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  1. What a stunner!! Love that checkerboard binding. Hope it brings you years of joy, congrats!
  2. Very interesting and in depth article. Thanks for sharing. I am really looking forward to sitting down and diving into the box set in a few weeks. It hit me mid way through the article, when the author keeps coming back to "that September night at the Hollywood Bowl", they meant the show I saw, the final show. I was glad to hear Mike say how happy Tom was that night and how badly he wanted to be there. From my perspective, that night he did seem a bit happier than I had seen him in recent memory, so it's good to know it wasn't me or my mind projecting what I wanted to remember instead of how it actually was. Dang, in 3 days, will it really be 3 years since the last concert?? God, that hurts.
  3. Happy Birthday Benmont!! Wishing you and your family a very happy day! In honor of your birthday, here's a picture the back of your head that I took from the final night of the Hypnotic Eye tour. 🎂
  4. Very well done and incredibly fascinating. I watched it a couple times. Quite interesting to see the evolution of their stage show. Once Tom figured out what he felt was a winning formula when playing to the masses it became easier to predict how the show was going to go in the later part of their career. That's what made those shows in LA and NY in 2013 so special, the middle felt like such a toss up. Regardless, the shows were still so much fun and some of the happiest memories I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Thanks for posting!
  5. Thanks for posting this. I often forget to check the bands Twitter and Instagram pages, so I frequently miss their posts. Can't wait for the release. Happy the ol' Farm is still around 😀
  6. Listened through it a couple times this week. It all feels fresh and exciting to me. Lots of fun stuff. I'll jump on the bandwagon and say Something Ain't Right is a highlight of the show. I hope that some of the stuff on this and up coming episodes sees a proper release one day, but with All The Rest finally having a street date, it feels highly unlikely. No matter what, I'm happy and grateful to even get to hear it at all. Thanks again Dylanfree!! Can't wait to hear more.
  7. Thank you! I'm very grateful for the effort. Really looking forward to hearing this.
  8. Nice work. Really digging that hoodie!
  9. I appreciate the effort. Thank you very much in advance!!
  10. This simultaneously excites me and bums me out. That is quite a list and description of material that was played and talked about, and somehow left off of the official boxset. Here's hoping someone has it! 🤞
  11. EDIT 2: Looks like it's back now. I just updated the embedded video. Enjoy!
  12. Haha thanks! I'm a guy. I look forward to reading through your post. I'm always happy to meet someone else who shares my love for that album.
  13. Been subscribed and following his posts for several years now. I'm always happy to see when he posts something new. Love the insight to how he mixed the band each night. Especially grateful for the little snipits of soundboard audio he includes from each show! Just got an alert. Tonight, he takes us to Pittsburgh and shares a bit of American Girl at the end. Thanks Robert!! EDIT: Not sure what happened, but it looks like he took it down. That's a shame. If he puts it back up, I will update this post with the new link. EDIT 2: Looks like it's back now. I just updated the embedded video. Enjoy!
  14. Yeah, I would love to be able to hear this. Hopefully someone can capture this for those of us who can't afford SiriusXM. Marion?🤞🙂
  15. I hope so. It's a great album. I like your list of favorites. Hypnotic Eye is a masterpiece.
  16. Fantastic song. My jaw would have hit the floor if they pulled that song out of their back pocket. Happy to hear Benmont giving that album some love. It deserves to be remembered/treated better.
  17. This is good news! I always love the Hi-Res files to listen to at home. They did wonderful work on all of the Hi-Res reissues of the original albums, the Live Anthology, and An American Treasure, so I am very much looking forward to finally having Wildflowers in the same quality format.
  18. They'll try and sell it to you as new, but don't be fooled. Kids have been coming in and heating pizza rolls in it all day.
  19. Yeah, I don't know if it was a thing they did all tour, or only one night, but it was filmed. I remember watching it not too long ago, but can't remember the date or city. Give me a minute and I'll try and find it for you. Edit: Nevermind, Mike beat me to it! Thanks for finding it, Mike! That's the one I was thinking of.
  20. Glad to see it being included. It's always welcome. Walls is such a great song. I wonder which live version they used, the one from the 90's with a cello, or pull one from the 40th anniversary tour.
  21. Same. I want all the music and that looks to be the best deal. It would be nice to have all of Tom's handwritten lyrics but the 4 copies that come with the 5 disc version will be loved by me. They will go nicely side by side with the handwritten lyric reproductions from my American Treasure box set. A bit bummed it doesn't include a DVD of a show ::coughcoughChicago1995coughcough:: Other than that, the track listing looks wonderful. It will be interesting to see when and where each of the live tracks come from. It's been a long time coming and I am so happy that the day is finally here, yet I feel sad that Tom isn't here to see this and enjoy a project he put 25 years of his life into. The set looks like it has been put together with the same love and care as An American Treasure.... That is my first impression/hope at least. Can't wait to finally have this in my hands. Plus, I just got the Paul McCartney Flaming Pie Collectors Edition and that will leave your wallet so light it could float away.....
  22. Love this. Thanks for posting! I will have to break out the Mudcrutch live fan club album we got before the 40th anniversary tour and give it a listen again. It's fantastic.
  23. I ordered a signed vinyl and cd from Newbury Comics only to have them cancel my order when the release date was pushed back. The email from them said something along the lines of "if we receive signed copies, customers who purchased them initially will get first crack at them." What? Is the band going to give your allotment to another dealer? That nonsense aside, after watching that fun animated trailer, I am once again looking forward to the release. It should be a great rocker.
  24. Cheers sir. Thank you for your kindness. Much appreciated, and will do!
  25. $350?!? The guy is dreaming. Not a chance I'm spending that kind of money. That should be illegal. Thanks for the write up on the bridges. I really appreciate it. There is a wealth of knowledge in there. If I end up with a 660/12 or 1993plus, this is the route I am absolutely going.
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