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  1. 22 minutes ago, nobodyinparticular said:

    You don't need to be so damn harsh. Just because he didn't mention Tom doesn't mean he's forgotten him. 

    Wasn't being "damn harsh".  It's too bad you took it that way.  Just stating my opinion.

  2. Just my opinion, but i don't think that mentioning Tom would have been out of place.  Mike was one of Tom's oldest and closest friends. And it's not like Tom died ages ago.  He hasn't even been dead a year.

    I realize that there aren't many guitarists like Mike around, but no matter how hot a property he may be right now, his life is pretty much on the down side.   It's not like Mike is 30 or 40, or even 50.  If he's not yet 70, he's pushing it.  

  3. Not a word about Tom.  He already is part of his past.  I'm always amazed at how some people can do that.

    I'm with you - the heck with Fleetwood Mac. I really don't care. 

    Mike looks good for his age.


  4. Prowlers on property last night, and today I found out that checks mailed were never received and had to go put a stop payment on the checks which cost me more money.

    Maybe the day will improve. 🙁 I can hope.  🤓

  5. "...they seem just about as close to hard rock as they'd ever get in that performance, all attitude yet with that strange psychedelic angle, particularly in Mike's intro. ..."

    I thought the same and couldn't quite put my finger on what other band's sound they reminded me of.  In this song, they reminded of very early 1970's music.  I thought I heard a mellotron and that always reminds me of the Moody Blues.

    It is a very unusual TPATH tune.  You could tell they had yet to find their musical niche.  Thought I heard Mike sounding like Jimmy Plant, but I'm no expert.

  6. 4 hours ago, nurktwin said:


    Live at The Record Plant - Sausalito - 4/22/77


    For the year 1977, this has good sound too. 

    The intro to Fooled Again is something else.    What a song! 

    I really liked the Tom Petty of the seventies.

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