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  1. Big Blue Sky

    Beatles Play List

    sure, you're right, fractions look weird... but inmy defense, what about the album / LP by George Harrison - called Thirty Three and A Third ????
  2. Big Blue Sky

    The Double LP That Tom Never Had

    recorded in LA (yes I know) but to my mind The Band always & forever = Woodstock neck of the woods
  3. Big Blue Sky

    The Double LP That Tom Never Had

    ^_^ The Brown Album? We're in rarefied territory with that kinda of loose talk... but yeah, I think you're onto something. Big shoes to fill (or would The Band have been barefoot / hand knitted socks around Woodstock?) but of any album out there, Wildflowers is up for the challenge. Cohesive music across the whole album, knockout quality, stellar songs that stand alone as well as being part of the whole. Yeah, put them both on your long-distant holiday travel playlist / CDs into the glove box. (And let me know what you think, if you're bringing new ears to the The Band's Brown Album). Hah, 2018 hipsters, check out these beards - almost as luxuriant as Rick Rubin's. PS I sometimes wonder if Wildflowers, All The Other Songs does exist - or whether those fabled extra songs were only ever the ones put out on She's The One soundtrack. Then I wake & tell myself that's just a bad dream & to keep the faith.
  4. Big Blue Sky

    Beatles Play List

    oops sorry my apologies to The Beatles & to you all - my mistake - 200 songs in 10 years (120 months) is more like 10 songs every 6 months (i.e. enough for an album) ...or 12/3 songs every month for 10 years. The Beatles are the ants' pants, the cats' pajamas, the bees' knees...
  5. Big Blue Sky

    Maxwell House

    aww heartfelt & beautiful sentiment, well worth remembering, especially during this holiday season. (okay, may I chuckle now about what's surely a typo regarding the prince idea?)
  6. Big Blue Sky

    Beatles Play List

    200 in about 10 years = about 2 new songs every 3 months. Not bad, not bad at all.
  7. Big Blue Sky

    John Lennon and a shotgun shell

    ...might just nominate Ry Cooder there. I've just been reading a marvelously detailed article about different slides. (That's been my new thing to learn today) Wow! Apparently, the great Robert Johnson wore a slide on his little finger. some guitarists use hand-blown glass (sounds very much like an artisan / farmers market approach to me) Also that if your slide is too large it'll slide off and hit your foot. That might detract from striking a cool pose, I think, ha ha. 😄
  8. Big Blue Sky

    Something BIG happened!!

    Well done!!!! ...in all the social media links above I wasn't sure if this was there too? What the hell, I'm attaching it anyway!! That's so cool what he says about you: "We have such a great time with our supporters!!"
  9. Big Blue Sky

    John Lennon and a shotgun shell

    oh god this is a happier topic than the one I thought it might be just based on the title! So, question. With slide guitar, is it right that you can pretty much use any smooth cylinder that fits on the guitarist's finger? I've seen people use "proper" guitar-shop slide thingos, also beer bottles. (They tend to tell me that beer bottles are too heavy and bulky, but readily available at parties.) John Lennon = genius, obviously, but um, is a shotgun shell something other guitarists use in this way too? Good size, smooth surface... no reason not to use one? Have I just always heard the song wrong? I thought it was "because you're sweet & lovely." Beautiful song.
  10. so not at all good? not even the sunnies and the look of glee?
  11. Close .... it's Tom & the band & horn section & the singers inside the head of the actress who played Alice in DCAHNM. In and out via her ear. Watch for the look of glee on Tom's face whenever the microphone pops back up into his hand. (1:30 & 3:00 mins) Also notice Tom's asymmetrical sunglasses. You're welcome. 👽
  12. Big Blue Sky

    Maxwell House

    here's a link to an article & a quick quote I'm thinking you might find it amusing. The writer Richard Glover (newspaper columnist, radio host, all-round amusing wry and insightful) also has a book called "The Land Before Avocado" using idea of avocado toast as jumping-off point. Proust, hee hee... More mysterious still, coffee drinkers appear to believe that others are forming a view of their personality based on their order. "Macchiato for me," they say with a cocky little shake of the head, as if to say, "Pretty sophisticated, I know, but I'm just back from a trip to southern Italy." People order a short black with the sort of eager pride in which one might mention one is currently reading Proust. It's not so much a drink as a statement of intent. https://www.smh.com.au/opinion/no-need-to-get-in-a-froth-people-its-only-a-beverage-20131010-2v98g.html
  13. I used not to like this song much but changed my mind a few months back! It's fun & bouncy. There's that beautiful moment when the music lifts with "when I dance I can go right with you." I'm glad there are so damn many songs / music that they created over the years. Part of what makes TPATH so awesome. With collaborations & duets it's kinda tempting to blame the other person (i.e. Dave Stewart) if I don't like the song & praise the band if I do like the song. I'm so glad they went on to work with (and then sometimes write with) Bob Dylan and then TP with the Wilburys. It just plain nuts that so much happened in such a short period of time. Otherwise the question of "compare and contrast Dave Stewart, Bob Dylan & George Harrison as song-writers" might never come up!!!
  14. Big Blue Sky

    This is a question.

    Bands often say there's a huge jump to go from a) playing live to b) getting a good sound on recordings. Sometimes that can be partly why sometimes a band might be great live but just never go beyond singing locally... And sometimes new bands can't afford much money so can't invest in a brilliant sound engineer / mixing / hours in the studio. And sometimes time's an issue so they just have to make something and get it out there. Gosh I wish I could remember where it was that I read this but I'm sure you'll have all read similar things about their early years' live sound. ...Mike Campbell said it was amazing when they were putting together the Live Anthology & listening to old recordings. That he was impressed by how good the young Tom's voice sounded, right on pitch and so on. That back at the start they couldn't actually hear themselves (when they were playing live) as they didn't have monitors at the side of the stage. (Different now of course with being able to hear themselves in their ear-pieces) Also that he also loves how Tom's voice sounds as he matured. Richer, fuller and more resonate, I think were the words he used.