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  1. He was a very charismatic guy though....loved him.
  2. I love Tom Petty but I'm beginning to think he (and some of the band) might have been bald as a "q" ball. I think Tom definitely bleached his hair over the years and sometimes he had thin, receding hair...and other times it was thicker and more full.
  3. I just read a revised version of "Conversations with Tom Petty" will be reprinted later this year. Does anyone know anything about this?
  4. I have the Petty Biography by Zanes - great book. I'd love to have Conversations with Tom Petty but much too expensive and out of print....and I'm looking all over for Runnin' Down a Dream coffee table book - way to expensive on Amazon.....I wish they would reprint these books and sell them in B&N for those of us who didn't buy it when it came out quite a few years ago. I thought I read somewhere that Jon Scott was coming out with a book....and also that "Conversations with Petty" would be reprinted. Do you know anything about that?
  5. I see on Amazon a Tom Petty book called "Tom Petty: A Rock and Roll Life" by Nick Thomas. This is supposed to be "revised and updated" and release date is today - Oct. 12, 2012. So I look at the previous book from 2014 and see it has the same number of pages (292). If it was updated, then it would have more pages than the original book. I notice the title is slightly different as the 2014 book is titled "Tom Petty: A Rock and Roll Story" and the photo on front is the same on both books except the newer book has an photo of his face and not the whole body (maybe this is the only ""updates" and "revisions").......and the newer book is more expensive. Is anyone familiar with this book? Is the new book the same as the one from 2014? Is the book worth the $19.99 price? It's not in Barnes and Noble so I can't even look at it first.
  6. Seems like a very good box set....although I haven't listened to it yet - but I heard several of the songs on Sirius radio. That said, I don't know if anyone mentioned a few glaring errors in that 52 page booklet....especially on page 9 where they say nothing about song 3 ("anything that's rock n roll") and then go from song 3 to song 9 (breakdown) and then goes back to song 4 on the next page (and then goes from song 8 to 10 on page 13). I could not believe my eyes when I saw that. With all the time they had, and people that worked on it...how could not 1 person notice that? (also some songs had nothing written under them at all). Tom was a meticulous perfectionist and would never let something like that be published with so many errors.
  7. I think they should put out live concert DVDs of Tom Petty - such as "Take the Highway" and Pack Up the Plantation"......as there is enough albums and a new box set of American Treasure. Most of the greatest songs were released by Tom Petty. As for this "Best of Everything" box set.....poor timing. Also, how did the record company obtain a new track "for real" and the alternate version of Southern Accents? Was this something locked in the vault? How would they have gotten that? All I can say is when people pass away, everyone associated with them tries to make money left and right....that's the sad reality of it.
  8. What a shame.....I feel sorry for Tom because this is exactly what he wasn't...he would never authorize such a thing like this...he had integrity and never wanted to rip off the fans. This is why all his music in the vault should be locked so the vultures don't come in....and I'm not exactly sure who they are.
  9. Great points. Maybe Tom had discussions with the band. I recall Mike saying he had a hard time figuring out what Petty would have wanted released. He didn't want to compromise the greatness of Petty by releasing songs that were less than stellar. My personal thought is that Tom had control of all his songs and what was released and chose to keep some in the vault, for whatever reason. I think it's his personal songs in that vault and should probably remain there....it's like releasing someone's personal journal or diary after they are gone. While I love to hear new songs, it's like invading his privacy and might not have been his wishes. I think he released all the great songs he wanted to during his lifetime. He might have wanted to release other songs in the vault when the time came that he was not able to sing anymore...but since he is not here any longer, we will never know his thoughts. I see the other side of this too and respect everyone's opinion......Tom was the best, let's just enjoy the music he left us.
  10. I think Tom listened to what the band said, but the end decision was his. I recall reading a few things to that effect as well.
