8. Mike's demo (what lyrics would Tom have written?) 9. The Best of Everything Maybe add in It Ain't Nothin' to me if you want, but Make it Better (Forget About Me)... well as the title says just forget about it. And Mary's New Car could sit in the vault until Playback came out. It's interesting to think of the lyrics Tom would have put on to Mike's song at the time. Something wistful and slightly angry I suspect. The guitars probably would be tuned down a bit from what Boys of Summer was and the vocal melody totally different but it had the potential to be a hit. Maybe not the same magic as Boys of Summer, but a different magic. Of course having 30 years of hindsight helps, but I'll never understand how WFTF and Trailer didn't make that album.
  7. In retrospect, I'm glad the band put out such a strong album as their last one. I gotta disagree on best, because I don't think any of the albums tops Damn the Torpedoes, but Hypnotic Eye is one of the greats.
  8. This song has such a killer hook and a cool vibe. It is a little rough around the edges but I think it could have made it on the album with a few edits. Maybe if there were more “free girl now” and “swingin” kind of songs on Echo then it would have fit on the album but I can see why they left it off.
  9. The last tour I saw was the Hypnotic Eye tour in 2014 so this album is a little more special to me because of that. I stil listen to it from time to time. I like the more rocking songs. American Dream Plan B, U Get Me High, Forgotten Man, and Fault Lines are all great. They did a great job of making the songs sound fresh.
  10. I've heard something about a special announcement coming up next week... Monday or Tuesday at 6 PM eastern I think, but haven't caught the whole ad yet. Any ideas what this might be?
  11. Man I do not understand even half that shit Ben is talking about. I’m pretty sure making an ok or even good rock and roll song isn’t that hard but making a great one is just about impossible.
  12. I loved the Vox lounge design. The forums there were pretty active then as I recall. I remember checking for updates on the upcoming "Golden Circle" album and Dana would post there every now and then.
  13. Damn the Torpedoes only had 9 songs on it. They should have put it there. To my ear, it sounds like a DTT track and I just can't imagine it on another album.
  14. Close your eyes and listen to that chorus on Running Down a Dream. You can almost swear you hear Tom in there.
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