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  1. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/10/winamp-set-to-release-entirely-new-version-next-year/ Hope they don't screw it up.
  2. nobodyinparticular

    Desert Island Disc

    Hope you like cotton candy.
  3. nobodyinparticular

    Lyric Question

    Not entirely in my right mind today. Almost put lyrics from a completely different band. In any case, I particularly like these lines from "Deliver Me": "Yeah delivered me, I'm standin' at your gate Just out of reach of the hands of fate"
  4. nobodyinparticular

    Photo of the Day IV: Don't it feel like Heaven

    Does it? I just saved the picture at a low JPEG quality to produce some extreme compression artifacts then ran it through a ROM corrupter to shift the bytes some. (Long After Neon, my avatar, was also produced by shifting bytes.)
  5. nobodyinparticular

    Photo of the Day IV: Don't it feel like Heaven

    I made some glitch art. Here's the original. I'm not sure why I shrunk it first.
  6. Perhaps... June 1979: "Mr. Petty said he sold his fan club, with the explanation that it wasn't making him any money. This was found out after making two trips of 1000 miles, each fruitless attempts to meet with him. It was necessary to appoint a personal representative for myself, as he refused to speak directly to me about it." Hmmm....
  7. In Conversations, Tom said it was "written about an annoying groupie." I think I know who it is, too. Don't know if I should say though.
  8. nobodyinparticular

    Desert Island Disc

    Then I would say a song from a completely different band, confusing the henchman long enough for me to smack him with my cane.
  9. nobodyinparticular

    Question About "American Girl"

    What are your radio speakers like? Sometimes when heavily volume-compressed audio is put through shitty speakers, it can sound a lot different.
  10. nobodyinparticular

    Question on Tom Petty Book

    I assume you've never seen the textbook industry, then. Switch two pages around, new edition that costs a few hundred dollars. I think the book itself is called An American Rock and Roll Story, though - Rock and Roll Life only came up on Amazon.es. Here's the actual book on Amazon.com. Read the reviews, perhaps. Though reviews aren't always that helpful.
  11. nobodyinparticular

    Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

    Perhaps this looks familiar?
  12. nobodyinparticular

    Desert Island Disc

    I would smack him with my cane.
  13. nobodyinparticular

    Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

    Fun fact: IRC (Internet Relay Chat) was first created in 1988, although it wasn't standardized (RFC 1459) until May 1993. (Sorry. I like posting fun facts.)
  14. nobodyinparticular

    Do you drink Coffee?

    Fun fact: RFC 2324, released by the Internet Engineering Task Force on April 1, 1998, describes the HTCPCP (Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol). The best part: