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  1. This is one of my favorites. It's a pity this tour isn't on dvd.
  2. I agree. We don't seem to breed them like this anymore.
  3. "For me, his best solo on record is from Running Down A Dream that feels like you're racing down a road of infinite potential and builds to a wonderful climax. " Which one do you like the best?
  4. Tom nailed it with that description of Mike in his intro. He's underrated and a great guitarist. His playing is emotional. Not many guitar players can do that. At least not to me.
  5. Sounds a bit like me. I always liked his music. It was always there as we are contemporaries and his music was always in the background since the seventies. Then something tragic happened in my life about fourteen months ago and I found myself all alone having to handle something very traumatic all by myself with absolutely no human being to lean on for emotional support. That's where Tom and Mike came in. I started watching concert videos. I owe them a lot. When he died eight months later, I was devastated.
  6. Mine too. I don't remember the song getting much airplay when the album came out, but it got enough for me to run out and buy the album back then. Straight Into Darkness is one of many Tom songs that bring tears to my eyes. It may very well be my favorite one too.
  7. His smile just pierced my heart in this video. Oh Tom, why did you have to leave us????
  8. Lorra

    My Husband

    And how are you holding up?
  9. Lorra

    My Husband

    Marion, how is he doing?
  10. Someone already mentioned A Face In The Crowd, but that song gets my vote too.
  11. What's done is done. All the speculation in the world isn't going to bring Tom back. We'll never know why Tom did or didn't do what he did or didn't do. I just feel sorry for his family who have to learn to live with the loss of him. It's not easy. Having said that, I still would like to know how he injured his hip. Does anyone here know?
  12. I believe her when she said her heart will never get over this. When you get older, you just don't recover from emotional trauma and setbacks the way you did when you were young. Stevie is pretty resilient, but this might do her in too.
  13. I had a dream about Tom two nights ago. The first and probably the last. I was watching him run through an obstacle course again and again and remember thinking "Good Lord! This man is going to kill himself." Then, I woke up. I wonder what about Tom's life that my subconscious translated into an obstacle course.
  14. I know. All you want to do is get rid of it by any means possible.
  15. I thought of that too after I made my post - he doesn't (didn't ) have the luxury of anonymity. He may have thought he could take care of things himself.
  16. I never for a minute thought he was addicted to these drugs. I just can't understand why, if he was in such pain, he didn't just call 911. Guess we'll never know now the answers. Poor man. He did the best he could. It's just that he went way too soon. His daughter looks just like him.
  17. What happened to the vid? It says it's unavailable.
  18. I think it hurts worse because it ripped open again a wound that hadn't had a chance to heal.
  19. Lorra

    My Husband

    Marion, do you have a pill organizer? Having one helps. I know how you feel. I felt overwhelmed too when I first had to do it. It did get easy over time.
  20. Forgive me if you aren't allowed to post a comment on this thread, but I wanted to say that this thread is great!
  21. I've been waiting for this report for months. Thought the results had come back and the family had decided against releasing the results. I was shocked to read this yesterday. I don't remember reading how he fractured his hip. Does anyone here know? If he was in such pain, why didn't he go to the emergency room? Why didn't he call 911? And what doctor prescribed all those lethal pills for him?
  22. Lorra

    My Husband

    Marion, your husband had the operation a week ago today, came home last night, and he already took that walk? That's wonderful! He will be fine!!
  23. Can't stop listening to him either. Even though I've said this a few times before, I will say it again: I still can't believe he's gone.
  24. That's not really a lot of money considering expenses, but it's nothing to sneeze at. I don't know how they divvied up the money in the band and who got how much of a percentage.
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