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  1. Not sure if they’re considered overlooked, but I love these songs and versions!
  2. Luna Wild One Forever It’ll All Work Out Somewhere Under Heaven Down South Something Good Coming
  3. Thanks. I’ve been checking out a lot of those. ❤️
  4. I’m new to this forum and was only a casual fan until Tom Petty died. There was so much about him on the internet and tv when he died. So I started reading about him, watching YouTube videos and listening to his music. His story is so compelling. He seemed like such a principled person who overcame so much, but he also seems so relatable. I find his music more moving than I did before and became aware of music of his I’d never heard. I started following the circumstances of his death and am very saddened by it. I largely agree with above quote. I think there may have been something more serious to his health that the public was not made aware of. His most serious (difficult to treat) health issues, emphysema and coronary heart disease, were most certainly caused by his smoking. It’s so tragic because at least the emphysema was avoidable. It seems he was also depressed, which may have been related to his health problems. I think his death could start a dialogue not only about opiate addiction, but smoking addiction and depression.
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