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  1. Good find, Tomfest!!! To save anyone else having to scroll past 100 agonising ads... New info is in first 2 paragraphs only. Rest of article is old news / background. According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Tom Petty's widow Dana York Petty and his daughters Adria and Annakim Petty have settled their issues and will drop lawsuits against each other. A new filing in the case states, "The parties to the foregoing matters have entered into a settlement."
  2. Well for me, yeah, it's core TP in all variations* then all the rest, which is mainly 1950s rock n roll & 1960s. On Spotify, a lot of podcasts & a repeat play of waves on pebble beach. An occasional flicker of something more recent, usually based on following up recommendations I only just realised that elusive Blue Stingrays album is on Spotify!! Joy!!! * oh, you know: TP solo, Heartbreakers, Mudcrutch, Travelling Wilburys & collaborations.
  3. These are mighty fine stories!!! Plus you can never have too much of the good stuff, I guess, whether it's your own or someone else's. Maybe their complete-ist collector antennae perk up when they're near lots of possible gold. Frustrating when it's too messy to find stuff. I'm definitely Team Aretha on this one! Embarrassing about saying anything that might be taken as an insult... to her son. Blush! I'm another dedicated fan of "Blues Brothers" movie. (As surely all right-minded music fans are!) Ray Charles' music repair shop, Land Of 1000 Dances dance sequence, ah, it's all good.
  4. Fabulous new development... magic indeed! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) (5 smiley faces) Mike dancing around a studio with rest of Dirty Knobs! Rickenbacker! Ukulele! Their album! Their tour! And bonus - glimpse of a guitar tech legend busy in background!
  5. Oh wow, look at all this!! Gold! :-) I'm totally happy to collaborate on any thread! The key question is surely: whatever are they gonna do next???
  6. Stunning! Voice is in really good shape.
  7. Do you pay extra for deluxe option of cards with strings? 😉
  8. Tom & Benmont backstage with Benmont wearing black hat &singing Old Man Down The Road IN ITALIAN. Game over. They win, best band ever.
  9. Pale green complexion? Never noticed. Err, seems to have an itchy nose though :-) Lighting could be better, especially during Breakdown where there's a lot of dark shadows just when he's being so funny with crowd. Ah, if only could use camera magic wand of our current technology. 😉
  10. Like many here sometimes I love this live one though sometimes I point to "flaws". Covers! Love 'em! They're new songs (to me) when I first heard as I live not in a flyover state but a flyover country, so hell yeah, yes please. Imho these covers are nice homage to their roots. What's not to like about a bit of variety? (No, please, don't answer originals versus covers. Here you get both kinds of music - originals AND covers;-) ) Planet Suit - so cool & awesome. Is it still in R&R Hall of Fame museum? Breakdown - Tom playing with the singing crowd. This & the audio - "you're gonna put me out of my job." Also, geek points, opening with the footage of driving slowly by & seeing people lining up... I count that as a cover in itself of other live concerts & especially The Last Waltz (equally glorious but flawed, with too much focus on some & not enough on others).
  11. 2019 release. Benmont Tench plays on Grace Potter's album Daylight. Lucius also features in 4 songs. Three songs in a row stood out for me. Release (vocals with keyboards). Shout It Out. Repossession (featuring Lucius too).
  12. Mentioned this in another thread. New music! So exciting!! Q: is this (another) a good spot to mention Benmont Tench's solo work? He's releasing his live recording of Love Will Tear Us Apart! (Vocalising joy at thought of some new music.) Shelter, this is surely for you! May all your other wishes come true too! What are you gonna wish/ hope for next? ! Details below!
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