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  1. Thank you for sharing! I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise. It was a nice drive home yesterday listening to Buried Treasure.
  2. Thank you for posting. I love hearing from Mike. He has always been so interesting to me.
  3. Oh yeah, that is a big one! I guess all this is why tickets are so expensive.
  4. Interesting. That comes out to $95.66 in average revenue per ticket sold. That 61 million has to pay for marketing, the band, hotels, crew, transportation, food, stage, lighting, equipment, taxes, etc. I'd be curious to know what the band made when all is said and done.
  5. Tom Petty one man band

    Years ago I saw a post mentioning Tom appeared on a show as a one man band. I never could find a video of it. Maybe it Garry Shandling's show or something. Does anyone know if this is true - and more importantly - is there video?
  6. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    Poor Dana I feel like I’ve lost a friend and never met him. I can only imagine how hard it is for the family.
  7. I Feel Like A Forgotten Song

    For me, it is Finding Out. Love that song.
  8. Hard promises tune

    I thought it was “keeping me alive”... Jimmy Iovine thought it didn’t fit. Or am I thinking of the wrong album?
  9. MJLD: A Unusual TPATH Sound

    I've always thought Swingin' from Echo had some of that MJLD vibe. And one of the songs from Highway Companion, "This Old Town" I think it is called, but way more lethargic. I remember reading the band tried to record MJLD in the studio but it just didn't live up to the demo they had so that is what they put out. It was just one of those times where everything gelled perfectly and luckily it was caught on tape.
  10. Tom Petty "The Woods"

    Thank you for posting the recording! Cool song. It would have been a credit to Highway Companion had it been done then IMO.
  11. [Download] Mudcrutch Album Premier

    LOVE LOVE LOVE "Dreams of Flying"!!!! It's that old school early 80's TPATH feel with tons of energy and it really gets the serotonin flowing. Awesome! Hope is soo good too, the organ is killer! Too bad it is late at night right now and I can't really crank these up. Tomorrow these songs will be on blast!
  12. Mudcrutch Tracks

    Wow! Hungry No More is on a whole other level than the other songs IMO
  13. Thanks for sharing! Tom must have really taken a shine to Josh Jove - he plays in this band and also plays fuzz guitar on Forgotten Man.
  14. It sounds like some kind of weird comment/insult about Mike's guitar sound. In the context of Boys of Summer it could mean too poppy or light. I don't think Mike actually has diabetes.
  15. Dang it that Dogs on the Run video cut out before what sounded like a nice jam at the end.