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  1. I bought that album back in the day just for this song. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.
  2. Just watched that video. You're right. I never noticed that in any of the last tour videos. I got the impression from that speech that he knew at some level within himself that he may not have long to live. He seemed in awe of his own life and how incredible it had turned out.
  3. We live on a shoe string budget. I simply cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars to go to a concert at this point in my life.
  4. I'm sure this has been posted on here before. I didn't know where to post it, so I'm using this old thread of mine because this brought tears to my eyes too. This is one of my very favorite Tom songs.
  5. If you can get two of those tix, I'll go with you.
  6. Lorra

    Tom Petty

    I never saw this before. Thank you for posting it. He had quite the sense of humor. Was all of that improvised while he was cruising in the car? Love that Breakdown video. I don't know why more bands never engaged their fans like that. There was nothing like the old band line-up. Poor Howie.
  7. I'd love to go see them if they came to my area for one reason and one reason only - just to see Mike and watch him play that guitar in person. But I think I've already mentioned on here what I think about the cost of concert tickets these days.
  8. I do wonder why he's doing this. I don't think his petty cash box is collecting cobwebs or that the taxman is at his door, so it can't be because he needs the money. Maybe he thinks it's something Tom would have wanted him to do. Who knows. Seems kind of silly to fire Lyndsey at this late stage of the game though. I mean, how many more years can the band possibly have left? Any one of them can kick the bucket at any time. Isn't Stevie around 70? Touring is very stressful, and none of them are spring chickens anymore.
  9. I don't think I like this too much. Mike's better than that. It's not that I didn't really like FM at one time, it's just that I really do think that Mike is way better than being a second fiddle in FM. Wonder if Stevie had anything to do with this turn of events.
  10. Let them track me. I have no fear of finite tyrants and dictators.
  11. I'm not on FB. I don't even own a cell phone. I refuse to be enslaved any longer, and I am trying my best to rid myself of what tries to control me, even my emotions. We're all pawns in someone's game and completely dispensable. Useful idiots we are. That's the uncomfortable truth. Often I think, when I watch mostly everyone with their thumbs on their phones doing whatever (it really is very sad), how they don't care what it cost them, no one will give those things up for anyone or anything. They are no different from a drug addict who will steal from their mother for their next fix. Damn the consequences as long as they have what they want.
  12. Please do keep the pictures coming. I'll pop some popcorn.
  13. Got myself a copy of Warren Zanes' Tom bio.
  14. On second thought, I have no business laughing because your mess-up far surpasses anything I would endeavor.
  15. Sorry but I got a chuckle out of that mess-up. Give it another try!
  16. It took awhile for my eyes to decipher that. It's pretty good.
  17. Hoodoo, that's pretty reasonable. You're right that it was worth it too. In retrospect.
  18. Were any of his concerts during the 40th anniversary tour professionally filmed?
  19. I tried to find a good color picture that shows his eyes because Tom had beautiful eyes as well as a beautiful smile. This is the best I could find.
  20. I agree as well. I am really tired of it all.
  21. I used the thing that temporarily removed the extensions. I don't have that many - maybe two. Then, I think I had to uncheck the performance settings. After I did that, I restarted the computer with the extensions and I was able to view the video of the day pages without the browser crashing.
  22. Thank you!!! I think it's fixed now. It's not crashing. That was very kind of you to help me.
  23. It's a wonder he's still alive. He was a wild one.
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