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  1. Nailed the quiz. Wasn't tough, so I shouldn't be this proud of myself, but I am. Absolutely beautiful song. I noticed that it is labeled as track "26. Home Recordings". Could be a nice sign of things to come.
  2. Heck, I'll take a shot at this. 10 feels like an impossible task, but in no particular order: When The Time Comes The Wild One, Forever Listen To Her Heart Kings Road Swingin' The Waiting Even The Losers Down South Wildflowers And because I really can't narrow a personal list down to just 10, honorable mentions go to: Time To Move On American Girl You Got Lucky Keeping Me Alive Surrender Mary Jane's Last Dance
  3. Watching the RDAD documentary and Benmont spoke very highly of Stan's playing on Mary Jane. He said that it's "the last thing Stan ever did with us" and "he plays his ass off." Very true. That track has a great groove. A very memorable performance. What a way to go out.
  4. Yes please do! I'm certainly not ready to say goodbye. Like MajorTom said above me, I didn't find this place until after Tom's passing, but I am so glad that I did. It helped to somewhat heal the wound of losing him by being able to talk with other fans. This forum has been a little bit of therapy for me. Perhaps I took this place for granted and assumed it would always be there for me, and if so, that's my own stupid fault, but selfishly, I wish it would.
  5. Very fitting last classic rock video. Love this video. 💔
  6. Thank you to Ryan and everyone who made this forum so great. You all made me feel very welcome here and I am eternally grateful. I enjoyed the conversations that took place here and will miss it all. Peace, love and all the best to everyone here.
  7. Of course, why not. 🤦‍♂️ Someone wake me when it's 2021 and I'm sitting in a baseball stadium watching a game. Any chance of keeping this forum around one more month so we can experience one last new song together?? Just some wishful thinking....
  8. Same. My 350 is so much easier to play than the 325. I don't know how John did it. Congrats on your beautiful guitar and may it bring you a lifetime of joy playing it!
  9. As stated above, going to miss this place. Since this forum won't be here in September, I felt it was appropreate to post tonight. Exactly two years and 10 months ago tonight, almost to the minute at 8:49pm, I, along with 18,000 other fans watched Tom and The Heartbreakers take the stage one last time. Incredible night, beautiful venue, wonderful fans, great music, great band. Memory of a lifetime. When the spot light found Tom. "Oh, I feel a little mojo building up in here!"
  10. Love the new guitar! Great choice! I find myself rarely using the blend knob. How do you like that full neck of the 350 with the smaller body? I find it a lot easier to use. Love all my Rickenbacker guitars, but this Mapleglo Rose Morris 1997 is my favorite.
  11. Love Amoeba! Great memories there. Paul McCartney's intimate show there in 2007 was stellar! Sorry to hear the store has to remain closed until the new location is built.
  12. Can't wait to hear it and experience one last new song with everybody here! Really going to miss this place and the people. Wish it was staying around in some capacity.
  13. Great performance. Never seen it before. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Can't wait to hear the song and hopefully the interview! Personally, I feel slightly let down that it wasn't an announcement for the full release, but I think that was my own doing by allowing myself to get too hyped. Glad to hear that Adria said 2020 will see Wildflowers All The Rest finally be released. I'm sure it will be presented with the same love and care that I feel An American Treasure was given. It will be worth the wait.
  15. This is great news! I can't wait to hear it. EVERYBODY GET IN HERE! IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!! 😁
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