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  1. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Although it might have been a joke, there was an interview ca. 1999 where he mentions getting in trouble for shooting at trees. Just popping in to say hi.
  2. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Have some unsolicited and randomly chosen Cancon.
  3. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I think I screwed up.
  4. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Just finished playing the Mass Effect Trilogy. Second game was great. Third game was, too, up until the last ten minutes. Yes, the ending is as terrible as everyone says it is. I'm just going to pretend it didn't happen.
  5. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Just finished playing Mass Effect. I liked it quite a bit. The gameplay was a bit janky at times (and there were a few glitches) but the writing was top-notch.
  6. nobodyinparticular

    New TPATH Releases

    I have some rather profanity-laced chatlogs where I expressed dismay to a friend that the first newsletter that I received from the official site following Tom's death was this.
  7. nobodyinparticular

    New TPATH Releases

    Plus, this is something that Tom wanted to put out. I just hope the Wildflowers box set doesn't go the way of Half-Life 3: stuck in hiatus so long that Valve seems almost afraid to touch it because there's no way it'll possibly live up to the expectations it built.
  8. nobodyinparticular

    New TPATH Releases

    Yikes. This thing just gets messier and messier. Does anyone have a link to the PDF? I'd like to skim through it myself.
  9. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    This isn't usually how the game starts out...
  10. nobodyinparticular

    Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

    Hosting donations. It'll go directly towards the hosting bill.
  11. nobodyinparticular

    Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

    @Liberty is the one who kept the site up and running, so make sure to thank her.
  12. nobodyinparticular

    Words on the band transition after Let Me Up

    I recognize that URL...
  13. nobodyinparticular

    New TPATH Releases

    Well, that's a mess.
  14. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Plot twist: It's actually a polyamourous relationship.
  15. nobodyinparticular

    Music genres are confusing.

    While cleaning up and sorting out my music folder, I noticed that music genres are weird. I was just throwing everything that wasn't game soundtracks or new wave stuff under "rock," but that's a really broad category. So I went to Discogs and MusicBrainz to see if I could split it up a bit more. But then that's just...confusing. An album I thought was clearly hard rock is actually "alternative metal." And I thought that "album rock" was a radio format. I guess I'll just keep putting everything under rock. Including the soundtracks and new wave stuff.