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  1. Tributes and covers from peers and writers

    I like M. Ward and I saw that he finished his set with Running Down a Dream on his recent tour. I haven't seen any footage or heard him sing it. Has anyone here heard/seen his cover of that song? I would love to hear it.
  2. Swedish radio interview with Tom Petty from 1987

    Would be wonderful if you could, but totally understandable if it's too much of a problem Maybe you can upload it via https://www.plustransfer.com ???
  3. Swedish radio interview with Tom Petty from 1987

    Wow - you have a longer recording of this? So I guess maybe it's not the full interview. Yeah, please do check. Maybe they left out some interesting things
  4. Hi. You may have heard this interview from Swedish radio from 1987 before but I hadn't, so I just thought I'd share. There's some Swedish talk but also plenty of TP talking. It appears that Swedish National Radio re-uploaded the interview after his death - it's called 'Möte med Tom Petty 1987' (A meeting with Tom Petty 1987). Right-click where it says: LADDA NER(30 min, MP3) to download the interview. http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/970074?programid=4918
  5. Photo of the Day Part III

    Cool. I love pictures of him from this era. I know it's superficial, but I like him with that hair
  6. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    It's not like I was ever going to meet him, but I just liked knowing that his spirit was alive somewhere out there, working away in his studio or getting ready for a tour, or coming down after a show, pacing around or whatever.. It's such a shame he's not around anymore. Also, he was one of the last of the dying old-school breed and every time one of those ones dies, the world becomes a slightly less interesting place (in my mind)
  7. Covers of Tom Petty songs

  8. Covers of Tom Petty songs

  9. Covers of Tom Petty songs

  10. Covers of Tom Petty songs

  11. Covers of Tom Petty songs

  12. Dylan covers Petty

    I thought it was a good choice of song. Maybe also ( a bit( symbolic), 'learning to fly'??? I agree with your points Shelter I think another song Dylan might have performed well would have been Time to Move On, but I think Learning to Fly was a good choice. It's not often that Dylan pays tribute to his peers, so this is quite special. For instance, I don't think Dylan paid tribute (in song at least) when Leonard Coen died, even though I would have thought he might.