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  1. Gregory18

    Let's Try to Make Southern Accents Great Again

    I absolutely love Magnolia. I listen to it all the time. It's one of Tom's most romantic songs and I love the way he tells the story as if we're watching a movie. It's epic and intimate at the same time. And the backing vocals are amazing. I never understood why there wasn't more love for that song!
  2. Gregory18

    New TPATH Releases

    Thanks for the links, guys! But an album would be nice, a new release. I knew about the video but good luck finding it today! I don't own a VCR anyway...
  3. Gregory18

    New TPATH Releases

    I'd love to have an official release of the True Confessions Tour with Bob Dylan. Maybe one day in Dylan's Bootleg Series...
  4. Gregory18

    "...with a sausage"

    Those games remind me of a game I played on the internet a few years ago when it was first announced that Bob Dylan was going to release a Christmas album. The idea was to come up with the song titles... I came up with these : -A Hard Reindeer's a-Gonna Fall -The Lonesome Death Of Christmas Carol -Just Like a Snowman -Snowin' in the Wind -Girl From the North Pole -One Too Many Christmas Mornings -Sleigh Lady, Sleigh -If You See Her, Say Ho-Ho-Ho -Romance In Bethlehem -With Santa On Our Side -You Wanna Jingle -Desolation Snow -Stuck inside the Chim'ney With the Christmas Blues Again -Reindeer Skin Pill Box Hat -It's Alright Ma, It's Only Rudolph -Ho-ho-house of the Risin’ Sun -Sad Eyed Lady Of the Snowland -All the Tired Reindeers -Shelter From the Snow Storm -Positively North Pole -Santa, Let Me Follow You Down -Claus Line Saga -Trust Your Elf -Eggnog For You -It Ain't Myrrh, Babe
  5. Gregory18

    "...with a sausage"

    The same game can be played with "in my pants". Cool Dry Place in my pants The Damage You've Done in my pants The Devil's Been Busy in my pants Dreams of Flying in my pants Feel a Whole Lot Better in my pants Full Grown Boy in my pants I Don't Wanna Fight in my pants I Need You in my pants I Want You Back Again in my pants Learning to Fly in my pants Letting You Go in my pants Let Yourself Go in my pants Makin' Some Noise in my pants Needles and Pins in my pants Since You Said You Loved Me in my pants Something Big in my pants Something Good Coming in my pants Think About Me in my pants You Don't Know How it Feels in my pants etc.
  6. Hi everybody, I was just watching the 1986 legal thriller / comedy "Legal Eagles", directed by Ivan Reitman, starring Robert Redford, Debra Winger and Daryl Hannah. Not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but still entertaining. At one point in the film, Redford's teenage daughter is about to leave the apartment and Redford hands her out her briefcase. It's a big school briefcase with the cover of "Damn the Torpedoes" on the front. I'd never seen such merchandising before. And I was wondering about that. A big Tom Petty album cover on a child's briefcase? I didn't even have any idea that this existed. Or maybe the kid had cut out the cover of the album and pasted it on a regular briefcase? Not sure about that, just a theory... (It's a "blink and you'll miss it" moment in the film...) Still, cool kid! Has anybody seen other weird or rare TP-related items?
  7. Gregory18

    Hi I'm new.....

    Tom was a giant but a very discreet and humble giant. When he passed away last year, I told many of my friends how sad I was. I live in Europe (in Belgium) but still... a lot of them had no idea who Tom Petty was. Bowie, Prince... of course. But Tom? Not a clue. I need better friends. In a way, I envy you, MaryJane0612. There's a whole world out there for you to discover.
  8. Gregory18

    The new guy is touring with Dire Straights Legacy

    As I understand, it's not "4 founding members without Mark Knopfler", it's 1 founding member (Alan Clark on keyboards) with various touring musicians.
  9. Gregory18

    I Feel Like A Forgotten Song

    No love for Magnolia? I love that song. It's so simple and so romantic...
  10. Gregory18

    New interview with Benmont

    Incredible interview. You feel the love and admiration Benmont has for all his bandmates, especially Stan and Howie. I love the "Elvis in Bondage" story. 🤣 I was shocked to hear about Benmont's cancer scare, but he seems to be ok. And hopefully will be for a long long time.
  11. Gregory18

    23 Things You Might Not Know About Tom Petty

    6- Tom Petty was best known as the legendary frontman of the band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. That one I knew. Actually, I knew them all. Did he really took guitar lessons from Don Felder, though?
  12. Gregory18

    What do you think of Hypnotic Eye four years later?

    I just love it. It's high on my list of their all-time best albums. It's actually one of TP's albums that I've listened to the most. With Mudcrutch 2. His last two albums are two of my favorites. Tom really went out on top. I'm a 40 year old man dancing and jumping like an idiot on Fault Lines... When Hypnotic Eye was released, I just couldn't stop playing it. Every day. That did not happen with Mojo.
  13. Gregory18

    On 1993’s Greatest Hits

    Greatest Hits was my first TP album too. And I still can't tell if that's really Stan on the front cover. I was 16 in 1993, that's when I really started to get interested in music. At that time, I was a huge Beach Boys and Doors fan. Still am. About a year after Greatest Hits' release, I had bought all of Tom's back catalogue. Including Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 1 & 3 who became my all-time favorites. It's really funny now, to think that I became interested in Bob Dylan thanks to the Traveling Wilburys... So, after buying Tom's back catalogue, Bob was next. It took me a while longer to buy all of his albums... Then around 1998, I bought a Frank Zappa Greatest Hits because I thought he was funny on the cover. And I never looked back. 20 years later, I've finally collected Zappa's entire (official) catalogue...
  14. Gregory18

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    Yes. We're not on a Beach Boys forum here. We're polite, friendly and respectful. I've been to the Smiley Smile forum a few times... and God are those Beach Boys fans, the pro-Wilsons vs. the pro-Love, savage, cruel and scary.
  15. Gregory18

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    I wonder if Tom ever asked Ringo Starr to join the Heartbreakers! That would have been amazing... 😜