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  1. One can only hope. 🤞 Happy New Year!
  2. Love this picture and love this guitar. Thank you for posting it! Rickenbacker Rose Morris models are wonderful instruments. I swear by mine. This exact one that Tom is playing is extra special: This is Tom's exact guitar featured in a great book.
  3. I know Tom wasn't known for playing 335's a lot live, but they are my favorite electric guitars of all time, and this one just does it for me. Late 1960-early 1962 dot neck, short guard and reflectors. Such a beautiful guitar! (Mike's 1959 es-335 with a bigsby is one of the best sounding vintage 335's I have ever heard live.)
  4. Found this the other night. Long time Heartbreakers FOH engineer Robert Scovill guest hosting on TP Radio. Memories from the road and some live tracks. I enjoyed it, hope some of you will too. Nothing new as far as the live stuff is concerned, but always nice to hear again.
  5. Found this gem over the weekend feautring the new guy. Love the look he gives his watch in the beginning, probably thinking "What did I get myself in to?" Good ol' Steve, always a team player 😅
  6. This is spectacular. Watched it a couple times already, will probably watch a couple more. They nail it. Hattie has such a wonderful voice that fits this song perfectly. Thanks a lot for taking the time to film and share!
  7. Cool find and interview. Thanks for sharing!
  8. So very sorry for your loss Nurk. May your cousin Joe rest easy. Condolences and peace to you and your loved ones.
  9. Congratulations, you've won the internet today! I'm just going to pack it in and call it a day. See you tomorrow interwebs!
  10. I lost a good amount of my drink reading this comment. Thanks for the laugh that I needed today!!
  11. Full studio cover version of Go Where You Wanna Go from the film soundtrack by Jakob Dylan and Jade Castrinos.
  12. No problem! I certainly appreciate the effort, though! Wish I could have seen the concert. How often do you hear someone covering The Monkees and it's not "I'm A Believer"? Absolutely! It's quite amazing what these guys were able to accomplish just from a musical standpoint in such a brief period of time, but to think what Stephen and Brian Wilson were able to create with limited hearing abilities is truly mind blowing.
  13. Sure, it's inspirational, I didn't mean it in any negative way. Perhaps my memory did not serve me correctly here since I thought I remembered reading about his hearing getting worse over the last several years before improving with the help of aids.
  14. At least not in our lifetime. Such an interesting and wonderful period in popular music history. What I would give to be a fly on the wall and witness the creation of a masterpiece such as Pet Sounds or Judy Blue Eyes. In rewatching the trailer, it sounds like Stephen Stills has improved his speech. It's hard for me to be sure about it, but he sounds better. I know he's struggled since losing a lot of his hearing.
  15. This looks great! It comes out May 24th. There is a lot of rock n roll royalty in the 2 minute trailer. Supposedly the final interview with Tom on film, so it made me wonder if it could have been filmed during the three days off the band had between the San Diego and Hollywood dates. His segments appear to have been filmed at Truetone Music in Santa Monica. I've been there a couple times and purchased some used and vintage guitars from them. Anyway....looking forward to seeing this on the big screen! (not sure if this was the right place to post it, apologies if not)
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