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  1. Flower

    Mudcrutch Fillmore Poster - Win it in Here

    Great idea to put the farm on fb. And the poster is a bonus!
  2. Flower

    of the Day - 06/25/10

  3. doesnt sound that great----> somebody sucks!
  4. Flower

    Red Rocks Pics!

    AWesome! Thank you for sharin
  5. Flower

    of the Day - 06/03/10

  6. Flower

    of the Day - 05/06/10

    Swats are what mine got. The older they got talking worked.
  7. Flower

    Petty Uses 'Electric Cigarette' Device To Quit Smoking

    I hope he kicks the habit. It can be done, I did it.
  8. Flower

    of the Day - 04/26/10

    Growing up there has always been guns in the house. Still is, living in the country you need them.
  9. Flower

    of the Day - 02/16/10

  10. Flower

    I Love.....

    I love this 3 day weekend!
  11. Flower

    of the day - 1/17/10

    What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
  12. Flower

    Question of the Day - 1/17/10

    The graduation of my oldest from Highschool. It's been a long road.
  13. Flower

    of the Day - 01/10/10

    Nothing today
  14. Flower

    Question of the Day - 01/10/10

    1. peace between my son and husband 2. #1 is all I want right now.
  15. Flower

    Let It Snow!

    Great pictures girls! I have to make a path for my Bassett Hound, poor thing gets lost.