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  1. Big Blue Sky

    Happy Birthday Mudcrutch

  2. Big Blue Sky

    Random Thoughts Thread

    ...this "super-bloom" of flowers across California might be closest we get to Wildflowers for now. FYI Nice grassroots site (if you're into day-dreaming about hiking & wildflowers in California) seems to be website by rangers / national parks for Santa Monica mountains www.smmflowers.org/whatsblooming/ The first image is posted on a NASA site - no it's not from a satellite - yes photographer is NASA pilot. These 2 are from other sites.
  3. Big Blue Sky

    Covers of Tom Petty songs

    Feeling blue? Want to be cheered up by the company of good music? May I suggest you watch this somewhat ... ahh, happy... Roger McGuinn with his take on American Girl - special mentions for McGuinn's attitude (!!!) & the lead guitar. As part of Thunderbyrds' appearance on Rockpalast TV show... July 1977 - about same date as TPATH's appearance. For the full concert (it's good), look up Nurktwin's Rock & Roll Drive In for August 2013.
  4. Big Blue Sky

    Don Felder

    You may've already seen this on YouTube. Don Felder is so interesting. The interviewer gets to stand nearby & say "Wow!" Sure, the interviewer asks good questions, but I think Don Felder could've done this whole interview solo! Talks about being young working musician in Gainseville - who he learnt from & played along side & gave music lessons to... As well as how he gets his guitars to sound the way they do
  5. Big Blue Sky

    Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

    1995 God Bless Our Mobile Home 💘💘💘💘💘
  6. Big Blue Sky

    Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

    https://www.interviewmagazine.com/music/new-again-ringo-starr Interview magazine originally published this interview in June 1992 then reprinted it (posting it online) in 2005. 💘🐞 RINGO STARR: Good evening. My name is Ringo Starr. TOM PETTY: And I’m Tom Petty. Two seasoned professionals around the four-track. So you’ve made a new album, Ringo? STARR: Yes. I’d like to thank you for being on one of the tracks that’s not actually on the album. PETTY: Oh, I’m always on the ones they take off. STARR: Well, listen, you used me as a fake drummer in a video, so we’re even. PETTY: I haven’t got to hear the album yet, but I’m told it’s really, really good. STARR: Oh, let me give you a copy. Here you go. PETTY: Thanks. So, you play drums on the album? STARR: I play the drums. I am the only drummer. I am the best rock drummer on the planet. I’m sure you’ll agree. PETTY: You certainly are. No arguments there. STARR: I’ve just been putting things in place since ’88, when I went into rehab. I’m getting back in the business. I’m straight enough to actually play and perform, and to put the first All-Starrs together. And we put out the live album from that tour in ’90. So in ’91, the natural thing to do was a studio album. PETTY: Great. Are you going on the road? STARR: I put another all-star band together for this year with Joe Walsh and Nils Lofgren from the last All-Starrs, plus Burton Cummings, Dave Edmunds, Todd Rundgren, Timothy B. Schmit, Zak Starkey [Starr’s son], and Ringo Starr. PETTY: Wow. That’s quite a band. STARR: That’s an orchestra. PETTY: I saw your last one, you know. It was really nice. STARR: Where? At the Greek [Theatre in L.A.]? PETTY: Yeah. STARR: I like it there. it’s a really good-size audience for me. I don’t want ot play those big stadiums like you play. [laughs] PETTY: Well, that’s because you’re already rich. STARR: I’ve just heard that you’ve got a new deal. You must be loaded. PETTY: Well, I’m just doing interviews now. STARR: So am I. that’s how well-off we are. Of course, Mr. Harrison, the billionaire of life, has just left town. PETTY: Yeah, ol’ one-gig-a-year guy. STARR: One gig every seven years. PETTY: I heard you got onstage at [London’s Royal] Albert Hall recently with George. STARR: That was such a good show. It was great because Joe Walsh opened, and Zak played with Joe. That was a real thrill to see. I went with the kids and my ex-wife and friends. I was there just to watch. The show went so well—George was just groovin’. He should have taken it on the road. I told him that. He should be doing what god wants him to do: perform. So then Joe sauntered off-stage and said [mimicking Walsh], “George wondered if you want to come on.” It didn’t take much coaxing, and I got up for the last two numbers. PETTY: Well, Mike Campell [guitarist in Pety’s band, the Heartbreakers] was playing that night, and he said when you came on that he almost had to just sit down and dig the rhythm ’cause you’re a really great drummer. The human metronome, I call you. STARR: B.B. King called me the human grandfather clock. PETTY: [laughs] And what did Timothy Leary call you? STARR: Whaaaa! PETTY: I got George playing the blues last night. We were jamming. He’s a really good blues guitarist. In all the time I’ve known him, he’s never broken into that. STARR: Thank god he’s playing the blues and not that bloody ukulele that he loves so much. PETTY: Well, we went through a few years of that. I’ve got four ukuleles at my house just for emergencies, you know. STARR: In case George gets withdrawal. PETTY: What kind of records do you listen to when you’re at home? Do you still listen to the stuff that you grew up digging? I know you were a Johnnie Ray fan, weren’t you? STARR: Yeah. I don’t listen to too much Johnnie Ray, or Frankie Laine. Nat King Cole, I like to put on. PETTY: I’m going to do an album with Nat King Cole, I think. It’s bound to go. [laughs] STARR: It’s bound to be a sensation. Gotta be. They’ll just cut you into the video. PETTY: Can’t you see me? [sings] “Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, men have made you…” STARR: So anyway, you go to the record collection and what do you pick out? Ray Charles never lets me down. And, you know, I’m actually starting to play Sgt. Pepper. I don’t know why….I do know why. Because George Martin is doing a show, The Making of Sgt. Pepper, and he’s interviewing us all, and so I thought, I’d better play that record and see what it’s like. I was really knocked out again. I hadn’t played it in so long that the diversity of the songs blew me away. But it also sounds kind of naïve, really. PETTY: Naïve? STARR: Yeah. The production, and the state of the art in those days. PETTY: Well, it’s great production, though. It’s a really good sound. STARR: But the mix—stuff over here and stuff over there. PETTY: But I like that. STARR: I didn’t say I didn’t like it, Tom. [Petty laughs] I said it sounds naïve. PETTY: Well, okay. Making any movies? Have you given up acting? STARR: I haven’t really given it up. I’m just refocusing on being a drummer again. Back to the dream, you know, of when I was 13. PETTY: Do you live in L.A. now? STARR: Well, we’re residents of Monte Carlo, but we bought this home in Beverly Hills. And we’re living here because I’m working again. We also have a house in Aspen, of course, like everyone else. I’m sure you do. PETTY: No. STARR: Where are you? Telluride? [laughs] PETTY: No, I can’t ski. I don’t know how. STARR: You can if you come with me. I love it! PETTY: But you’ve never broken a leg or anything? STARR: I’ve never broken a bone in my life, or in my body. PETTY: [laughs] So, what do you do when you get free time, Ringo? STARR: Well, I usually come around to your house and watch you sleep. PETTY: [laughs] Besides that, I mean. Do you have any other interests? STARR: Right now, we’re unpacking. We’ve just moved into the new house. I really like to sit outside. Things are changing in my head, and I like to be out in the light. So we bought this house—a billion-dollar greenhouse, really. Windows everywhere, huge glass. One level. So, I hang around, make phone calls, watch the TV, play a record. Barbara’s in school studying psychology, and I’m here having fun. PETTY: So she’s gone back to college then? Good for her. STARR: I believe I mentioned that she was [getting] a Ph.D., which is totally wrong. That’s down the line. PETTY: I’m thinking about going back to high school and trying to— STARR: —learn to spell— PETTY: —and to add, because I can’t help my kids with their homework. It’s embarrassing. STARR: All mine have left school, bar one, and I could never help him with his work anyway. But I’m really thinking, if we have any long breaks, of checking out the UCLA curriculum and seeing maybe if I want to take pottery or— PETTY: Bait casting? STARR: Chewing-gum making. PETTY: Are you serious? STARR: I’m real serious. They have a million things you can do. It would be great to hang out and see what’s happening. So that’s another thing for the future. Anyway, Tom, let’s have a break, because breakfast is here. PETTY: Okay, we must have done hours by now. THIS INTERVIEW ORIGINALLY RAN IN THE JUNE 1992 ISSUE OF INTERVIEW.
  7. Big Blue Sky

    Interview with author of new book on Southern Accents

    In the interview (above) they discuss the chord progression & rhythm in Don't Come Around No More & to this time in Nashville in 2017 when ... well, listen to the interview yourself & find out... (or maybe you were there...)
  8. here Benmont plays with John Rooney - 2019 album called "Joy".
  9. I remember first hearing 'She’s Not There' on the radio in my bedroom. So ethereal. So spooky ... the DJ said it was The Zombies from England. 'Of course,' I thought. 'That is exactly what a zombie rock group would sound like.'” -Tom Petty
  10. Big Blue Sky

    Benmont in March 2019 Phil Lesh & Friends

    Seems this is the section covering "Scarlet Begonias", the jam & "Eyes Of The World."
  11. Big Blue Sky

    New TPATH Releases

    ... you probably already know "Hard To Handle", directed by Gillian Anderson, based on Sydney concert, is readily available on DVD...
  12. Big Blue Sky

