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  1. ^yeah, I'll get to visit the New England states, finally! LOL. Thanks, you all, for the well wishes! I appreciate it very much.
  2. Thanks, Barb! Hope to see you at SoHo.
  3. I'm getting married on June 20th. John moved to DC in October for a fantastic job opportunity, so that's where we will be living!
  4. It'll be my last DK's gig before moving to DC
  5. Anyone else going to this? I got my ticket last night.
  6. Ben, you gotta come to AZ! Today was sunny & 83 degrees in Phoenix.
  7. Hmm...was thinking of going, but now...maybe not.
  8. Good luck, Amy! I'll be sitting this tour out (just like the last one), unless they have a 2nd leg & come to Phoenix.
  9. Nothing close to me...not happy.
  10. Pork Roast, mashed taters, gravy, corn and salad!
  11. If I had a garden, I would grow flowers!
  12. I saw Lance and Peter...are there others?
  13. Hoping to get to these two gigs!
  14. Happy Birthday, Ryan! Hope it's been an awesome day!
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