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  1. MuddyandMagnolia

    Tom Petty: Long or Short Hair?

    Glad to know y'could tell I was jokin', because seriously I love the love.
  2. MuddyandMagnolia

    Tom Petty: Long or Short Hair?

    OH MY G-D people we're talking about his G-ddamned hair?! What has happened to us, are we so vain? Long, short, dirty, clean, dyed, grey, blonde or brown I love the man's hair, facial, body, on top of his head, gimme lots of hair ... y'all such ladies
  3. MuddyandMagnolia

    Photo of the Day IV: Don't it feel like Heaven

    Yeah, I'm back Mother B*tches.
  4. MuddyandMagnolia

    To all you Peterans out there....

    My sister HATES Bog Seger so much that it makes me laugh. I mean HATES. XD The two of us are extremely picky and wouldn't listen to anything we don't like, in fact if you give me the time I'll tell you what's not to like about Elvis, and a few factoids as well His hair was dyed, Elvis' natural color was brown He met his wife Priscilla in Germany during his military service, he was in his twenties, she was 14... they didn't marry until years later
  5. MuddyandMagnolia

    To all you Peterans out there....

    I hate Paul McCartney most of all ... yes, I said hate, that's strong but will work in a pinch. I ain't perfect. I was once gifted a personal autograph by Rip Torn, but after what he did to my beloved Dennis Hopper, I couldn't give a fig and sold it for a nice chunk of change instead.
  6. MuddyandMagnolia

    Mudcrutch at the Whiskey A-Go-Go Radio Promo 1974

    They don't write promos like this no more, let alone improv. Ain't no one listen to the real radio anymore ...
  7. MuddyandMagnolia

    Gainesville Resident

    HEY! I've thought of movin' to Gainesville for a long time, but as a non-forum person I didn't have any Petty people to discuss this with. I am a long-time Florida at heart person, and a Petty follower of course, or I wouldn't be here right? Anyhow, aside from a beach house I heard of, in Florida not in California, I was told that there's nothing left there, wish Dub's was, (and pardon for any repeats I haven't read each and every message here) Of course I've been told I'm being a fangirl, and frankly it brings one no closer to anything but heat, humidity and large bugs ... just thought I'd toss in two cents.
  8. MuddyandMagnolia

    Photo of the Day IV: Don't it feel like Heaven

    For some reason - he's motherluvin' HOT is the reason, didn't you see how 'girly' we all are? A gift for everyone out there in Pettyland today ... Tom's intoxicating contagious smile (he's laughing, and for those who've heard it, it's the sound of the one note)
  9. MuddyandMagnolia

    To all you Peterans out there....

    Speaking of 'deifying' musicians, I just remembered a great anecdote. So I'm in a HIT weight lifting program about a year ago, and my personal trainer was this older gentleman in his mid-fifties who enjoyed the music of Jim Nabors, Pat Boone, and the like okay? That's important to remember. He was really odd though, he had recently broken up with a girlfriend, but his daughter had bought him tickets to go see Bob Dylan with his friend. At first he wasn't going to go, because he refused to sell his ticket and sit next to a stranger, or give it to a friend and go to the concert with a man ... however, that's not the main point. The worst travesty of it all is that he had never heard Dylan's music, but felt he had to go because it was something that he should experience as he had heard so many people say how great Dylan was. Jump ahead to a few weeks later after he had gone to the concert, and I ask how it went - he said it was all right, that Dylan played ...and I quote, 'Suckin' in the wind' or whatever that was. . . now I myself like Dylan's music, and have never just feigned interest in a musician because Tom liked them ... to this day I cannot stand Elvis, and only select Beatles songs. Also, I am the ONLY one in my entire family (aside from my stepdad) to love Roy Orbison, who was close friends with Johnny Cash (who I like even fewer songs of) So que sera sera
  10. MuddyandMagnolia

    Photo of the Day IV: Don't it feel like Heaven

    I love you Muddy ❤️ The inside of his hat ...
  11. MuddyandMagnolia


    YES! YES! THANK YOU - THAT'S IT! I LOVE hearing those stories, the tape recordings turning into jam sessions, the key and time signature changing ... the Bo Diddley and F♯ ... you're my hero MaryJane ... y'mind if I all call y'that?
  12. MuddyandMagnolia


    Bugs Bunny comes into my head first singing, 'I'm goin' down to Dixie, hooray hooray...' Then, The Devil is now goin' back and forth across Georgia with his golden fiddle, searchin' for that perfect peach. Going to start laughing maniacally like Tom Hulce in Amadeus here ... this is too funny for no reason in particular.
  13. MuddyandMagnolia

    To all you Peterans out there....

    Musicians hate being deified, it's a turn-off ... treated like plastic products on a shelf ... I took that from Pete Townshend.
  14. MuddyandMagnolia

    To all you Peterans out there....

    I knew a man, his brain was so small He couldn't think of nothing at all Not the same as you and me He doesn't dig poetry He's so unhip that when you say Dylan He thinks you're talking about Dylan Thomas Whoever he was The man ain't got no culture But it's alright, ma, everybody must get stoned - Simon & Garfunkel