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  1. Big Blue Sky

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    ... from Travelling Wilburys documentary. Maybe your friend's theory only applies if you're in New England? California weather would be much more appropriate for Corvettes? Hahaha we've all been there with things like popping engine cover. In my case, we just could NOT remote-open hatchback from front seat, most embarrassing. Finally read the manual... Oh, manual says remote-opening lever is UNDER the seat! And this beauty ^^^ Which is from that story about how he donated his favourite car for an auction for Doctors Without Borders / lMédecins Sans Frontières
  2. Big Blue Sky

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Stored with guitars, musical instruments and a gun. A gun??? Whaaaattt?! Not much use having a gun as a deterrent without, you know, having someone to wave it in a threatening manner at any baddies. Preferably someone who's "got a licence to wear this .38". If must have guns, and I'm not at all convinced they're a good idea. Like Lynyrd Skynrd says in Saturday Night Special: dump them in the sea. But really, wtf? The whole story's odd. Yes, it might be a cool dark place, taking up the whole block. But. How safe do you wanna be? A lot safer than letting guitars & music be stolen by burglars, for starters. Burglars who then become armed burglars.
  3. Big Blue Sky

    Words on the '87 Mansfield Show

    Pssst, a black & white lumberjack / hells angel / blues musician seems to be lurking on your name & thumbnail image, Hoodoo Man. 👆
  4. Big Blue Sky

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    Ah yes indeedy, this may have started back when first artists smeared ochre on cave wall. Can you imagine others in clan shaking heads? More in sorrow than anger, saying: "Yeah, Ogg paints a good hunting scene. But as for being a fully grounded person, hmmm, that's another story." Maybe also worth bearing in mind that as well as recording Full Moon Fever, TP was a Wilbury too, for a while. And they were, by all accounts, a cohesive happy band, even if didn't tour. I'm sure I've read how George Harrison 💓 took special care to make sure everyone was feeling alright all the time. (Having learned from experiences with his previous band). So, no egos were hurt while making TW Volume 1& 3, which is pretty remarkable. Hah, for some reason reminded of funny lyrics: "You think that you're so big. Well, I saw you kick that dog*. When the wind blew off your wig." (Zero from outer space) *(which I misremembered as "kick that cat").
  5. Big Blue Sky

    Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

    Here's an article about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame performance where they played "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". Lots of short statements from people (including Tom Petty and Steve Ferrone) about how much they organised it beforehand and how much they deliberately left open. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/28/arts/music/prince-guitar-rock-hall-of-fame.html
  6. Big Blue Sky

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    Yes, fair enough, that lacked transparency, some might say a lie. There's another interview (in doco, from memory) where TP says "thing about drugs is they get you wanting more..." Pause. "You don't have any do you?" And TP does a big ol' cheerful laugh. Well, this image might make you crack a smile. I laughed when saw it on eBay. I'm guessing holding beers & grinning awkwardly for the camera was all part of their interview / profile with Creem. From haircuts... maybe '79? Unless this is proof they were wickedly commercial sell-outs back in the day. 😉 There was one tour where they were linked to beer company, early on. Otherwise - correct me if I'm wrong - they stayed well clear of sponsorship. PS Agree, Steve seems like he's fun, positive, affable. Usually wearing a big smile.
  7. Big Blue Sky

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    "lambasting Howie" a) cool word b) steady on, are you sure about that? Where did this lambasting happen? Because, to be honest, I never saw that in interviews I've read / seen. I'd say the approach was more of: "Love the person (Howie), hate the behaviour (druggishness)." And Howie did hit the wall more obviously & spectacularly than TP. Arrested. Then, well, yeah, it's in public. Personally, I feel public figures have a right to their privacy. I don't see that as hypocrisy. Just like living in a small town or island, where sometimes it seems everyone knows your business. If they & their families & doctors feel it's better to be discrete? Well, do that, of course. Unless putting it all out in public's gonna help. Oh, it's all very horrible. "There ain't no easy way out." Who really knows what's helpful & what's enabling?
  8. Big Blue Sky

    Words on the '87 Mansfield Show

    Correction: "Especially with TPATH being..." (Sorry, an apostrophe snuck in where it didn't belong. Oh, the shame, the shame. ☕)
  9. Big Blue Sky

    Words on the '87 Mansfield Show

    Haha reading that abiut Dan Zanes hit a memory for me!! Concert with band called Cockroaches as support band for Hoodoo Gurus. Cockies were GREAT little band, man they were so high energy. We all had so damn fun, up & dancing. I guess you could say bass & drum were really tight, but whole band were on fire. Played lots of 1950s high energy rock & roll covers. Some of their own songs too. Soon after, reshuffled into... The Wiggles ... and dominated kids' music for next however long.
  10. Big Blue Sky

    Words on the '87 Mansfield Show

    Aww, clever approach! Especially with TPATH's being so precise about their sound. So, presumably this wouldn't work so well with a band who have more of a sloppy style...
  11. Big Blue Sky

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    Here's an interesting article from 2010, where he's talking about about some of those band issues. :-) https://www.thepettyarchives.com/archives/magazines/2010s/2010-01-mojo
  12. Big Blue Sky

    You Got Lucky---best version?

    Same here! Vividly remember afternoon after school when I saw that video for first time. Band went from being "cool band my older siblings / friends listen to", to them being the genius band we all know & love 😉