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  1. Big Blue Sky

    Spam posts - what's that about?

    Hello, so I've been noticing an outbreak of spam threads appearing on the forum lately. They've got a lot of nerve, these spam people / bots. And also noticing them being "disappeared", which is great work, obviously, so well done. Applause. Can't think of a devastatingly crushingTom Petty lyric for this occasion. Anyone? So, if in doubt, what about Bob Dylan, winner of Nobel Prize? "And I know you're dissatisfied with your position and your place / Don't you understand it's not my problem. I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes / And just for that one moment I could be you. Yes, I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes / You'd know what a drag it is to see you."
  2. Big Blue Sky

    F Mac in Austealia & NZ 2019

    Mike, Neil Finn, JohnMcVie played Man Of The World from Peter Green era of Fleetwood Mac. You can hear a man in the audience near the person who's recording this say "1966". Only added it to setlist since they came to Australia. This is from another night. But it was equally marvellous when they played it for us.
  3. Big Blue Sky

    38 CD Disk Set!!!!

    The image of Woodstock that lives in many people's minds was set by director Michael Wadleigh's documentary and two soundtrack recordings released shortly after the festival. To Zax, presenting the entire concert busts and enhances some myths. can 100% appreciate why people might want to re-create one continuous recording from what's available. Especially if the earlier edits eliminated some performances. We all know this is crack cocaine for historians & archivists: accessing original documents & seeing how cultural processes at time marginalised some people and pushed others into lime-light. You know how Deadheads recorded everything Grateful Dead ever played? ... Acid will do that to your sense of priorities (allegedly)... Well, get this! Archivists, as a profession, regard that whole process of creating & sharing & storing Deadhead recordings as peak excellence in community-generated or crowd-sourced archival processes. Peak excellence! As to whether it is gonna sell... 800 bucks (ouch) for 400 songs (plus books etc) ... less than $2 / song...
  4. Big Blue Sky

    F Mac in Austealia & NZ 2019

    Song: Don't Dream It's Over. Once the audience calm down, after we've all sung this anthem of song of unity together, Stevie Nicks faces him, hand on heart, says in sincere praise to Neil Finn, "Oh, that's a once in a lifetime song". He says "I might still have a few to come." We rise in spontaneous ground-swell surge, cheering and laughing at this attitude towards Nicks (who obviously meant well but underestimated Neil Finn on his home turf and among his home crowd. This one below is from another show, earlier in week.
  5. Big Blue Sky

    F Mac in Austealia & NZ 2019

    Yeah. As a rule of thumb, I try to avoid listening to favorite songs or music during tragic situations. (Rare in my life, rare in everyone's life, bless us all). But you know? This is to protect the music from becoming stained by future memories of tragedy, sorrow & worry. And similar thing is protecting a song from being repeatedly used to represent a theme. Whether that's in an ad selling orange juice or bands showing respect to an idea, or a moment, or a much-loved person. Even, "old Lang syne"... shackled to New Years Eve. Sure, understand urge to show love & respect by covering a song... But... yeah, I hear you there & agree, Hoodoo Man! People might mean well (let's assume the best) but stuff like that is not fair on the song... It'd be more catharthic for people to use their own imagination & create something from their own heart. (This is just in general, I don't particularly want to go down a memorial song - or a FMac - discussion ;-) ) I've been giving this careful consideration ever since buying tickets & once F Mac established setlist for tour. Figured what would feel best would be to shine tiny light from phone, showing it as respect for Mike & his people there. Not because they would notice one person in a huge audience, but because it might be a graceful way to survive a memorial. So to be transfixed by his Rickenbacker was an unexpected & heartwarming bonus...❤️❤️ Mike & Neil Finn playing Free Fallin'...
  6. Big Blue Sky

    F Mac in Austealia & NZ 2019

    Oh, about Free Fallin', well, moment I saw the Rickenbacker appear on stage & I lost it. I was transfixed. So I remember everything about how Mike played it & created that fzmous sound. But i guess I missed out on remembering most of the singing. Quite a lot of us, well, me & lots of people near us, stood to show respect, holding phones flashlights up. So it was like Pentecostal moment (no snakes, though, haha). Or that moment as parade passes by when the crowd spontaneously takes off their hats, or salutes, or throws flowers, or whatever. Did notice Mike looked down at his Rick for the song, though, rather than into audience. Anyway, you asked, so hope that answers your question. :-)
  7. Big Blue Sky

