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  1. Great idea to put the farm on fb. And the poster is a bonus!
  2. AWesome! Thank you for sharin
  3. Swats are what mine got. The older they got talking worked.
  4. Growing up there has always been guns in the house. Still is, living in the country you need them.
  5. I love this 3 day weekend!
  6. What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
  7. The graduation of my oldest from Highschool. It's been a long road.
  8. 1. peace between my son and husband 2. #1 is all I want right now.
  9. Flower

    Let It Snow!

    Great pictures girls! I have to make a path for my Bassett Hound, poor thing gets lost.
  10. TPATh year of the Tornado Indy 200? The power was out and the crowd kept singing.
  11. Dont want to. Hubby can do this.
  12. Yes, but like someone said this will pass....
  13. Happy birthday, Marion. Hope you had a great day!
  14. I got mine tonight! Nov22 My store had 9. BTW I LOVE IT! It's so worth every penny!
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