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  1. Sunglasses on, boys. Time to pose. In a cool yet cheerfully nonchalant way.
  2. Hell if I'm dreaming let him team up with Lindsey Buckingham and watch the FM fans heads explode in anger and jealousy... they are friends as I understand it... Oh hell yeah! Dream team! (If Lindsey Buckingham is back up to performing again after his health scare).
  3. Sensational line-up!!! Also, crucial question, are any of these dates going to work for your trip planning bonddm?
  4. Aww, was that one you wanted Yannick? Too bad. Maybe they'll play it live though. I read they recorded too many to include. Welcome back MaryJanes2ndLast Dance. Maybe... on other hand, they have included 7th track's title : )
  5. Mike's hat is one of his best. He's worn some beauties over the years & this is another genius creation.
  6. The online people say my parcel of Dirty Knobs music will ship out Fri 18th March. happy days! PS Mike's hat in their music video is one of his best yet!
  7. thanks! :) ...as many of you will already know, a site called Second Hand Songs is packed with information about songs & who sang which song & when. Gives me great joy to scroll through & listen to Pistol Packin' Mama by musicians (40 covers are listed!) including Bing Crosby & The Andrew Sisters (!!), Boxcar Willie, The Hurricanes, Willie Nelson & Lloyd Price. https://secondhandsongs.com/performance/301039/versions#nav-entity For my money, John Prine & Mac Wiseman playing Pistol Packin' Mama for their guitar picking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHZJsC-1ntY
  8. ^^^^ plot thickens, options opening up... there's also Anna Lee as a blues number, of course.
  9. All of this is so fascinating! This makes me chuckle: "Now in addition to being a delightful person Bob is an amazing salesmen. I personally bought a copy of Elvis's Moody Blue on Blue vinyl despite not needing to own it in the least." Followed by: "He has started trying to sell me the store... "
  10. Some of the best news so far this year!
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