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  1. Yeah a good while ago; I know someone who knew Zavala back in the day (i.e. around the same time that he worked with TPATH) and says he was pretty much out of control but because he was a good player he worked a lot. But he usually got those jobs because he had partied with various people.
  2. There was a concert in conjunction with the film's LA premiere, I guess, and here's Jacob covering "The Waiting."
  3. There's that whole Rule Of Three thing, generally.
  4. Seriously! I am very excited by the knowledge that he engineered/produced the DK album-in-waiting.
  5. Reunion backstage at The Forum!
  6. Very cool! I think it's great that M&M are allowing meet-and-greats to benefit Tazzy Fund.
  7. I suppose one would think so if, say, their point of entry into TPATH came much later on.
  8. His own? I mean, if you compare it to other songs on that album. "Breakdown" is in an affected accent but I think of "American Girl" as his own voice. He maybe has some McGuinn-like inflection to what he's doing, but their voices are quite different to my ears.
  9. Hope you have a fabulous bday!
  10. Oh don't call me a lady, lady. Seriously though, I don't see hair discussion as being reflective on anyone's character so much as it's just a discussion topic; when you're a fan you're apt to talk about personal style as much as music or performance or any other aspect of someone you're a fan of.
  11. It looks perfect to you? Not to me! I mean, I love Mike and his natty dreads but his hair is a never-ending source of amusement to me.
  12. Right - like these people somehow don't realize that because it's 2018 we can listen to recorded music from every decade now. It's truly an amazing thing to contemplate, our access to historical archives and the like. I think it's maybe a reflexive thing for kids these days, to make the kind of comments which are directed at their own perception of their uniqueness rather than merely a comment about the actual thing being commented on.
  13. I mean - just look at Mike's hair in his latest Instagram video; that mess is real!
  14. Mike told Alice (Benmont's wife) that he grew his hair out and started wearing it in dreads because he was just tired of dealing with it. If he had extensions or a hairpiece then you wouldn't be able to tell how much it's receded on top over the years, which you totally can when he takes off his hat. Tom, on the other hand, might have had extensions at one time or another, and that's totally okay if he did, IMO.
  15. That's what I thought too - that the album is already completed and just waiting to be released.
  16. That's what Mike said, that it won't be released until next year. The only thing is, since FM is going to be touring in the UK and Europe next year as well, that's where I start to wonder when it's going to happen.
  17. Absolutely terrible, those poor people.
  18. No, I mean, it's really tragic. I was wondering about Tom's house too. But yeah, unfortunately it's a fact of life here. I've come close to evacuating a few times where I live, which isn't even in a high-danger zone. My heart really aches every time for the people who lost everything. When your entire town burns to the ground, that must be such a mindfuck, I can't even imagine it.
  19. Not friction so much as...well, just maybe an ambivalence regarding the dynamics of their relationship at times. Just my take on it. I speak from a particular experience with such things - I work with and for someone who has a creative enterprise and I have a particular role but I'm also allowed to give more of my input because I'm a creative partner. On the other hand, if I contribute something they don't like then I can't necessarily argue my point. Ultimately I have to let things go that I might have thought were the greatest ideas ever because I'm not the one in charge even though I potentially do have the power to create in that situation. So it's a delicate balance.
  20. I think Tom's relationship with Mike and with Mike's creativity was a whole lot more complicated than we will ever know.
  21. There's a story that, just as Tom told Mike that his solo work was too close to the Heartbreakers sound and therefore he had to insist that Mike not release it any form, he also objected to Ron and Steve's participation in DK because it was a little too close to being a full-on Sidebreakers kind of thing. The former is true but as far as the latter, I'm not certain. It's just the story I've heard/read a few times over the years from various sources. So it's nice there is some evidence of the original lineup, at least. The thing about Blue Stingrays is that the album was released as a fictional enterprise - the "truth" about the band only came out later, and since it's surf music it's completely stylistically different. Plus they never publicly performed under that moniker; so Tom couldn't have an objection to a band which didn't actually exist.
  22. Yeah that was my problem last time (well, my main problem, anyway). Probably will be the same this time too. I really loved the Wembley Or Bust release, it's such a great show.
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