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  1. nobodyinparticular

    "...with a sausage"

    Isn't that just the Kinks' "Lola"?
  2. nobodyinparticular

    "...with a sausage"

    On my local radio station, the morning host is having quite a giggle about adding "with a sausage" to the end of song titles. So, let's take this in the logical direction. "Don't Come Around Here No More With a Sausage" (must've gone vegetarian) "Runnin' Down a Dream With a Sausage" (driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile?) "It's Good To Be King With a Sausage" (I guess having one might be a requirement) "The Man Who Loves Women With a Sausage" (this...could be taken several ways) "Don't Do Me Like That With a Sausage" (errr) "You Got Lucky With a Sausage" (umm) This is probably a good place to stop.
  3. nobodyinparticular

    Photo of the Day IV: Don't it feel like Heaven

    My scanner mucked this up when I scanned it back when and attempts to fix it just made it worse. Does anyone have a copy without the rainbow lines?
  4. nobodyinparticular

    Maxwell House

    Coffee! Made this a few years ago. Just thought it was fitting.
  5. nobodyinparticular

    Maxwell House

    Whatever's on sale. I'm not too fussy.
  6. nobodyinparticular

    "It Ain't Nothin' To Me" - weird experimental track, or brilliant parody?

    When I first heard the weird dance version of Make It Better, I thought it sounded like someone's record player skipping.
  7. nobodyinparticular

    Maxwell House

    Supposedly millennials can't afford houses because we're spending all our money on avocado toast. I prefer grilled cheese myself.
  8. nobodyinparticular

    Maxwell House

    To make things worse, large sections of the U.S. are food deserts. This can drastically limit choices, especially for those of low-income.
  9. nobodyinparticular

    Maxwell House

    Er, while nicotine is an appetite suppressant, there's more factors to it than that. As MaryJanes2ndLastDance mentioned, the reliance on high-fructose corn syrup in many processed foods is one.
  10. nobodyinparticular

    Maxwell House

    As for my two cents on this, I'm thinking that another factor is that Tom was a longtime smoker. Smoking is known to dull the sense of taste. Perhaps other drugs as well, though I'd need to look into it.
  11. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Figured out the mystery of the time-traveling computer. I'd screwed up the default date when replacing the CMOS battery a few years back.
  12. nobodyinparticular

    Christmas Gift

    Is a good boxed set. The documentary's great. Got mine eleven years ago. It's how I first discovered Tom Petty. They cropped the music videos to force it into 12:9, though, which stinks.
  13. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Although automation is putting many people out of a job, I don't think that songwriters have to worry about it just quite yet.
  14. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    The power got knocked out for around an hour, and when I turned my computer back on the date on it was set to January 6, 2023. I'd forgotten that I'd installed a flux capacitor in this thing. It's really quite a strange issue, though. If the CMOS battery had drained, I wouldn't expect it to jump forward five years. On the other hand, my very presence seems to set off glitches in things.
  15. nobodyinparticular

    Random Thoughts Thread

    "This is not a Children's Product and is not intended for use by children under 14 years old." This came on the warranty card for a computer mouse.