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  1. Maybe someone *terribly important* said: "...nah, don't hear a single" or "...what's TP know anyway? He's only in the R&R Hall of Fame. I/we can improve this." Happy thoughts happy thoughts, think positive - Wildflowers - All The Rest will still be released. At least they haven't lost the original recording or thrown them out in a spring clean. That we know of. That they've admitted to. So, it could be worse. Not much worse, tbh, but it could be. On that note.. forced smile...might just play some of what we do have. Very loudly.
  2. Second that!! Concert For George and Bobfest both stand strong as examples of musicians collaborating to celebrate someone's musical career. With the core being friends playing music together. Oh yeah.
  3. Whenever I see postings or media release... I'm hoping to read: "All The Rest. Mike & Ben are working on the final stages before release. Many thanks to Rick R and Ryan U. We love this collection and we hope you all will too."
  4. Many musicians are awesome. Some musicians are - gasp - female. Of the people mentioned so far, yes, it's fun to speculate... Taylor Swift certainly covered American Girl. I think it might've even even before Oct 2017... after which (as we know) many musicians covered at least one song in homage. Her version isn't one of my faves as she slowed the tempo, at least in the version I've heard online. The Webb sisters - how cool would that be, given their shared touring history & the recent tribute weekend in California with some of the Heartbreakers! Norah Jones - now there's a voice. What an incredibly talented family! And as you say...
  5. Nice. Ties in well with their other classic album from about that time... Mindbender.
  6. Good question - It's in BOTH, just simply because Mr Campbell is so awesome!
  7. Yes, agree - brilliant - both Iguana Song (Tijuana) and The Damage You've Done (Country Version).
  8. This one is a mind-bender because of genius camera angle. Note the speed with which he puts on his slide... Are these are some mad hand / eye co-ordination skills or what??
  9. So you're now thinking You Should've Known It (Right Away), huh? Nowhere near level of Shelter's puns, but I try...
  10. Interesting ! Would it be more that "mature" songs are created by someone who's got a mature approach to life... maybe an "old soul" or someone who's survived some gruelling experiences or is working through some issues or whatever... As opposed to an idea there's some special style musicians can use - which automatically makes them seem mature & their music seem mature too. (I'd use the words "posing", "faux-authentic", "trying too hard", "throwing in a ballad" , "trying to get us to think whoa, that's deep, man, deep" - and you might have other words.) PS I like Jack Johnson's song. It's just everyone of his songs sounds, well, similar. Does one thing & does it well. At least on the (one) album I listened to. Unlike TP's rich vein of diverse creativity (which is I guess, why I'm on a TP fan forum rather than a JJ fan forum).
  11. Sorry... 😉 Maybe I shoulda played it loud at midnight & not cared? Yes, exactly! Very wise. This thread is precisely so people (who aren't on instagram or social media) can see what the maestro's up to without having to follow or check Instagram account. Same with the bathroom jams from his tour with Fleetwood Mac. You can see his latest postings one at a time. You're welcome. Benmont's also got an Instagram account, but its mainly other stuff in his life, rather than actually him playing.
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