    F Mac in Austealia & NZ 2019

    Oh, 100% wonderful. Everything just marvellous - music, guitars, crowd supporting their musicians, musicians playing their hearts out. Fleetwood Mac (tonight) are really sensational musicians. I take back any snark I may ever have thought. People who were there for them seemed to love every moment. Everything was golden and the energy just kept building, one fantastic thing creating another. Mike Campbell exceeded expectations. Chinner was busy passing guitars. Oh, boy, so many beautiful guitars and Mike sure bent those strings. He even put base of guitar on ground and ran slide up and down strings. It was like, hey, why not? And it sounded sensational! He was in the middle of some songs building building the momentum. The others are dancing around & Mike's so precise, keeps playing, absolutely not distracted, building the song. Centre of the storm, but he's actually feeding that increasingly wild storm, you know? Neil Finn being there created that elusive home-ground advantage. (Even if he's technically from NZ.) We sang along, shone lights from mobile phones. Neil said: "hello Sydney" (roar of welcome), sang verse with people joining in, says "I can hear your Sydney", another verse with all these flickering lights appearing, then "Oh... I can see you Sydney". Beautiful. Black Magic Woman and Oh Well, Good lord, Mike and Neil melted all our faces. Like I say, magic, just golden. No photos, sorry, not sorry, my phone was firmly off & we just focused on the concert. Respect!
  8. Big Blue Sky

    F Mac in Austealia & NZ 2019

    Thnx for asking. You're a bit ahead of schedule... Concert starts in 6 hours & 7 mins. We are eating big lunch so can snack on the go tonight. 😉 Tell you what though, weather matches my mood! Let's hope those musos have chance to explore & catch sunshine.
  9. Big Blue Sky

    F Mac in Austealia & NZ 2019

    In his remarks, Mike Campbell mentions Rottnest, which is an island off the coast. It's where these super-adorable little fuzzy animals (quokkas) live, which you might've seen bouncing around & photobombing tourists' photos. ❤️❤️❤️ And winning hearts effortlessly on social media.
  10. Big Blue Sky

    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    8/13/19 Love that Berry / Lennon footage, especially moment when Chuck Berry says: "Ain't he just like his pa?!" If I may sneak this one in, Nurk, while you're recuperating? Audio recording of Allman Joys from Daytona Beach, Florida. Playing a gig in 1966 at Pensacola Beach, Florida. ❤️ Help, Old Man River, Heart Full Of Soul, The Last Time, Are You Sincere, Carol, On The Outside (Looking In) & Good Lovin'. Photo of All man Joys is credited to Ann Bacon on greggallman.com That's gotta be either Gregg or Duane Skydog being the coolest guy in the room? Skydog since he's on guitar?
  11. Big Blue Sky

    Photo of the Day IV: Don't it feel like Heaven

    Only kidding with that image above. That blond man in Beatle boots & sunnies is Gregg Allman & somehow not a mid-1970s Tom Petty I like how in one of the biographies, Petty says whenever The Allman Joys (as they were called in those days) would visit Gainesville, he'd go & watch them play, even if meant sitting on a little folding chair for hours. Next image & quote are from an article about Jim Babjak of The Smithereens (on right). What made Tom Petty special? Jim Babjak of the Smithereens knows. He saw Petty’s show up close when the Smithereens toured with the Heartbreakers in 2013. “He made the audience feel like they were family, as if they were in his backyard and having a good time,” Babjak said. “The audience would sing along and you could see the joy on the people’s faces. I watched the audience and it was a beautiful event.”
  12. Big Blue Sky

    Photo of the Day IV: Don't it feel like Heaven

    ^^^^ . Run away, run away!
  13. Big Blue Sky

    Farm Aid 1985 & 1986

  14. Big Blue Sky

    Farm Aid 1985 & 1986