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  1. TPfan1000

    The Romanoffs

    The episodes I thought were awful but the opening credits scene I did like. 🤪
  2. TPfan1000

    Beato Tribute

    I don't know how I missed this tribute and someone must have posted about it when it first came out but somehow I did and in case you did too. Why I Love Tom Petty Only approxiamtely 18,000 views is ridiculous. For his 50th video in his What Makes This Song Great series he returns to TP: Free Fallin' He already did a segment on I Won't Back Down.
  3. TPfan1000

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    I didn’t think any of the band were/are great singers more passable but I did enjoy when they played Psychotic Reaction with Stan singing which I saw them do I think it was the tour when they used the twisting tree on stage. Great Wide Open Tour ?
  4. TPfan1000

    The Romanoffs

    Discussing the opening credits scene and the use of Refugee: “(It's also indicative of Weiner's free reign over the show's massive budget; licensing an iconic Tom Petty song is the soundtrack equivalent of filming a TV show in Paris, Austria, and beyond)... ”Whatever it means, that opening sequence stays with me as I watch the episodes, these often too-long mini-movies about unhappy white people. It makes me wish I were enjoying a period drama about what really happened to the Romanov family. Maybe even one set to a soundtrack of Tom Petty.” https://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/arts-and-culture/a24186077/romanoffs-refugee-tom-petty-theme-song/
  5. TPfan1000

    Did Tom ever do a solo acoustic show?

    Not a tour but the question reminded me of the time Petty played an acoustic set at what must have been the greatest Bat Mitzvah of all time held at the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center. Petty was not even the headliner just one of the performers doing a set. Sadly I was not invited. http://www.nydailynews.com/archives/gossip/not-so-petty-cash-rock-bat-mitzvah-article-1.565144 " I'm told that Petty's performance - on acoustic guitar - was fabulous," The party received a lot of publicity at the time and it lead to The Feds taking an interest in the party thrower and his company and well years later Dad went off to the Big House. Still, heck of a party.
  6. TPfan1000

    The Romanoffs

    Anyone else watch this new Amazon Prime show ? The best part is the opening scene which plays out with Refugee as the background music. 😊. It starts with classical music. The camera pans around a room along a wall and turns into the room and you see the well dressed Czar and his family gathered in the room and the music changes to Refugee and then plays over the subsequent murder/execution of the family. 😮
  7. TPfan1000

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    It was You Can Still Change Your Mind. This is not my video but I was at the show. I was sitting much closer and straight on so I could see his face and it was a very moving performance and I think everyone in the small room felt it. At the intro he said "this is by my two favorite song writers" without naming them and as if anyone in the room wouldn't know he added "it's the last song on Hard Promises." (Though I generally agree with what Twistedseal wrote especially that the Free Fallin' performance by Nicks was awful. )
  8. TPfan1000

    Creative Hat Tip To Dave Stwart

    I prefer these lyrics to the original.
  9. TPfan1000

    My New Book-Tom Petty And me

    Sounds cool ! Ignore the sanctimonious trolls that do not know you but judge your motives. Personally I don't think there's anything remotely odd about dreaming of someone you were friends with that has died. It might be odd if you never dreamed of them. PS, I hope your daughter is OK now.
  10. TPfan1000

    Tom, Prince & Fentanyl

  11. TPfan1000

    World Music Day

    Today is World Music Day. In Manhattan it meant a lot of outdoor music performances all over the borough from professional musicians to people just learning to play and everything in between. I was walking through Union Square Park in Manhattan and I stopped to listen to a band -- they were playing American Girl. 🙏 After I showed the guy that played Mike's part a video I have from the 40th tour of Mike playing Mike's part. What went on music-wise in your town ?
  12. TPfan1000


    Irrelevant. You're doing the exact same thing as Lorra (without the extra bit of nastiness about Mike's "life is pretty much on the down side"); you're judging how Mike is acting in public and deciding whether you think he's acting like you think he should with respect to Tom's death. IMO, none of us has any basis whatsoever to judge how Mike chooses to deal with the death of Tom including whether or how often he wants to mention him or anything else related to it. I know this sounds self-righteous but I can not believe people are grading Mike's pubic behavior as to whether it meets some standard they think owed to Tom. Leave it alone.
  13. TPfan1000


    Even more cringeworthy.
  14. TPfan1000


    I'm embarrassed for you that you posted this.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DItwTL0lCI