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  1. I am here for the music too. So I'm out from this thread.
  2. Are you serious? What other options? That he keeps it quiet? Because before he had tests, he'd been potentially passing on virus to a whole bunch of australians, actors on the movie set, tv journos from his breakfast tv appearances here. Who would all quite like to know they'd been exposed & maybe had passed it on to other people already too. The "Tom Hanks Nice Guy Effect" is an important step in epidemiology - it shows us all that an everyday, cheerful, avuncular kinda guy (albeit a movie star) can catch it too. So it suddenly gets real for us all too. No longer a weird, exotic disease happening to other people who we don't care about. Same issue, same "Nice Guy Effect" came up back in the day with HIV /AIDS and also in many other diseases. It's really not just social media hype. But I'm sure there are really cool & fun social media places where people are busy chatting about that kind of stuff.
  3. Awww, What name do you give this baby? Shelter Microbiology xxxxxsson (pick your own Scandinavian Surname).
  4. oh well, when someone like Mike Pence repeatedly says he* doesn't believe in this evolution concept anyway, he'd be unable to accept idea of mutations either. Face palm. Politicians. Listen to what the infectious disease experts at WHO say. They say flatten the curve. Okay, I'll do what I can. Its not just old geezers at risk. And even if it was, some of my best friends are old geezers. * not to mention sex, politics or religion
  5. Well, sure, "think for yourself" = always good (George Harrison lyric) - but you might also want to consider that this is not just another form of flu. It's fast, it's efficient and each person who has it inadvertently infects many other people (not just one or two like flu does). Plus, we have those "ordinary" types of flu as well as this new virus. So, yeah, it computes okay (to me).
  6. ...and one from The Last DJ album - 12 string acoustic & yet another cool hat.
  7. Roger that. The Likable Guy is back on his home soil. Repeat, Tom & Rita Hanks have said "thanks & see ya later" to us here in Australia & are now back in the USA safe & well. Source: his twitter feed.
  8. Um, that's a quite a few... are you feeding an army? Our specially ordered mushroom box arrived at the hardware store - but rather than phoning us to collect, staff there mysteriously "sold it to someone" (Oh please, they sold it to themselves or someone else on staff. It wasn't on the shelf, just in the delivery area out back. Just track the receipt, ) Then, "realising their mistake", they "kindly re-ordered" another one for us. Unspeakable. We have expressed our outrage to the management. Even worse, management aren't quite willing to strap the errant staffer/s to an ants' nest. Yet.
  9. Tone makes the hair stand up - yes for us who are listening too! These daily posts are such a generous & thoughtful contribution by the Campbells. Love his choice of music for today too! Under neath Mike is youtube clip of Blind Faith performing it live in Hyde Park, London.
  10. Nightwatchman - this one's dedicated to all the fine people keeping shops open (like Tomfest's daughter in Seattle) & delivering parcels so other people can stay safely at home. 💘 I'm the night-watchman / I am security / I'm the night-watchman / How safe do you wanna be? / I sit around at night and listen to the radio. / If I get real bored I might have a little smoke. / Yeah I got a permit to wear this .38 / But listen my life's worth more than the minimum wage.
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