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  1. Sorry, late on the response here Nurktwin. SE side of Columbus - little town called Canal Winchester.
  2. Haha! I'm making the trip (from Ohio) to the Nashville show. I'm with you.... would love for him to show up there and join them!
  3. Not to burst your bubble, but that just reads like he is planning on going to see a show to me. Not that he is planning on joining the tour. But I could be wrong?
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed it - pre-ordered the vinyl today.
  5. From their Instagram post: Wreckless Abandon, our first album as The Dirty Knobs releasing on March 20th
  6. Thanks for posting. It's available on Apple Music now too FYI
  7. I just liked the idea of a different version of the cover of "Best of Everything" with the other band members... so I put something together. Thought I would share...
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