    MOJO-Song Of The Day-The Trip To Pirate's Cove

    Apparently there are at least 2 places called Pirates'Coves in California. One's near Point Dume at Malibu & the other's up the coast from San Fransisco.
  13. https://www.jambase.com/article/benmont-tench-phil-lesh-friends-port-chester-video-audio you may need to go to ^^^^ article at jambase.com to check if any of the audio or footage don't appear in article below. {edit - uh huh, despite all my care, the footage won't transfer across. So I cut them off, leaving just the mini-article & photo. Sorry. I tried. Guess you'll have to visit jambase.com 💘🎹🐊 Also, as you'll see, this article mentions more access being available via the Relix channel. I used bold to highlight a couple of sentences. Benmont Tench Makes Phil Lesh & Friends Debut In Port Chester: Full Show Audio Mar 15, 2019, Scott Bernstein Former Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench made his debut as a member of Phil Lesh & Friends on Thursday at the first of three shows at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York honoring Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh‘s 79th birthday. Phil and Benmont were joined by drummer John Molo and guitarists Grahame Lesh, Jackie Greeneand John Scofield. While Tench had played the music of the Grateful Dead before at various events, he took to the material surprisingly well in Port Chester. Benmont’s setup featured a piano, electric piano and organ. He swiftly moved before three and shined on the “Mason’s Children” opener. Greene and Scofield dueled away for the first time during “Mason’s,” a trend that would be repeated throughout the night. A raunchy “Mr. Charlie” featuring Jackie on vocals came next along with a Phil-sung “Bird Song.” The differences between Greene and Scofield’s styles were on display as they each took extremely varied solos. Jackie was also up front for a joyous “Scarlet Begonias.” Tench accented Greene’s vocal delivery as if he had been performing the song for decades. Benmont also took a raucous piano solo that drew cheers from the crowd. An adventurous jam connected “Scarlet” and “Eyes Of The World” that at one point broke form. Tench unleashed another impressive piano solo in “Eyes,” which was followed by a sublime Scofield solo. The band then took it down a notch for the late era Hunter/Garcia gem “So Many Roads.” Jackie handled vocals and did a fine job of building the chorus to a crescendo. A run through “U.S. Blues” closed the first set. Phil & Friends went the “Dark Star” route to open set two. Lesh sang the first verse before the ensemble completely went outside the lines towards a more rocking jam space. Tench laid down solid organ riffs as the band made a transition into “Box Of Rain.” An unusual and well-executed move came next, as Phil & Friends worked “Wharf Rat” within “Box.” Molo picked up on the segue the second Jackie Greene played the “Wharf Rat” riff and powered the return to “Box Of Rain.” After taking a minute to compose themselves, Phil & Friends played the end of “Slipknot!” as an introduction to “Franklin’s Tower.” Each of the guitarists had a turn to shine during “Franklin’s” and pushed each other to greatness before Phil sang the final verse. Grahame, Jackie and Phil’s voices meshed well on the Sco-heavy “Uncle John’s Band” that followed. Greene took the outro solo and showed why he was a member of Lesh’s band for so long in the ’00s. A powerful “St. Stephen” filled with bright piano fills from Tench and fretboard fireworks from the guitarists kept the set moving. The song’s final jam took on the feel of “Mountain Jam” ahead of a drop into “Let It Grow” sung capably by Grahame. A “The Wheel” that didn’t quite get there but had its moments led into a powerful “I Know You Rider” set closer. Phil Lesh & Friends ended the night with a “Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad” encore. The run continues on Friday and Saturday with webcasts available via The Relix Channel.
  14. Big Blue Sky

    Greatest Hits Vol. 2

    Oh, yeah. Actually I'm thinking, who they might've been if - parallel timeline - original Mudcrutch stayed together in 1975. For example, signed with a label in Nashville & explored that. Maybe country-tinged rock with occasionally busting out into rock& roll - (move over The Eagles, your run is over). Or instead of going to college in Gainesville & meeting TP, the young Mike Campbell joined the Allman brothers... or even Skynyrd (could've, maybe, growing up in Jacksonville).
  15. Big Blue Sky

    Greatest Hits Vol. 2

    Nice lists folks, I could swap yours for mine & it'd be just as enjoyable. Head slap on mine... Made a quick playlist on Spotify ...my original list's a bit slow & quiet & gentle to start & finish with. I do love those songs, but creating a mixtape, there are rules, helps to mix them up a bit. Spoiled for choice with these guys' music... Some songs are coming in from the bench & some are resting. Nothing personal, still love you, just juggling things around, trying a few possibilities. "Angel Dreams" and "Walls (Circus)" - She's The One "I Never Picked Cotton" - Cash's Unchained. The band's on fire! (This is a cover, but it's got a tiny bit more going on musically than Cash's deliberately deconstructed "Southern Accents".) Or "Sea of Heartbreak" could come in here, sure. "About To Give Out" - Echo. Or "Echo" itself. "Lonesome Sundown", please take a seat for now. "You & Me" - Last DJ. This is nipping the heels of "Dreamville" but I'm sticking with "Dreamville" for now. Final two tracks: "Lonesome Dave" then "For Real". (Sorry, but "Bus ToTampa Bay" into "For Real" are both too gentle.)