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  1. downsouth26

    Echo In The Canyon

    Cool find and interview. Thanks for sharing!
  2. downsouth26

    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    So very sorry for your loss Nurk. May your cousin Joe rest easy. Condolences and peace to you and your loved ones.
  3. downsouth26

    Wildflowers BOX set and Filmore release potential!

    Congratulations, you've won the internet today! I'm just going to pack it in and call it a day. See you tomorrow interwebs!
  4. I lost a good amount of my drink reading this comment. Thanks for the laugh that I needed today!!
  5. downsouth26

    Echo In The Canyon

    Full studio cover version of Go Where You Wanna Go from the film soundtrack by Jakob Dylan and Jade Castrinos.
  6. downsouth26

    Echo In The Canyon

    No problem! I certainly appreciate the effort, though! Wish I could have seen the concert. How often do you hear someone covering The Monkees and it's not "I'm A Believer"? Absolutely! It's quite amazing what these guys were able to accomplish just from a musical standpoint in such a brief period of time, but to think what Stephen and Brian Wilson were able to create with limited hearing abilities is truly mind blowing.
  7. downsouth26

    Echo In The Canyon

    Sure, it's inspirational, I didn't mean it in any negative way. Perhaps my memory did not serve me correctly here since I thought I remembered reading about his hearing getting worse over the last several years before improving with the help of aids.
  8. downsouth26

    Echo In The Canyon

    At least not in our lifetime. Such an interesting and wonderful period in popular music history. What I would give to be a fly on the wall and witness the creation of a masterpiece such as Pet Sounds or Judy Blue Eyes. In rewatching the trailer, it sounds like Stephen Stills has improved his speech. It's hard for me to be sure about it, but he sounds better. I know he's struggled since losing a lot of his hearing.
  9. downsouth26

    Echo In The Canyon

    This looks great! It comes out May 24th. There is a lot of rock n roll royalty in the 2 minute trailer. Supposedly the final interview with Tom on film, so it made me wonder if it could have been filmed during the three days off the band had between the San Diego and Hollywood dates. His segments appear to have been filmed at Truetone Music in Santa Monica. I've been there a couple times and purchased some used and vintage guitars from them. Anyway....looking forward to seeing this on the big screen! (not sure if this was the right place to post it, apologies if not)
  10. downsouth26

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    A good performance of Say You Love Me last month. Mike seems quite proud of himself that he snuck in the intro to Listen To Her Heart (about 1:44) 😅
  11. downsouth26

    American Treasure Vinyl w. Lithograph - Record Store Day

    Congrats!! Took me a couple days to track a RSD version down with the litho, but did and couldn't be happier. It looks great next to my SDE. No idea on any production numbers though. Glad you found one, it'll be worth the wait. Hope you enjoy it!
  12. downsouth26

    Tom Petty Christmas Songs

    Appreciate you sharing the find. Merry Christmas!
  13. downsouth26

    Happy Birthday Tom Petty

    Happy Birthday Tom. Miss you....
  14. downsouth26

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    I get what they are trying to do and the sentiment behind it, but maybe it's too soon or they should choose a different song. That heavy sigh from Mike in Tulsa was tough to watch. In the Go Your Own Way clip, did anyone else notice when Neil is on the drum riser he kicks a water bottle and it hits Stevie's leg?
  15. downsouth26

    WTH??? Best of everything 11/9/18??

    My mistake, thanks for the correction.