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  1. Yep, that was my first reaction to hearing it.
  2. Yopietro

    Maxwell House

    Because Zanes was kissing up to Tom.
  3. Yopietro

    Beato Tribute

    This Free Fallin' video was incredible. It really breaks down the brilliance of the production of the song. Jeff Lynne was a production genius.
  4. Yopietro

    This is a question.

    A Roger McGuinn accent.
  5. Yopietro

    The Petty Coat Of Arms

    I'm no graphic artist either, but that's a great idea!
  6. Yopietro

    The Petty Coat Of Arms

    On a lark, I decided to check out what the traditional Petty family crest/coat of arms looked like. And I was floored and amused beyond belief to see what I found. Looks like the Petty clan have a long-standing connection to the Honeybee! Wonder if Tom was aware...
  7. Yopietro

    Maxwell House

    Thanks for the intel. I'm amazed that Tom could've drank multiple cups of black Maxwell House per day. That stuff don't go down easy.
  8. Yopietro

    We Are the World and Tom Petty

    The recording of the song was in January 1985 and it could have been in the ballpark when Tom was recovering from hand surgery from punching the wall. Maybe that had something to do with it? And Shelter, potential cocaine blizzards aside, I do remember seeing some video clip of Tom Petty having a phone conversation with Michael Jackson about a project.
  9. I've been curious why Tom Petty, who was a bigger artist than many that were invited to participate, was not part of the We Are the World recording. I've looked around a bit but couldn't find any answer. Does anyone have an idea why he wasn't there?
  10. Yopietro

    Maxwell House

    Ha! For full disclosure, I am NOT in the coffee business and have no particular skin in this game. (I do like good coffee though).
  11. Yopietro

    Maxwell House

    Tom did buy a really expensive machine (a Bunn Automatic) to brew the coffee. But can the machine make that much a difference? And make a bad tasting coffee into a good tasting brew?
  12. Yopietro

    Maxwell House

    So after having read the wonderful article last month by Warren Zanes on Tom Petty and Maxwell House, I finally decided to actually go to the supermarket and get a tin. After having tried it this morning, I have one big question in my head. Could it be possible that Tom was pulling Zanes' leg with a good yarn that the fresh brewed coffee waiting in the studio every morning during the interviews was Maxwell House? And that instead it was indeed some premium fancy blend? Because I'm drinking Maxwell House now for the very first time and it's barely drinkable! So I'm left with 2 options: 1) The story is true, the coffee was Maxwell House, and Tom Petty just doesn't have great taste in coffee (impossible to believe)! 2) Tom was getting one over on Zanes and made up the entire Maxwell House story while the whole time, only premium artisanal coffee was served at the Petty residence. Which would make for an excellent joke. (And I know some might say it had nothing to do with the actual taste of the coffee and that the Maxwell House in the story became representative of something from Tom's youth. But the story starts out with Zanes complementing Tom on the delicious coffee he was served every morning. So it was about the taste too). What do y'all think?
  13. I can't say I'm so excited about the release for basically the same reasons others have given. But I do also think it would have been a better idea if they had used a different non-Wildflowers era photo to tease the announcement. They could have used a photo from pretty much any other decade and many of us wouldn't have gotten our hopes up that this was going to at last be Wildflowers All the Rest. That's the release I'm truly waiting for. And it kind of made the announcement of American Treasure a little anticlimactic and deflating.
  14. Yopietro

    When are we going to get some stuff ?

    I'm not a huge fan of basing releases upon rather arbitrary anniversary dates, but there does seem to be some kind of marketing logic in releasing All the Rest in 2019, which would be the 25th anniversary of the 1994 release of Wildflowers.