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  1. Yopietro

    New TPATH Releases

    I have no doubt whatsoever that whatever material Benmont and Mike approved for release would be respectful of Tom's legacy. It's their legacy too after all. This seems more to me about family power dynamics than about "protecting Tom's musical legacy."
  2. Yopietro

    Benmont Shows

    I was there on Wednesday night, and let me just say that the show was tremendous. Benmont gave a soulful, heartfelt, tasteful performance with some really moving moments throughout the night. The venue is tiny and it was really such a treat to be 15 feet away from a legend, almost like he was playing in your living room. Also, I haven't laughed so much at a show in a while, his random thoughts and banter between the songs were gold. The American Girl was a sweet moment (video controversies aside) but the highlight for me might have been his cover of The Grateful Dead's China Doll. I'd strongly suggest taking a listen for those interested. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrvzYF-rIBo
  3. Yopietro

    Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

    I was asked to repost here the Facebook Live event hosted by Adria and Annakim where they talked about the Best of Everything and answered submitted questions about life with their father. So here it is! Definitely worth watching... (it starts about 4 minutes in)
  4. Yopietro

    Maxwell House

    It's from the It's Good to be King video. Go to 3:10
  5. Yopietro

    Maxwell House

    I'm drinking the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf light roast house blend that Dana mentioned that Tom drank in the Facebook thread. The real Tom Petty brew. And it's smooth and delicious. It makes SO much more sense that he was drinking this than Maxwell House.
  6. Today, Adria and Annakim hosted a Facebook live event where they took questions and offered some really interesting and beautiful insights into how Tom was as a person and a father. (video starts about 4 minutes in) Here are a few of the takeaways: -Tom loved cereal and would eat a bowl pretty much any time of day -Tom NEVER drank Maxwell House coffee (sorry Warren Zanes) -He was obsessed with his dog -Alright for Now was a song to Annakim -Room at the Top was written during a fight between Tom and Annakim -He was a vegetarian in the last years of his life -He was a huge fan of film, especially classic films These are just a few among many other interesting and inspiring observations and vignettes from this video...
  7. Yopietro

    Maxwell House

    So I just finished watching the Facebook Live event with Adria and Annakim. It was really good. They shared a lot of great stories and insights into how Tom was at home. And for the record, Adria said at one point that she wanted to clarify that Tom NEVER DRANK MAXWELL HOUSE. She said that there's this thing going around that her father drank Maxwell House and that is completely false. So either Tom was putting Zanes on or Zanes made it up...
  8. Yep, that was my first reaction to hearing it.
  9. Yopietro

    Maxwell House

    Because Zanes was kissing up to Tom.
  10. Yopietro

    Beato Tribute

    This Free Fallin' video was incredible. It really breaks down the brilliance of the production of the song. Jeff Lynne was a production genius.
  11. Yopietro

    This is a question.

    A Roger McGuinn accent.
  12. Yopietro

    The Petty Coat Of Arms

    I'm no graphic artist either, but that's a great idea!
  13. Yopietro

    The Petty Coat Of Arms

    On a lark, I decided to check out what the traditional Petty family crest/coat of arms looked like. And I was floored and amused beyond belief to see what I found. Looks like the Petty clan have a long-standing connection to the Honeybee! Wonder if Tom was aware...
  14. Yopietro

    Maxwell House

    Thanks for the intel. I'm amazed that Tom could've drank multiple cups of black Maxwell House per day. That stuff don't go down easy.
  15. Yopietro

    We Are the World and Tom Petty

    The recording of the song was in January 1985 and it could have been in the ballpark when Tom was recovering from hand surgery from punching the wall. Maybe that had something to do with it? And Shelter, potential cocaine blizzards aside, I do remember seeing some video clip of Tom Petty having a phone conversation with Michael Jackson about a project.