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    Photo of the Day IV: Don't it feel like Heaven

    ^^^^ embroidered jacket 💘 & Rickenbacker guitar
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    Steve Ferrone comments on what’s to come

    Oh, fabulous. Thanks for sharing! I found the whole article you mentioned - people sharing their experiences about how I Won't Back Down influences them - just so inspirational & moving. Clever idea, too, by NPR, to seek out people's stories! A friend of mine - that one's her song... I'm now thinking okay, maybe if I print the lyrics & frame them for her birthday? Not the world's most terrible idea.
  3. Big Blue Sky

    Steve Ferrone comments on what’s to come

    And also, Would you have a favourite album, song, experience (etc) that's particularly meaningful for you, Nourdna? Not to be nosy, 😀 but, hey, as a happy alternative from the current news about estate lawsuits ...which has me reeling like I'm being repeatedly thumped by sack full of potatoes in a dark alleyway.
  4. Big Blue Sky

    Steve Ferrone comments on what’s to come

    Awww please Nourdna, c'mon, could you be so kind as to repost it? . 😀 Or you could maybe include it in the pinned thread called "old & new interviews" & just say here that you've posted it on that thread. All good. 🎩
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    New TPATH Releases

    admin & management awfulness PS If this was a tv series or series of movies it'd be like "Uh-huh, I love the original 40 year series. But this attempt at a spin-off sequel seems to be trash. Whatever the issues, overall the team of creators is changing too much & is too scattered in their vision. Worse, they seem to be losing sight of the essential qualities* that made the original series so compelling & much-loved." In an ideal world, in the absence of lovely badass Tom Petty,❤️ they'd be consulting people (like, say, Ron Howard or Tom Hanks) who do understand what it is to be "good people in the public eye" & much beloved for a whole career. No doubt, including how to sort out tricky management stuff out without creating mass damage. Or HEY, do more than consult Mike ❤️& Benmont.❤️ * and fans' good-will. Anyway, any of this admin & management awfulness just can't damage what's already been created in those 40+ years...to an extent, this is hurting some people's reputations, not the band's rep. For me... But yeah, like you all (posts above) I worry about how other on-lookers (who don't follow the band that much) will be seeing this hot mess unroll. I expected more, so am very disappointed in the way they are managing things. Surely, people can do much better than they currently are.
  6. Big Blue Sky

    New TPATH Releases

    ... TPATH created so much in 40 wonderful years ... we have all that music & good memories ... even if people associated with it all seem to now be in a time of great confusion. We have high expectations, and that's because they've always been so amazingly wonderful. All the best to them all. But in all honesty, the ones I care about & respect most are the creative core of band - Mike & Benmont. And the team of people like Ryan. Hope this isn't crushing their souls too. Otherwise, I feel, well, what Shelter said. I don't know bout you guys, but to me this whole ordeal have made me lost a lot of my interest in whatever they decide to do from here on out.. They have already kinda ruined all the fun, all the hope for something good coming (alright) despite our loss of Tom.
  7. Sometimes we're listening to a song we know well & I think um hang on, what's the songwriting actually mean in that line? Not on any great quest to analyse lyrics, at all! I assure you! But what if I've been getting it wrong? So, things like that "after all it was a great big world with lots of places to run to & if she had to die tryin' she had one little promise she was gonna keep"... The other day stuck on a train, my mind wandering into free association, I thought: I guess I kinda tend to assume this American Girl has absorbed a general promise that she was raised with... It's become her own deeply held belief. This is basically an optimistic attitude that things will get better for her, especially if she can bust out of her circumstances & find a better life somewhere else ... (& she can keep doing this until she's in a good place)... There's always the chance to keep on exploring this great big world & if necessary start again somewhere else... So even when she's out there alone on the balcony having a vulnerable moment shivering in the cold, she reaches inside herself & reassures herself with this essential truth... Do you think? 😀 (It's not like she has made a specific promise to, I dunno, meet a friend the next day? )
  8. Big Blue Sky

