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  1. Then there is some stuff from The Whiskey shows, awesome! I actually love "Pack Up the Plantation" live concert DVD. I was blown away when I saw it. Raw energy and Tom and the band at their earliest, best. It does make tear up to see them so young and full of energy, at the almost beginning of their careers. I think Stan was/is a phenomenal drummer. I also love "Live in Sound Garden Studios". You can see and hear the maturity of Tom and the band. A great concert! Of course, there are the Fillmore residency shows. LOVE Tom with Bo Diddley. There is so much to see and listen to, great, great stuff. Thanks to Tom and his vision for posterity and his fans. Miss him so....
  2. what you said Redford Cowboy. But wasn't the mid-90's, Tom's period of heroin drug addiction? Yes, a great marketing campaign to stay relevant, but if he was also using, maybe all those drug references were his, after all. BTW, my personal favs "Even the Losers Get Lucky, Sometime", "You Wreck Me", "The Waiting", among so many others.
  3. YES, Redford Cowboy. You put into words what we all have been feeling. I never was in any position close to what Tom might have been in, the should I, shouldn't I? He had so much on his shoulders, a huge corporation to keep rolling with tons of people on payroll. I just wish he was around to slow down and enjoy his fruits. I listen to his radio show on Sirrus and he is such a great disk jockey, he was there!, he did it, He was the MAN!! So much to learn from him. Every time he would play something obscure, I was like "Yeah!! I love that song too!" I felt like we had exactly the same taste in music, yeah, I know we all felt that way..... Nothing left to say, I suppose. I love Bob Segar and happy to hear that he cancelled the shows for his health.
  4. Thanks TomFest for the clarification! I do think you are correct.
  5. The Top hat, anyone of his shirts. A pair of sunglasses, maybe?
  6. I was just watching a YOUTUBE of Tom singing with Bo Diddley and then I watched one of him singing "I'm A Man" sometime in 2006? Both are so stunning! I feel as tho this man really did ot get his due. He is so up there with the greats! This guy played with everyone. I just cannot think that Bruce Springsteen got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before Tom and the Heartbreakers. Why? But I was wondering if Stan Lynch or Danny Roberts had any reaction to Tom's passing. Just wondering, no big deal. Just want to thank all of you because it is comforting to find folks that love Tom and his music so much. And this site is so interesting!
  7. I am also new to this forum. I have been a Tom Petty fan since the seventies. I agree with HPsquares opinion. I know we all get older and we think we look the same but when we look in the mirror, OMG, is that really how we look? I saw a dramatic change in Tom in the last 8 years or so. I realize that we cannot still have our blond hair and our skin may sag but he did nt look like himself. I was thinking, plastic surgery, illness? I did read throughout the years that he had knee surgery, hearing loss, arthritis, etc. all are casualties of his industry. But then again, I thought of Mick Jagger and Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney. Whereas, they do show their age and may not look as they did in their youth, who does? Tom did not look so good. I saw him with Gary Shandling in an interview in his studio, it was hilarious but Tom looked terrible. I know people are stubborn and strong willed but how did he manage to tour with insurance. I thought all performers have to demonstrate good health before filming a movie etc.? Where were his handlers, who would have stated that this was not a good idea? I am not assigning blame but just wondering. I also felt that maybe, just maybe, Tom knew he was at the end of his life and wanted to go, that he did all he could do. But he had children and a granddaughter and his wife, so I discounted that idea. Tom was indeed the BEST and deserved better. I look at old YOUTUBE footage and just want to cry. I have been so out of sorts since he died. I have seen him several times in my lifetime and he never disappointed. I just hope that he is restored to his former self, maybe Travelling Wilbury times, in the great wide open, where he now resides.
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