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    If it came across as "should" and the judgement of Mike's public behavior, it was not meant like that. I did not try to grade anything, that is why I said "probably", "likely" etc. Anyhow I will leave it alone, since it's not my intent to defend the limited online communication and whether or not my intent came across as clearly as I wished it did.
  2. limonali


    Judging by Mike dedicating songs to Tom every single time he played a show with the Knobs, you cannot be more wrong. Most of the time pushing his voice through a clenched throat when trying to deliver... The last thing we need is judgements on "obviously Mike has moved on". Not likely. He is just trying to look into the future, to avoid being forever stuck in the "dark place" he's been in after losing Tom. He's probably going to hurt for a very long time from that.
  3. I am so, so, so, so, so so JUST SO SO HAPPY about that! Finally :) Mike waited for so long... Just so happy!
  4. I am quite disappointed, I must admit, just from where I am standing. Shelter said it well, so I won't spend long writing about it, but for one I was really hopeful that Mike will be... well, free. That Mike will go a total free creative way, into the grittier, rockier sound. Just working with different, talented people, stretching out, being his fantastic creative self. I also understood this as just joining for the tour... and I hope that will end up being the case. Because, really: petty (pun not intended) full of drama band on one hand that (to me) has not sounded anywhere near great since Peter Green's exit - on another, a creative, off the wall humble artist that spent 40 years being loyal, discreet and kind. I just don't get it, and it makes me cranky.
  5. ^ man these are proper treasures!
  6. Seen them only once, unfortunately, so my only venue is my best venue: O2 Arena, Hamburg 2012.
  7. Love how well you expressed what I was thinking but was unable to put in words with such a flair I would go a step further and just say that I would like to see not just Tom but his whole band (of introverts) as the ones that did not let the business machine outgrow their artistic vision, and stay consistent to what they have always been. That's why I think, let them grieve. Who can think of putting out stuff when they first try to get over the death of someone they loved? First that personal relationship. Then, art. Then, public. I guess my argument for that is also not very good, as it simply just makes me love this band
  8. The thing about this band is that, at times it felt more like a family than a band. They worked hard but their feeling together has always been a very important, integral part of who they were as a band. So now they are grieving, literally more like a family and friends than a business unit and I bet until they are over the worst of it, we won't see anything. And I would not wanna rush them. That's my 2 cents.
  9. Yeah would be awesome if they put it out officially and raised money for doggies that way. I would buy immediately
  10. I loved listening to your podcast, Carl. I am still listening to it as I write that. I can hear the emotion in your voice, and you are so well spoken! I can understand how as a man you can still resonate with American Girl. That's the universal message of Tom's lyrics, they really are meant for everyone and no one in particular... So personal - his music brings us onto these personal journeys - and yet, anyone can resonate and relate. This builds the family of love around it, people that traveled their lives to the soundtrack of Tom's and Heartbreakers' sensitivity. I love your podcast, I am so glad you recorded it and shared it. So honest and well put. It made me want to share my few words that I wrote on my blog this January. I am not a long term fan, but I really love them deeply now. It's not as well put as your work, but what the hell.. It's my tribute. I am not a native English speaker but I hope it reflects what I wanted to get across: https://traceofheaven.com/2018/01/09/delayed-tears-slowly-come-tom-petty-weareheartbreakers-with-broken-hearts/
  11. Late to the party Marion I will take ANY knobs mp3s you wish to give! thank you!
  12. I am late to comment... but this tribute literally melted my heart, and has been melting my heart for days as I kept on re-listening.. I wish I could be there. Just from listening to recorded mp3 and videos, it was perfect. it did sound like Mike's voice was cracking with emotion on some verses, and during that little speech before.. but it must have been cathartic.. if difficult. It's so loving. and beautiful. I love Mike. I want the healing to continue for him <3
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