  11. Well, I just thought Free Fallin' was embarrassingly bad. Tom probably wouldn't mind his songs being sung by someone who could sing..... Stevie Nicks seems like she lost her voice.....maybe it's time for her to retire. Sometimes people want to remain relevant but if they have no singing voice left, they need to call it a career.....I'd prefer Mike singing that song if I had to hear it sung by anyone other than Tom. Actually, I really just like to remember Tom's songs the way he sung them...which is the only good way to hear them. Everyone has their own opinions and I respect that....I just think nobody can do justice to Tom Petty's songs as he was the best of all time.
  12. I'd be surprised if he doesn't quit before the tour is over. It's too soon after Tom's passing and his mind will always be on that. He doesn't seem comfortable because Fleetwood Mac songs are not his thing, nor is that group....he was with Tom for 50 years.... and they fit like a glove....can't recreate that.
  13. My opinion is the good songs were released by Tom. There is a reason he kept songs in the vault...and that's where they should remain. I like hearing some of the songs - but none are as good as the songs Tom released...he was a musical genius and knew what the best songs were. Some of the songs were just slight variations of songs already released and didn't see much difference with some of them anyway. The boxset is fairly good....but for me, nothing beats the Playback boxset which was curated by the master himself, Tom Petty
  14. That "free fallin" video .....it was embarrassingly bad. Even Mike had to take a deep breath. The reality is that when Tom passed away, the group is really done and the songs should remain as Tom's legacy. Nobody else can sing them - especially NOT STEVIE NICKS. It's not even her song.....It's an injustice to Tom ...he would cringe hearing that. He was perfection with each of his songs...and nobody can duplicate that.....and Fleetwood Mac should stick to their own songs.....Mike doesn't seem to fit and seems uncomfortable with this whole thing. His mind is on Tom and always will be...he is irreplaceable.
  15. He is what a rock star should like like...the charisma, the face, the hair, the clothes and that extraordinary singing voice.....he was the total package. There will never be another like him...he was simply the best.
  16. Oh wow, what a great photo. Petty was so stylish with his clothes....and that photo with Bob Dylan, such a great photo......he looked so hot there for some reason......☺️
  17. That interview with his daughter - so touching...he was truly a beautiful man.
  18. I heard the "Gainesville" song. It was "okay" but not a memorable tune. This is probably why it was relegated to the vault. While I love to hear his unreleased music with the upcoming box set, part of me thinks that perhaps whatever Tom had in the vault should be left there. Tom was always in control of his career and what was released, and part of me likens this to making someone's private diary be open to the public after the person is gone. I think maybe they should let Tom have his privacy and RIP. Perhaps if Tom has lived, he may have released some of the songs in his vault at some point, but since he passed away, I think this is his private collection that should remain there. The only way any songs should be released after his death is if he was in the middle of making a new album and half the songs were made...because then he intended to release those songs.
  19. Does anyone know if there will be a reprint of the book Conversations with Petty? I'd love to buy it...I'm not into Kindle, but the hard cover book on Amazon is selling for $300.....I'm hoping it will be available for a reasonable price as a hard cover book....Petty wouldn't approve of his book selling for $300
  20. That video was very moving. There is something so magical about Tom Petty and very special. I love him - a beautiful man.....
  21. I read that Tom's hair was "high maintenance".
  22. great photos. He was so hot looking.
  23. I liked Tom with the beard...I thought it made him look more handsome. I also liked him with long hair, but I thought when he had his hair shorter and with the sideburns, he looked good too. I'm glad others in this thread noticed the nice butt....I didn't want to mention it, but I definitely noticed he looked good from the back with the tight jeans.....as they say "behind every great man is a great behind"
  24. Yes - he was high energy back in those days....and looked so good - very charismatic. Nobody compares to Petty - there is "Petty and everyone else".
  25. those are great photos! I think Tom had knee problems cause if you watch his videos from his entire career, he sort of bends his knees like he's sitting in a chair...that puts enormous pressure on the knees....along with always stomping his feet to the beat of the music - which I believe caused an arthritic foot.
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