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  1. johni

    RIP Mom

    Hi Benny, sorry to hear your news. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  2. Happy Christmas to all - and here's to a music-filled 2013!
  3. Have a great time, Benny. Good luck in getting an autograph, picture or whatever!!
  4. Great to meet you too Amanda. Wasn't that a special night??
  5. Thanks, Marion. For some reason I had never got around to buying the Wall of Questions album, and never one to say no to a bargain, I have now bought it. Isn't it good!!!
  6. johni

    RAH 2012

    Marion, I didn't see any evidence of filming at the RAH - a missed opportunity I think. I did see the guy who I guess takes the stills for the Tom Petty dot com website! No recordings yet - been checking the sites on a regular basis but no luck so far! I did take some pics, but not many (and they are blurred!) - I was enjoying the shows too much!!
  7. What was shown on the Sky Arts channel last night - the 30 min / 6 songs - is now on Dime. I'm downloading now.
  8. I love that version! The more distortion the better!! Of course, Billy and ZZ played with Tom and the Heartbreakers during the 2010 Tour, and one of the songs in Tom's setlist was Oh Well. Clearly Billy was inspired ...
  9. johni

    Horsens, DK

    Excellent photographs!! Thank you for posting! Any more??
  10. johni

    RAH 2012

    Hi Simon - yes he did! The setlist was the same (if memory serves) as the Monday show, with Stevie coming on after the band introductions to sing / play Can't Find My Way Home and Gimme Some Lovin' with the band. Excellent! Other than that, another really magical concert - the RAH is such a stunning venue! The acoustics are brilliant - you can hear all the details within the overall sound, if that makes sense! This time, I was in the Circle - you could get higher in the venue, but not by much! Extend your thumb straight out in front of you and Tom was almost 3 thumbnail widths tall from where I was! But the view was great - seeing the show as a whole, in contrast to Monday. Special mentions for Something Good Coming - that song has really grown on me live; I Should Have Known It, the headbanging version - Mike is just awesome on it: Learning To Fly - a great crowd singalong; and Running Down A Dream - just cos it's probably my favourite Heartbreaker song at the moment! Before the show, I had met up with Beth / WildflowerNJ and her sister, Karin, and Amanda, and, none of us being too keen to see the support, we hung out outside the stage door. No Heartbreaker sightings, but we did see Steve enter the building, so we had guessed that he might be the special guest! Also saw Patty Boyd (maybe) and Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of Top gear (definitely). At least he's got good taste in music! Pity those two shows are over - they passed so quickly! I really enjoyed them. I think Tom's appearance at the Isle of Wight tomorrow is going to be televised on the Sky Arts channel - hope so!
  11. Thanks, guys. I had a really good day - doing nothing in particular! Feels like a 3 day celebration with my actual birthday bookended by 2 TPATH concerts at the Royal Albert Hall! So cool of the boys to come all this way to play for me!!
  12. johni

    RAH 2012

    Agreed - last night's show was great! The perfect match - Tom and the Heartbreakers in a gorgeous venue with tremendous acoustics. You could see from their expressions that the boys were thrilled to be playing at the RAH! A smaller stage than I guess they are used to these days, and no huge arena lighting rig, just the backdrop of the huge RAH organ! From memory, it was the usual setlist for the European shows with Oh Well in place of I'm A Man and Don't Come Around Here No More in place of YDKHIF. I thought Tom's singing was superb - I mean he usually sings really well live on stage, but last night he had moved up a notch or two! And Mike's guitar work - bliss! I was on the left side (Mike's side) near the front, and Mike was blasting - Oh Well and I Should Have Known It in particular, and he is just unbelievably incredible (as he always is) on Running Down A Dream. Everybody was on top form. Now, how about this! Most of the audience remained seated for almost the whole show!! I mean, they were really into the music, and a few brave souls stood to clap at the end of each song - and then sat down again. I put this down to British politeness! The stage is not very high above the arena, and the arena is level (not sloping up) back to the mixing desk. So if the crowd in the arena seats stands, it kinda blocks out any kind of view for those behind the first few rows. The crowd did stand for the last few songs and the encore - and I at over 6ft tall could hardly see from the 6th row! I have to say that anywhere other than the arena seats the view is great, standing or not! A break today - the Dalai Lama had booked the RAH - and then I get to do it all again tomorrow! Yay!! God, I love this band!
  13. johni

    RAH 2012

    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and the Royal Albert Hall - a match made in heaven!! I couldn't miss that, could I? Festival appearances I can pass on (I'm sure they will be on TV anyway), but not two shows in this iconic venue! So I went through the stresses of trying to buy tickets this week. For the show on 20th, I didn't find out that the tickets were on sale at 9am in the pre-sale until 10am! Thanks Fanfire! I got one - but way up in the gods! Can't get much higher up!! But all seats are good seats in the RAH. Better luck in the pre-sale for the 18th - 9th row. Happy with that! Tried again on the public sale but nothing came up. Isn't it great that both shows were sold out on the day? Come on Tom - another show or two please! I do hope there is no support act - just "An Evening with ..." just like they did back in 1999 when they played some real deep tracks. So who else is going? Hope my health is up to it, but hey, at least I've got the tickets!!!
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