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  1. ...extra date - with added bonus of Mavis Staples!
  2. Happy birthday to Tomfest. 🎉🍰🍷🎉
  3. So cool to get new stuff, even if it is only one song. Personally, I very much appreciate the drumming. Yeah, maybe even prefer that aspect of the demo to the official version. 💘
  4. Oh for shame. The SameOldDrew, you can be better than that. How's that way of communicating with people working out for you?
  5. Just a snippet of a lyric in Bus To Tampa Bay There's a map of Osceola and his RaidersFighting off the Everglades InvadersHe burnt them down, he left them for the gatorsAnd there's maybe something better down the road
  6. The band usually provided interesting ideas whenever they were interviewed. The Petty Archive is an excellent resource until the day the estate releases Heartbreakers: The Collected Thoughts in a vegan bound hardcover book. So I can share the *benefits* of having obsessively read as many interviews as I can (since I was 16). Yes for sure, Tom Petty directly discussed these topics below. Other people here will know of other interviews too. Go read the material too. American Dream original American Dream as it changed (and as a song too, of course) Use of confederate flag - within 18 months of touring with it off Southern Accents - stopping the show, talking directly to audiences & banning its use in his concerts Use of confederate flags & role of statues in public spaces - revisited Being in the 1% because of career earnings Police stopping cars and young men dying as an unintended consequence (& Don't Pull Me Over. ) Violence in LA during the 92 riots (& a song there too) Violence in his crowds (that snippet from them touring in Germany when he's saying the concert promoters need to stop the fighting) Being threatened with violence because of wearing long hair Growing up in a segregated community and seeing racism and how he & his friends weren't like that Incarceration rates Other people spoke of the generosity care and empathy shown by Tom & his family: his cousin Sadie about how TP came to the Gainesville march to help shift focus from KKK & starve them of potential press his family's generous support of homeless and disadvantaged
  7. Yes agree!! I also love hearing Rebels!!! Possibly also screaming it out the car window when I was young & foolish.
  8. Sometimes people think de-escalating a situation is easy as saying hey, now, everyone's said some things they may regret and everyone's slightly to blame. What's really fascinating is when we realise clearly that sometimes the source of drama can indeed be coming from just one or two people. In that case, other members in a community often use classic non-violent techniques - whether they realise it or not - by assertively resisting and challenging that dramatic disruption. People who choose not to be a silent bystander. As a people, we know what's reasonable, what's morally acceptable, what's ethically okay. As humans, we do recognise truth. We just do. These are all completely legitimate reactions to the emergence of an unpleasant & disruptive force. In fact, people who resist and challenge deserve to be applauded and thanked. Peace-building is long-term process and it's incredibly rewarding. People are often open to change - and diverse communities can become increasingly supportive and generous, while simply not accepting any negative disruption. Alas, sometimes, it's not about arguing or changing disruptive people's minds in the here & now. For some reason - best known to themselves - some people's preferred worldview makes sense to them. They'll cling to one or two reasonable values (ie freedom of speech) and try to justify all the rest of it based on that. They can be accidentally strengthened by others, especially those who try to help out with good intentions (with the hey, now approach mentioned above) yet end up enabling them. They aren't necessarily open to 5 lines of articulate reasoning in the here and the now, even if Nelson Mandela or MLK popped in to help out. Surprisingly, that isn't necessarily going to change their mind - or they're not going to admit to beginning to changing their mind. Instead, they often change tack and keep trying to escalate - all in the hope of getting attention & a reaction, any reaction.
  9. Update: there hasn't been much music from Benmont lately. Looks like he's been dealing with other issues, including his lovely family & the bigger picture of human rights in the USA. Full support to him for this. He's awesome!!
  10. I hear you. Oh, how I hear you. Personally, I made a deliberate choice not to even dare hope or get hyped. Which is a rotten attitude to have to adopt. I mean, cheerfully hoping for the next release is the very heart of being a fan! But given this mob's past form, my instinct = protect that vulnerable music-loving part of my heart. When we do hear the music / have the album then I will be delirious with joy!!!
  11. Yes, agree Martin! Look at Benmont's social media for an insight into the man's values. Tom Morello is hilariously assertive when his fans who tell him to shut up and play music. It's not just the content in this thread - it's the level of aggression & name calling & accusations in this thread that is so very horrible. Trying to drag people into arguments, for goodness sakes. Frankly, that's 100% inconsistent with the tone of the rest of this on-line community - which has always been a safe place, as we all know. I only return for this one comment. What's communication? Is it more than defending your own right to speak? Is it also about engaging others and having ongoing conversations? As Ruth Bader Ginsberg so famously said: fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you. A good friend in the US has said it's been getting nastier there, with extremists popping up and ranting & yet claiming to be victims themselves. That often you just have to walk away. That friends have had to go separate ways. I have always thought: Surely not, not with our lovely community in Mudcrutch Farm. It will never come to that there. We are always going to be better than that.
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