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  1. Surely you jest! Why it looks just like him! L'homme c'est rien—l'oeuvre c'est tout,' as Gustave Flaubert wrote to George Sand. . . (man is nothing, art is everything)
  2. Many thank yous for your kind words. In fact that means a lot to me. I'm not chucking it all in yet, I was thinking of doing a special illustration for Valentine's Day coming up. I mean ... Heartbreakers - pretty much writes itself
  3. OH my G-d haha this is too hilarious! I wanna see if I can find another one of Tom's drawings that he did for someone ... ANYTHING is welcome here when it comes to fan-art. Here's little Everly's fan-art of her much beloved Grandpa ❤️ (sorry for the watermark, I don't have a better image hosting option right now, it's not even my picture!)
  4. Here is this week's entry for me, I am currently working on a large wall piece so this is called a work in progress. Of course, seems this thread is dead, without much interest in it, so I may make this my last post ... gotta keep movin' ... on.
  5. Yes of course, anything creative really - what sort of rotten person would anyone be to put 'rules' on art? Thank you for sharing in the thread, I'm waiting for some momentum, wondering if anyone is interested besides us few
  6. I do too I really can't wait to see other artwork, from what I've seen and heard we have quite a lot of artists here ... of course introvertism comes with the territory doesn't it?
  7. Hello, as suggested to me by another member, I am starting here the thread of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers artwork - for fans from fans, the best loved creations. I am working on a portrait series of Tom, and hoping to make some sales and/or connections, what better place than this? Coke Brings Life to Rock: Ltd. Ed. prints 5x7 cardstock - $25.00 (S&H is free) Message me here for details. Let the artwork posting begin!
  8. Shall do y'all, I believe fan-created art is always the best art. I'll have it up later today, I'm pretty happy with what I've been up to. I can't wait to see everyone's work, shall I create the thread though OR has it already been created?
  9. Hullo all Who would like this piece of Petty history? I'll throw in some special goodies for anyone on this forum here. I am selling my entire Super Deluxe Pre-Release Boxset of American Treasure - all digital tracks, book the whole kit and kaboodle can be yours (especially if you don't have it or want for a loved one) Talk to me, let me know Also, I will have an art series of Tom portraits coming out in FEBRUARY - yes starting Sunday I will post limited edition works of art of mine for sale - for you to love or collect Later GATORS! American Treasure TOM PETTY - For Sale on Ebay
  10. OH btw - I don't mind the title track, there are some goodies on there - it's not all awful, but as far as albums go, I have never heard Tom want to discuss it, you could tell how much he was just laying on the mixing boards going "G-d get this over with please...."
  11. Serious is as serious does my dear MaryJane, although about to also list I am selling my Super-Duper pre-release American Treasure as well ... but really - does ANYONE want this Vinyl? Yeah ... TOM should NOT have been in dark purple (#obnoxiouscover haha)
  12. I have a copy I would like to sell to someone - that says it all right there (although Jammin me, cute Dylan/Petty joint)
  13. Hello, it's the ghost of Muddy and his Magnolia coming through - my sabbaticals wax and wane - but I have an art series coming up of all Tom. (Yes and some Heartbreakers if I get requests) What's that you say? Every picture of Tom has been shared? Well why not share them all over again - Right Big Blue?
  14. Glad to know y'could tell I was jokin', because seriously I love the love.
  15. OH MY G-D people we're talking about his G-ddamned hair?! What has happened to us, are we so vain? Long, short, dirty, clean, dyed, grey, blonde or brown I love the man's hair, facial, body, on top of his head, gimme lots of hair ... y'all such ladies
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