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  1. OK, I listened again and I still think it's a weird anecdote. Dhani Harrison is not so good at telling anecdotes, I must admit - he sort of sounds a little confused. There are two places where I'm not sure exactly what he said - I put a question mark in those two places. Also, I didn't think that the Travellin' Wilbury's ever played live, did they? They seem to have according to this anecdote, which makes me think Dhani Harrison is not really telling it right?! Anyway, here it is: (Dhani Harrison talking on TP Radio, after having played Zombie Zoo) “That was one of my favourite fun songs, Zombie Zoo. That song was banned on this station, by Tom. Because.. apart from on Halloween… ‘cos it was getting too much play. I say, I’m sorry, but that song is coming back and I wanna tell a story about when it was written, in a Deny’s (?) off Sunset, next to the Palladium, late one night, after a show, I imagine, with the Travelling Wilbury’s, where my father tried to ditch them to go and hang out with some goth kids, who seemed to be having a lot more fun than said Wilbury’s. And I think it caused quite a stir. My dad always liked to ‘queer the pitch’ (?), wind people up, even the goth kids. They didn’t know what to think. He was just going to go right ahead and ditch the Travelling’ Wilbury’s for some goth kids. Anyway, that was Tom Petty’s retort to said abandonment by writing the song Zombie Zoo, ‘You look like Boris Karloff, and you don’t even care.”
  2. This is not a transcription but I just listened to it and he said something along the lines of, that George Harrison (or 'my dad' as he calls him) went off with some goths because he was bored (not sure that was the word he used, will have to listen again) with the rest of the Wilbury's in that particular moment, and TP wrote the song in a kind of retaliation. I felt that Dhani was a bit unclear as he told the anecdote so I may not have understood it right, but that was the gist of it as I understood it - probably to be understood tongue in cheek
  3. a) I do like a Frappuccino as a treat b ) No c) Usually black (unless it's a Frappuccino) d) Depending on weather, either hot, or a nice cold-pressed coffee (not boiled, left in fridge overnight, adding ice cubes) e) Not really, but I do have days where I have a cup of green tea or peppermint tea (also sometimes cold-pressed) instead
  4. Not much of a fan of Fleetwood Mac but after reading that MC has joined them for the upcoming tour I saw this documentary and was surprised to see a short comment from Tom. Maybe you've all seen it before but in case you haven't, here's the link (at 1.15):
  5. 'As you were.' Have you been following Liam Gallagher on Twitter lately?
  6. No need to limit your posting. Everyone's entitled to their opinion But I am one of those who thinks that right now is not the time to focus on new releases. I'm sure there'll something at some point - maybe later in the year, maybe next year... - but to be honest, I'm not even interested in new releases right now. I just think it's such a shame that he's no longer here, and personally, I'm glad they're not rushing things out, but taking time to grieve, regroup and think things through (or maybe not thinking about it at all at the moment),
  7. Well, Bowie knew that he was dying, and, assuming that TP didn't know what was going to happen, he/they hadn't planned for that. I imagine that it's a big shock for everyone and that it might take a while to decide how to handle this new situation and what the best thing to do might be.
  8. I don’t have anything to add to this thread other than I wish I was into Tom Petty in the 90s - sadly I was primarily into Blur, Pearl Jam and Nirvana and hip hop - I can’t believe I was so late to the Petty party. But at least I got there in the end Love YWM by the way. EDIT: Not that I wasn’t aware of TP - I certainly remember watching the videos for Free Fallin’ and Into the Great Wide Open and liking the songs, but clearly not enough to buy the albums, explore more and go to the gigs, until the last couple of years. Annoying.
  9. Having looked through some of the previous videos I hope that this video 'qualifies' for this thread
  10. 'It feels that way, it could just be the missing pieces that are the family's business and not ours, but it just does feel off, since there was the small time between the last show and his death. He even gave an interview during that period of time!' I totally agree that essentially none of this is our business. Having said that though, this is a famous person who was in the public domain and who we all cared about (from a distance), so it's not so strange that people might speculate or wonder about things they don't know or don't understand. But in the bigger scheme of things, yes correct, I would never feel I am owed an explanation or to be privy to any personal family secrets,, but that doesn't stop me from thinking something is, to use your word, 'off' about all this. Just not sure what it is and I may never know - and that's ok
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