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  1. I haven't used twitter before.. Thanks for the advice on TweetChat. I will have to check it out.
  2. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who is confused? Why do they do this split in pre-orders. Can't we all be friends?
  3. I will say that it's a strange list. I would like to see what the used as a measuring stick. Anyway, good for Mike. He deserves the spotlight. Of course, if the judges would have been to a Knobs show, they would have put him closer to #1. BRING IT JIMI!!
  4. So great to get to hear the 2010 tour. I was not able to attend any of those shows so I'm so happy to get to hear what they sound like.. I would max my credit card for the benigit show but my wife and I are expecting our first little heartbreaker in January!! Don't worry. We already got a TPATH onesy for him!!
  5. Anyone know anything about the live album? Will it be cd or vinyl? Will it be the same 14 tracks from the 2010 "Live Mojo"? Can't wait! Wish I could go to the show.. Glad to see they are working on a new album!!!
  6. I can't wait! Going to watch it with my boss. He's so fired up to see his favorite Beatle! Enjoy everyone! Is there away for nonHBO subscribers to watch online at HBO.com?
  7. Nice! George was so amazing. I hope the book helps inspire people like his music has. I loved his other book. With the lyrics and notes on the songs...
  8. Now that I have had a chance to listen to both a few times I think it's interesting to hear the set lists with and without Tom Leadon. In 71 many of the songs are more country whereas in 73 they are playing more rockabilly and rock n roll covers. What a talented group? I wonder what ever became of them...
  9. Very nice. He's keeping busy it seems!
  10. brandonwood20


    I have faith Nurk! Hope all is well Ref!
  11. One thing that really stands out for me is Mike Campbell's guitar playing. He's so young and just shredding! What a talent!
  12. Big math test today. I'm looking forward to listening to it after. I'm gonna need to relax and some '71 Mudcrutch is the way to do it.
  13. It really seems official. No liner notes but pictures. I called my record store to see if they can find the '71 bootleg too. He said it will be a bit till "their guy" comes in. If I can get the '71 boot I will let you all know. Perhaps I can figure out where they are coming from. It sounds like a bootleg from 73 (pretty flat sounding). You can hear the drunk guys whooping it up. One thing that's cool is it seems to be the whole show. They didn't cut out the parts between the songs so you can hear Tom talking to the crowd! Someone sings 3 of the songs that's not Tom. Tom Leadon left the band by then right? So, who else would sing? Would it be Danny Roberts?
  14. Yeah it's cool. But I was wondering if anyone has seen one of these before? They must be out there somewhere. I'm going to call and see if the 1971 Mudcrutch bootleg got put on cd too. I would like to have that one as well. What's the exact line up for Mud at this time? Seems like Mike, Tom, Randall, and Tom. I didn't listen close enough yet to know if Ben is on it. Ben isn't on the cover...
  15. Hey all. I'm not sure how to upload pictures but I was just at my friendly record store and found a copy of Mudcrutch Live at the Rat 1973. I was surprised to see it on Reprise records label. Is the '71 bootleg out there in this form? I mean, with the cover similar to the Extended Play? Anyways, I hope the picture shows up. I'm super excited!
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