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  1. downsouth26

    American Treasure Vinyl w. Lithograph - Record Store Day

    Congrats!! Took me a couple days to track a RSD version down with the litho, but did and couldn't be happier. It looks great next to my SDE. No idea on any production numbers though. Glad you found one, it'll be worth the wait. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. downsouth26

    Tom Petty Christmas Songs

    Appreciate you sharing the find. Merry Christmas!
  3. downsouth26

    Happy Birthday Tom Petty

    Happy Birthday Tom. Miss you....
  4. downsouth26

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    I get what they are trying to do and the sentiment behind it, but maybe it's too soon or they should choose a different song. That heavy sigh from Mike in Tulsa was tough to watch. In the Go Your Own Way clip, did anyone else notice when Neil is on the drum riser he kicks a water bottle and it hits Stevie's leg?
  5. downsouth26

    WTH??? Best of everything 11/9/18??

    My mistake, thanks for the correction.
  6. downsouth26

    WTH??? Best of everything 11/9/18??

    Makes sense. I might just wait for the Target Exclusive edition so I can get the temporary tattoo.
  7. downsouth26

    WTH??? Best of everything 11/9/18??

    You have every right to be. I don't want this cash grab either. I'll buy the two "new" tracks through Amazon, Itunes or 7digital, but that's where it stops for me. The greed is disgusting, and I have to believe Tom would not want any part of this. I'll just save my hard earned money for a Wildflowers, Fillmore, or 40th Anniversary Tour boxset. Any idea why the CD track listing says The Waiting is cut off at 2:19?
  8. downsouth26

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    Thanks for finding the update! I emailed the store about this but haven't heard back yet. My super deluxe box won't arrive for a few more days. Resisting the urge to watch any unboxing videos is tough.
  9. downsouth26

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    Lonesome Dave just put the biggest smile on my face. That laugh at the end 😂 Side note: just received an email with the download link for Live Leg.
  10. downsouth26

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    My God, this is the reason I visit here. You are just a fountain of information!
  11. downsouth26

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    Haha! Thanks for the good laugh, been a long day so far. I have since received my download code for An American Treasure, but still not one for Live Leg, so I'll probably end up emailing the store about it Sunday night. I also noticed that the store is adding TONS of new AAT merch like pins, Christmas ornaments, shirts, etc.
  12. downsouth26

    TPATH'S Final Show

  13. downsouth26

    An American Treasure (2018) - Reviews & Ponderings

    My super deluxe edition should be here on Monday. Really looking forward to it. New TPATHB muisic is exactly what I need. Strange I haven't received any download codes or links yet. Also, I used the Live Nation code to get the download of the Live 'Leg album and for the past few months in my store account it said that Live 'Leg would be released on 9-28-18, but now when I go to check on it, it says unavailable. I'll give it a few days and see what happens before emailing customer service.
  14. downsouth26

    TPATH'S Final Show

    "Oh, I feel a little mojo building up in here!" One year ago. Grateful to have been there.
  15. downsouth26

    TPATH'S Final Show

    Right on, thanks. I didn't know where it came from. I somewhat remember coming across it a whole ago, just not sure where. Figured one of the sisters filmed it.