    Inside Don't Do Me Like That

    PS loved watching this. Thanks! Found it heartwarmingly hilarious how they sit in front of lovely big soundboard & ... don't actually use it. Or the guitars on the wall. (Unlike in "classic albums - making of Damn The Torpedoes" where people are either "talking with their hands" emphasising a point or or playing around with the individual parts within the mix).
  9. Anyone know anything? (About this documentary - or life, the universe, everything, hahaha). So far I've only seen trailer (below). Reading how ... some technical issues back in 1972 meant they couldn't synch up vocals and footage. So original documentary team literally shelved this in an archive box somewhere. Until now. (If that story's not true, well, it ought to be!)
  10. Mmmm... "Quit Jammin' me"? Oh, I think they're only warming up...anyone could quote any number of lyrics out of context & to make it look like Tom Petty was aiming to be a genius at advertising & sales... as if he wanted to sell his songs as the background for orange juice commercials. (Horrified gasp.) But, obviously, if you consider the whole song in context you get a different story... We all know he was a genius songwriter working closely with genius musicians to create consistently awesome music. Ok, so, let me put this claim of mine to the test & see what I can do if I "borrow" some lines from a couple of albums? Randomly selects Southern Accents & Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) and scans lyrics... whatever you're looking for i know what you want, but it's a surprise (Let Me Up) It's something I want, babe, it's more than that, it's something I need (How Many More Days) everyone could mail -order tickets / yeah you could sell a lot of shirts for the last picture show (All Mixed Up) Buys them old records that they sell on TV (My Life / Your World) You'd make me a millionaire (The Damage You've Done) deliver me, deliver me how many more days? Baby nothing's guaranteed (Jammin' Me) I woke up this morning, there was a car in the drive (Let Me Up) Personally, my wish is "Please don't play around with this heart of mine." 🎸🎹🎼🐊🐝
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    How about a Game of Thrones Telecaster?

    Guitars: Hard-core edginess of guy in cap (from Raga oops Rage Against The Machine)... is being slightly undermined by adorable moomintroll on his t-shirt? But when I looked it up... Oh wow, that's an proper official anti-fascist (Antifa) t-shirt. !!!
  12. Big Blue Sky

    Tom Petty was on a Del Fuegos song???

    Is this the song? Uh, listening hard & I'm not hearing anything that sounds uniquely Tom Petty (to me). Though guitars & drums have a nice sound going! So... Do we know what Tom contributed? Is he in the harmony vocals or something?
  13. The idea is that this can be a thread where we attach links to interviews that we stumble across. Perhaps for this thread we could more-or-less focus on interviews with the actual guys, rather than interviews about them? Audio, footage and/or written? So maybe it could focus on the inner core - Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, Ron Blair, Stan Lynch, Howie Epstein, Steve Ferrone, Scott Thurston. And members of their long-term support team? And families? Let your heart be your guide... I know there's a real wealth of interviews in Petty Archives, so maybe we need to be aware of not doubling up. We love the Petty Archives & want to support them! But on other hand, some of these interviews are just, wow, gold, and it'd be a shame to let them slip away into the depths. thanks!
  14. Big Blue Sky

    Benmont Fri 25 July 2019 Newport Folk Festival

    ...even if the festival tickets turn out to include 1, 2 or 3 day passes, if it's true that local music fans have to buy early on, in blind faith, before you know who'll be performing onstage is, well, words fail me... sucky? Plus it's not like this is a mega-loud band where you & half of Newport can hear the concert for free. I truly hope for your sake that someone with Festival tickets will discover they have to, say, work the weekend night shift or have a wedding (!) or something... Just something they absolutely must do somewhere else. On the Friday. And so they'll be happy to sell you their ticket at a decent price. Fingers crossed, man. Benmont tickets. 🍀 If you have any lucky socks / 4-leaf clover, whatever, now's the time?
  15. Big Blue Sky

    Benmont Fri 25 July 2019 Newport Folk Festival

    I'm a little confused... Correct me if I'm wrong - from what you're saying the only tickets that Newport Folk Festival create & sell are for the whole 3-day festival? And that these were sold-out a while ago? And yet, in the festival's media publicity, it's only now / very recently that artists (such as Benmont, legend, obviously) are being confirmed? So in other words, music fans have to quickly buy 3-day tickets even before anyone really knows who'll be playing? Basically, fans are betting that there'll be enough musicians they like to make it all worthwhile? And if fans don't like the musicians, they can sell to other fans, but only as a complete 3-day ticket? If that's the case, Hoodoo Man, I feel your pain. That's brutal. (In other, unrelated news, we had great holiday a while back that including visiting Newport - we loved the wooden boats museum.)
  16. Big Blue Sky

    11/26/06 show?

