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  1. Big Blue Sky

    Maxwell House

    Oh, Yopietro, thank you so much!
  2. Big Blue Sky

    "Bathroom Jams" from Mike Campbell's Instagram

    Almost halfway! #16 to #20 (November of 2018)
  3. Big Blue Sky

    "Bathroom Jams" from Mike Campbell's Instagram

    Five more (#11 to #15) Bathroom Jams
  4. Big Blue Sky

    "Bathroom Jams" from Mike Campbell's Instagram

    Next 5 Bathroom Jams
  5. Hi folks, Here are the wonderful "Bathroom Jams" that the Campbells have been creating and posting on his instagram page. I guess it seems a good idea to collect these in one spot, since he's producing so many! Bear with me & I'll attach all the ones they've created so far (almost 40!!) There may be some doubling up with what's already been posted on Mudcrutch Farm. Once we're up to date, it'll all smooth out... How's that sound? Okay? (There are also other things on his Instagram.) All righty, here goes... the first 5 Bathroom Jams!
  6. Big Blue Sky

    Maxwell House

    ...in a Roman Catholic church (bank of votive / prayer candles) & someone curled up against the wall wearing a strappy top? Jeez, that's well outside of usual cultural reference points & more than a little disturbing, seen out of context... would it be from "Walls", which was full of rich imagery? "Playing Dumb" is the only song I can think of with specific Roman Catholic content & that was later. Whereas, this looks like late 1990s, Wallflowers era Tom Petty. Help! Happily, someone will know. Thanks in advance.
  7. Big Blue Sky

    Maxwell House

    Ha! Plot thickens. My question is - what's happening - which music video is this moment (at 2:40) from in the footage Nurk posted above??
  8. Big Blue Sky

    Mike's Instagram is blowing up, y'all!

    Oh gawd, Mike Campbell communicates so much through his music. Uh, hey, if you're not one for checking his social media directly & prefer to pop past here to see what's new (& it seems this is true for a few people), it might be cheering to know there's a small stack of recent posts... forming a temporary backlog as they haven't all been re-posted here. 📚 Plus, the Campbells seem to be posting new content quite often at the moment. 📚 This is good, though, right, because over the next 24 hours or so, I (or anyone else, obviously) will find time to re-post them here. So, stand by for a mini-tsunami of lots of Mike, guitars, dogs, singing & other lovely insights from our favourite lead guitarist. 🎸
  9. Big Blue Sky

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Justin Johnson Has someone mixed the DNA from Tom and Mike? (Only kidding. Though if someone said he's Mike's nephew, I'd believe them. Look at those hands! So, yeah, to clarify, he's not related to them at all.) According to justinjohnsonlive.com Justin Johnson comes from a musical family - his 1st guitar was a Stella with one string. He's fascinated by blues & roots music. As a contemporary muso, making his start, he (& his partner, now wife) lived on the road, touring, in a camper van for the past 5 years. He's released about 4 albums - playing every instrument in the earlier ones. They are now based in Nashville, recording most recent album as a band, produced by John Carter Cash. There's YouTube footage of him performing at festivals &, you know, casually ripping a masterpiece while sitting on his back porch. Recording blues at a Mississippi crossroads by a graveyard at midnight. But more amazingly, look for footage of him playing vintage & unusual instruments (cigar box guitars, shovel guitars). And videos of him patiently teaching / talking about techniques for slide & finger picking. Frankly, any one of these is enough to win me over. I don't know if he "carries his guitar in a gunny sack", but it would not surprise me. This is a guy who makes guitars out of whatever's lying around.
  10. Big Blue Sky

    Mike's Instagram is blowing up, y'all!

    They sure do! Dark-haired singer's name is Sharon Celani (sometimes listed as Sharon Celini or Ceylani). Blonde singer's name is Marilyn Martin (Instagram is @marilynmartinofficial) Kind of, I guess. Side-musicians. Singers. Vocal harmonies. Backup singers. As some listeners point out, Stevie Nicks' voice operates within a narrow range. So having other singers in the studio and on stage too helps create a fuller sound & vocal harmonies. I looked this up just now: Sharon Celani's consistently sung with Stevie Nicks ever since 1978. Usually it's as a pair with Lori Nicks (Stevie's sister-in-law). She's credited for vocals in "Stop draggin' my heart around", "You can still change your mind" & "Don't come around here no more"!! In fact, if you bring up the Whitehouse performance on YouTube, she's there on stage for Silent Night. Marilyn Martin sang on Nicks' album Rock A Little, went off & did lots of other things. She's also credited for vocals in Don't come around here no more. She's been back singing with Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac since 2016.
  11. Big Blue Sky

    For Real

    ...according to the real estate website there's a llama farm next door to studio. Sigh. ❤️ alpacas, near enough. Aha, Shelter, so that's where I've heard the name Mendocino before! Ah those pirates... Let's get out of Santa Cruz / All I've got is this Canadian dime. Anyway, thumbs up for "For Real". Hmm, good question, Shelter, who did what for real? For me, it's gonna be Tom Petty's own life full of creating music with his band of brothers & ... it's gorgeous. So, unless someone convinces me otherwise (& even then...)
  12. Big Blue Sky

    For Real

    Off piste I was curious about the place Benmont Tench mentions: Mendicino. Turns out it's a studio in a converted schoolhouse on the coast. Currently for sale, so lots of pictures of it looking particularly fine. Low whistle of appreciation - coastal California is beautiful or what?! View from windows to the sea:
  13. Big Blue Sky

    Fillmore-Feb 2, 1997

  14. Big Blue Sky

    Fillmore-Feb 2, 1997

    This is sensational. No wait... sensational! Thanks for sharing it, Nurktwin. Listening to it over weekend, cranked up loud. I'm not usually one for tracking down bootlegs etc etc & am really appreciating this. Thanks!