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  1. nobodyinparticular

    Are there any Tom Petty songs that remind you of situations you've been in?

    "Free Fallin'" was playing on the radio in the waiting room just before I received my diagnosis. One of fate's cruel twists of irony that the most famous song from my favorite musician would end up permanently associated in my mind with my condition.
  2. nobodyinparticular


    You don't need to be so damn harsh. Just because he didn't mention Tom doesn't mean he's forgotten him.
  3. nobodyinparticular

    TomPetty.com on the Wayback Machine (image-heavy!)

    I see that now. The tiling threw me off. Got to love that reduced colour palette, though. Gives me fond memories of Geocities. Well, sort of.
  4. nobodyinparticular

    Fooled Again

    When I think of Money Becomes King, I think of the Moody Blues' Tuesday Afternoon. Couldn't say why.
  5. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    "Go For Soda" is a great song, if perhaps a bit overplayed on the radio. But hey, nobody drowns and nobody dies.
  6. Digging about on the Wayback Machine. Found some interesting stuff. Earliest capture is from December 5, 1998: Website for that company didn't bear too well over the years:. Jump to October 8, 1999, and it gets interesting: Let's click the input jack--oh, never mind. Instead click the little link under the input jack. I suspect the site wasn't really intended for larger screens. Clicking around, you can listen to 'Surrender' in glorious 100k audio! Or you could at one point. The link doesn't work. There's some news, too. And tour information. Sort of. There's a discography page with links to all the albums. I'm pretty sure the background image on the Damn the Torpedoes page is reversed. There's also a page that just has a picture of a Rickenbacker guitar. I'm not sure the purpose of this.
  7. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Might as well go for a soda. Nobody hurts, and nobody cries. That song's been stuck in my head all morning.
  8. nobodyinparticular

    Fooled Again

    Yup! Though, admittedly, my knowledge of their catalog is mostly limited to their 1967 self-titled album. I should track down some more of their stuff. Quite a listen.
  9. nobodyinparticular

    Fooled Again

    The warbly intro to Fooled Again was pretty common during their early (1976-1978) shows. I'd argue some of their early live material almost delves into prog-rock. "Dog on the Run" (not to be confused with the similarly-titled track from Southern Accents) also has some of the same sort of oddness. Almost puts me into the mind of Vanilla Fudge's crazy extended rock arrangements. (I apologize if this seems a little disjointed.)
  10. nobodyinparticular


    The Record Plant at Sausalito was really something else, as well. I think this practice may have been stopped well before the Heartbreakers' performance there, but they actually used to have tanks of pure nitrous oxide (laughing gas) delivered there weekly for the musicians to get high from. It's all described in the Wikipedia article here.
  11. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm not hearing much similarity myself. Maybe I'm just too dense to notice it.
  12. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I think I need to change my default font. Half of those showed up as blank squares. Wouldn't surprise me, though I'd think it was more likely unintentional. Don't think it's too uncommon for artists to accidentally copy themselves over the years. There's a definite similarity, for example, between "Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)" and "Home" from the special edition of Highway Companion.
  13. nobodyinparticular

    Question of the day 5/14/18

    Wasn't Robert Plant also the singer of the Honeydrippers? I've heard their cover of "Sea of Love." If I'm remembering rightly, they only had one EP.
  14. nobodyinparticular

    Question of the day 5/14/18

    That was quite smart of me, failing to leave any examples. Off-hand, though, the main one I can think of is Mike Reno, the lead singer of Loverboy, a Canadian rock band that was popular in the 1980s. Despite a horrifying sense of fashion (complete with headbands), he's got an extremely powerful voice. I haven't a clue how to embed videos, so you'll have to click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnHm4ro_l8s
  15. nobodyinparticular

    Question of the day 5/14/18

    I couldn't answer for 'the greatest' as that's far too high an order, but I can certainly think of some underrated ones.