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  1. Kbean79226

    My Husband

    Very thankful Pete is back home and beginning the road to recovery. Thank God for great medicine and Doctors. We'll all be wishing him well.
  2. His was a very giving and generous soul. I didn't follow Tom much until late in his career...but have found much solice in the words and melodies of the music he shared with us. Feel a deep sense of loss for his Family; they truly have to know the world grieves with them. Much love to Tom, his Family, the Heartbreakers, their Families, Mudcrutch, their Families, and the collective Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers universe that I am a proud member of. He was loving and giving to the very end.
  3. Love their tune, "All or Nothin'" from the "Into the Great Wide Open" CD. Shaun
  4. I too am interested in hearing anything from The Dirty Knobs. I've never heard of them until now....could NOT find ANYTHING on DIME. Managed to get Do Not Let Your Kindness Be Weaponized Against You ...couldn't locate Feelin' High. I did notice in my search a bit on YouTube so I plan on checking that out.
  5. Marion, I too would love to hear some of the Dirty Knobs' music. I noticed in one of the previous threads that there was a show on DIME....searched there....nada. Would be grateful if you could PM me a link. Thank you
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