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  1. Dang! So cool how a moment in time... an experience unrealized in the moment... can be a major building block of who we are today. Goose Bumps !!
  2. Hmmm... that was during the time of my last days at university. So my memory is a big foggy. (just about to start the college hangover) But I do remember the thoughts of FMF being a breath of fresh air. The late 80's was a strange time for music for me. I just went through the Duran Duran (guilty pleasure) MTV days. Classic rock was not classic yet. Some of the staples of the 'soon to be' genre were having in my opinion... uninspired(ing) years (e.g. Rush, AC/DC, Stones, Van Halen was soon to be in shambles even post DLR Hagar years, etc. - of course I know some will argue this is their best work ) We didn't have the Internet, or streaming, so it wasn't like now where you listen to Buried Treasure and think... Wow! I forgot how good T-Bone Walker is, I think I'll check out his entire catalog. Where there's a will, there's a way... and I still have thousands of vinyl records as I explored and discovered... but it was a much different journey back then. No better, no worse... just different. 1989 was still in the years of Poison, Motley Crue and the hair metal bands (I did listen to my fair share... I admit), the introduction of Gn'R, the up-and-coming years of Debbie Gibson, boy bands, teen-pop and the transition from 80's 'rap' music to 90's hip hop. None of that is bad, as that's the great thing about music... it speaks to different people differently. But for me, many of those transitions just drove me back to the bands I loved in junior high and high school... Led Zeppelin, early Rush, The Cult. I even went back to Damn the Torpedoes for TPatH music, and although I love those records now, I did not have an in-the-moment appreciation of his late 80's catalog. FMF to me was something new/fresh, yet it was still rock and roll. I liked I could drink my wine coolers, shoot pool, talk with friends... and still enjoy great music without having to shout over some over-the-top guitar solo or thumping hip hop beat. It's a soundtrack to my life back then... and whenever I hear a track from FMF, it takes me back to the day and I think of drinking, smoking and throwing darts. (all good things!) And I think that was true for many of my friends too. FMF introduced (and re-introduced) many to Tom's back catalog that was already extensive at that time... and I feel helped propel him for the big things to come... ItGWO, Greatest Hits... Wildflowers... and the catalog continues. So, at least that's how I (hazily) remember it. If I could just find my Rubik's cube, Montgomery Ward boom box and neon color tank top I'd be set!!
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