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  1. franferparraga

    Happy Birthday Tom Petty

  2. franferparraga

    More Scott Thurston With Jackson Browne

    Thanks for sharing @Ben
  3. franferparraga

    I'm Leaving - Who wants my TOM PETTY Collection?

    After the storm comes the calm, I hope the good times come back and remember that time helps to heal every wound
  4. franferparraga

    Tom Petty Quiz

    @Big Blue SkyYou're right, the questions are a bit confusing, and we should make a Quiz more interesting. English is my second language since I use more Spanish, but every day you learn something new.
  5. we must wait until they release the files in high definition
  6. franferparraga

    Question about siriusXM

    can help you a bit by changing the quality of streaming to your PC, I have noticed a change in PC, in the Android app there is also a change and also in the consumption of data
  7. franferparraga

    Buried Treasure Playlist Graph

    thanks for the table, great work
  8. franferparraga

    Gainsville (Outtake 1998) coming up next

    great song, I think they left it out of ECHO sessions because it goes with a different tone to the disc
  9. I am very sorry for the error in my response

  10. franferparraga

    Tom Petty Quiz

    I apologize for my bad use of grammar. I gave a bad meaning to prayer. What I wanted to say is that I got 100% and it was pure luck because in 2 questions I had many doubts ... I'm sorry
  11. franferparraga

    Essential listening outside of Heartbreakers albums?

    Roy Orbison - Mystery girl it's a great album
  12. franferparraga

    Tom Petty Quiz

    LOL: You scored 100%! but it's just luck
  13. franferparraga

    Wildflowers BOX set and Filmore release potential!

    yeah, 25th anniversay box set of wildflowers audio and video (i think that have a video too, i see something in Youtube)