    Jackson... Back in reality, found these confirmed dates for them wrapping up their final leg of tour in October 2006 on the West coast - (tompettyrocks.com) Wed 10/04/06 Glendale, AZ - Gila River Arena Fri 10/20/06. West Sacramento, CA - Raley Field Sat 10/21/06 Indian Wells, CA - Indian Wells Tennis Garden Fri 10/27/06 Berkeley, CA - Greek Theatre Sat 10/28/06 Las Vegas, NV - Vegoose Festival for Halloween 4th Oct - Glendale - an unnamed fan posted their photo on Trip Advisor 20th Oct - Sacramento - birthday photo from rocktime.com 21st Oct - Indian Wells- here's a blog posted on the 24th by Robert Kinsler rockwrite.blogspot.com Tom Petty, Jackson Browne; magic in the desert Life is hard, no doubt. But, on occasion, it can be a blast. Such was the case last Saturday night (Oct. 21), when I was lucky enough to catch full-length sets from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and Jackson Browne at Indian Wells Tennis Garden. On a beautiful autumn night, it wasn't hard to enjoy two Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famers in action under the stars on a comfortable night. Of the two artists, headliner Petty & company delivered the stronger set. As part of his current 30th anniversary tour, Petty and his strong supporting cast (notably lead guitarist Mike Campbell, singer-multi-instrumentalist Scott Thurston and keyboardist Benmont Tench) played many of their best-known songs before an adoring crowd. And, at least for this listener, the finely-tuned troupe played Petty's three best rockers too: "I Need to Know" (lead vocals courtesy of Stevie Nicks), and later in the night, "Refugee" and "Runnin' Down A Dream" in a back-to-back blowout. This was no mere bit of nostalgia. Rather, the band really rocked. Petty, smiling and greeting the audience after just about every song, really seemed to be having a great time. 27th Oct - The Greek - Getty images apparently it's dark because some glitch happened with the venue's lighting 28th Oct - Las Vegas - Vegoose Festival for Halloween - Getty Images has 5 pages of images of them playing there...
  17. Big Blue Sky

    Will There Be. Full Moon Fever Deluxe?

    What do I like most about Full Moon Fever? I appreciate the way this record is mixed so we're hearing Tom Petty's singing voice right up front. Thanks to you, Jeff Lynne. ❤️ You know how at times TP would push his voice into almost, but not quite, a ragged edge? This can slip across into his more nasal sound (which some might say is the Dylan voice). It's not bad or anything, I'm certainly not criticising this sound. I like it! I think he does this in parts of the chorus of Free Fallin' where his voice is certainly capable of going up an octave. The way he sings I'm free / Free fallin' creates that edge. Mellow verse, edgy chorus, mellow verse... this hints at something intriguing about the characters in the song... (Some singers hit that chorus by lifting off and soaring into pure sustained notes - I'm freeeee / Freeeee faaaaallllling. This might show-case their beautiful upper register, but it loses a subtle, crucial story-telling element.) Sometimes TP's singing with his accent or southern twang You're So Bad, Apartment Song, Zombie Zoo. So his vowels take those shapes... it's Ah (not I), Zahmbie (not zombie) and pay-ned (not painted)... The voice in I Won't Back Down is so calm, so assured... It's not someone being defiant or trying too hard. Rather, somehow, magically, TP creates a sense of matter-of-fact calm... and he's all the more believable as a result. In other songs TP's creating a smooth warm tone - A Face In The Crowd, Alright For Now, Runnin' Down A Dream. Which doesn't mean he's off to a smoothies lounge act in Las Vegas soon. Or aspiring to sing opera. Haha. Just that he's maybe singing more from his chest & less from his throat? In some of these he drops to a low register, which sounds like his sweet spot. But just when you think that, he's singing the next song within a different vocal range, which could also be his sweet spot. (!!!) In summary, Tom Petty could already sing. With Full Moon Fever he shows us what he's capable of doing when he gets on a roll...
  18. Big Blue Sky

    Echo In The Canyon

    Oh, no, I didn't mean any negative either. Quite the opposite. I know some people with limited hearing and recognise how valuable hearing aid technology is to them. Am amazed by what I've been learning about Stephen Stills. I had no idea one of the best vocal harmony singers in rock & roll did it all with less than 100% hearing. Considering how some musos & singers put "being born with perfect pitch" on a pedestal etc etc... (admittedly more so in choirs & classical music) Jeez that would be bad though, to be losing your hearing further, and what a relief to be regaining it... Haha about the coke. Maybe some is still floating in the house dust up around Laurel Canyon?
  19. Big Blue Sky

    Let's Try to Make Southern Accents Great Again

    ^^^^ Good point! Yeah, it's interesting how during some tours they promoted most, if not all, of their songs from their most recent albums. Like you say, petersdimples, this is the case for Southern Accents - playing everything except Mary's New Car. With some albums it's obvious which songs they recorded but didn't play live... And so speculation begins ... maybe they didn't like those songs much... maybe those songs just didn't sound good live. Or whatever. According to stats in setlistfm site, they've played all the songs (at some time or another) on: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers The Last DJ. And they played everything (except one song for each album) for: You're Gonna Get It Damn The Torpedoes Full Moon Fever Those three songs on the cutting room floor being Magnolia, You Tell Me or Zombie Zoo. In an interview, TP said though people hold up signs asking for Magnolia, they'll never play it live because he was really forcing the muse, creating a song to offer Roger McGuinn, who didn't even want it in the end! I'm sure we've all read some criticism of Zombie Zoo, although it's cute & has good harmonies, it just seems the poor cousin when compared to the rest of Full Moon Fever. As for You Tell Me, I wouldn't be at all surprised if that's just a mistake? And of course at the other extreme there's the whole album of Echo...
  20. Big Blue Sky

    Echo In The Canyon

    After I read what you (downsouth26) wrote about Stephen Stills' hearing, I searched about it on-line. Found this professional testimonial / endorsement within Blooms Hearing Specialists' website. Only partial hearing since he was 9... and to become a musician known for his close harmony vocals. And from what this says, someone who's looked after his hearing all his life ... "long time hearing care". All that's really rather inspirational, don't you think? It is all the more impressive that Stills was able to accomplish all of this with a pretty significant hearing loss. He is absolutely a testament to the fact that hearing impairment should never let anyone feel like they can’t aspire to and do whatever it is they hope to. Stephen Stills was diagnosed with a mild unilateral (single ear) hearing loss as a child, but over the years it became progressively worse. Stills wears a pair of Oticon Dual hearing aids that have been able to keep his love for playing music alive. “Having been a professional musician for 50 years, the onset of my hearing loss has been a challenge, especially recently,” Stills says. “The refined ear I developed as a young man is impossible to replicate, and the search for suitable hearing aids has been frustrating. With hearing aids, I have found the best that modern science has to offer,” he adds. “The broader frequency response and fidelity are far and away better today and improving.” Stills continues to rock with audiences across the country with his music. He recently toured with The Rides – the blues-rock trio he plays in with Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Barry Goldberg. Stills also tours solo and with Crosby, Stills & Nash. Stephen Stills’ longtime hearing care consciousness has allowed him to continue performing into his later years, while other musicians with hearing loss have to bow out from the stage life sooner than anticipated rather than risk further damage.
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    Photo of the Day IV: Don't it feel like Heaven

    ^^^ Looks like a cool dry place...
  22. Big Blue Sky

    2019 speculation

    Oh well, counting our blessings? This Fleetwood Mac involvement has Mike Campbell touring widely & they are booked to play in a venue in my town. Oh yes, in my town. I doubt The Dirty Knobs will ever play here, though it'd be great if they ever do. We all know people who fly hours for a chance to see their favourite musicians play, so for Mike Campbell to be coming here is still my best news of the year... pretty much unbelievable. Also, I imagine our local vintage guitar shops & vinyl shops will be sending their nicest samples to his hotel in the hope he might be keen to increase his collection.
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    Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

    Extract mentioning the awesome Wrecking Crew! (my highlighting) GM: When I last saw you guys it was at the Beacon in 2013. You opened with an amazing version of “Steppin’ Stone.” Are there any covers that you did live that you wish you’d cut in the studio as well? MC: We’d do a cover because we had all grown up with the same roots and we all liked the same things. We all liked that version of that song — the Paul Revere (and the Raiders) version, not The Monkees. Any cover we would do was because someone would have brought it in and we would all understand it. We already knew the song. We would listen to the record again and then do it our way. It was always fun because we grew up on those songs. BT: We would do the Raider’s “Steppin’ Stone.” The Monkees did a great version too — even though it may be The Wrecking Crew actually playing on both. But we kinda leaned toward the Raiders as far as that song goes. In fact, I think I learned the song off their record.
  24. Big Blue Sky

    Words on Take The Highway: Live!

    Communicate by using whatever words you want. It's your free & independent life. This might be interesting browsing, though. From same years as Damn The Torpedoes & Hard Promises - Miller & Swift's classic from 1980 - The Handbook of Non-Sexist Writing for Writers, Editors and Speakers. "Lady is used most effectively to evoke a certain standard of propriety, correct behaviour, or elegance. Because of these connotations, lady is not a synonym for woman in the primary senseof that word any more than gentleman is a synonym for man. A Birmingham lady has been named in the case... is arch. A better choice would be A Birmingham woman has been named ...or, using an appropriate identification, A former official of the Red Cross in Birmingham has been named in the case. Like other unnecessary words, lady has a diminishing effect when dragged in: Her colleagues know her as a fighting lady to be reckoned with is stronger when it becomes: Her colleagues know her as a fighter to be reckoned with. (pages 68-69). ...Woman has come into its own as a strong, positive term, like man, connoting responsible adulthood. (page 73)