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  1. that is so amazingly awesome!! hope it stays up a few weeks at least. Probably the first time I've owned a copy of the number one in a few years too LOL.
  2. not sure how long this will be up, but I just got home from being without internet in NH for a few days so I was very happy to see the show is still up at TP. I jumped ahead to the end with Mike and Ben. 💘 too bad the Sidebreakers did not join them. https://www.tompetty.com/festival-splash?ref=Typed/Bookmarked
  3. got this email a short while ago: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2020 The mystery is over – announcing the 2020 virtual lineup featuring a very special performance by Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench, Chris Stapleton, Foo Fighters, Flaming Lips, Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones, Brandi Carlie, Dhani Harrison, Lukas Nelson, Margo Price and many, many more. WATCH the live stream on TomPetty.com from 7pm - 9pm EST LISTEN on Tom Petty Radio Sirius XM from 4:30pm - 7pm EST For first time ever, the Petty Estate is working alongside fans and engaging with the music community to celebrate and pay tribute to Tom Petty. In 2017, the first annual Tom Petty Birthday Bash debuted in Tom’s hometown of Gainesville, FL. Fans gathered for the free, six-hour show of all Petty tunes, performed in the legendary musician’s honor. The celebration has grown into a fully-fledged music festival featuring local as well as national acts, with fans traveling across the country to celebrate the life and legacy of Tom Petty. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s special Tom Petty Birthday Bash, honoring what would have been his 70th birthday (today), will be held virtually on Friday, October 23 with 5 hours of performances, testimonials and tributes to Tom from friends and fans including Stevie Nicks, Chris Stapleton, Post Malone, Foo Fighters, The Killers, Norah Jones, The Raconteurs, Jason Isbell, a very special performance by Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench and many more. Jason and Sarah Hedges, Tom Petty Birthday Bash founders and Gainesville natives will be kicking the festival off on Sirius XM Tom Petty Radio channel 31 at 4:30 p.m. ET. Emerging and local artists will cover deep cuts curated by the duo. Bash alumni like, Low Cut Connie, Edan Archer, Hannah Harber, The High Divers, Heavy Petty, Jake Thistle and more will be featured. Along with bands they dig like, Larkin Poe, Starcrawler, and Emma Swift. Following will be Sirius XM hosts, David Frick and Mark Felsot with guest performances and interviews by Grace Potter, Jason Isbell, The Killers and more. The Petty estate will then join forces with Amazon Music and livestream their concert event on Amazon Music’s Twitch Channel and TomPetty.com at 7:00p.m Tom Petty's 70th Birthday Bash is also raising awareness for several nonprofits including Gsinesville's UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine program where professional musicians bring live music to patients experiencing serious health challenges every day. We believe in the transformative power of music to humanize the hospital experience. DONATE
  4. Looks like a livestream on Tom petty.com and something on SirrisXM as well. Great list of preformers including Mike Ben Susan Hoffs, stevie nicks and many more. https://www.tompetty.com/festival?fbclid=IwAR2xScldCYY1pTV4U66Ba8ENrubrU-8zwI-In1LoF-05h7YHO3ztG_8WvUk
  5. I seem to keep getting errors trying to post on this thread but Tom Petty official is doing a special airing of 400 days on FB live. Anyone know of a sharable copy for this as I have not seen it?
  6. Happy Birthday Tom you are sorely missed!
  7. thanks MJ2LD! I am now the proud owner of a tracking number for a package that will someday be given to UPS. LOL. At least I have a tracking number, so at some point this will arrive at my home. Heading off for a long weekend in Maine tomorrow morning so I'm planning on a digital experience at this point but the images I have seen so far make it look like a very nice package! I rarely get physical media anymore but this is one I will be keeping forever. I think this and the DK album are my only hard copies ordered or purchased since March when the pandemic started...
  8. I read that these albums( minus the fifth disc) will hit streaming services sometime tonight so even if you don't get the download codes from TP.com Apple music and spotify should have them. Enjoy all the rest! I know I will be!
  9. Looks like Lucinda Williams will be doing a paid streaming live show tribute to Tom. The bold part got my attention a little bit, wonder if there is something else happening aside for he announced virtual Tom Petty weekend planned in FL this weekend.... https://www.jambase.com/article/lucinda-williams-lus-jukebox-livestream-series-tom-petty-tribute "lucinda_williams Verified Say hello to the inaugural episode of Lu’s Jukebox, “Runnin’ Down a Dream: A Tribute to Tom Petty”! Now airing on 10/29 (so as not to conflict with an upcoming event, yet to be announced), Lu and band will perform twelve @tompettyofficial songs and even one brand new, original track, written for Tom. ...You just might get some good stories too. This is not to be missed. Grab tickets via the link in our bio!"
  10. not sure this will work but this is todays segment from CBS with Ben Mike and Adria
  11. between TPN on FB and the Hoffman forum I'm getting jealous of the folks that have this in hand! Gonna sit in this thread for a minute and enjoy the quite. Hope you all get yours soon too! those ultra deluxe LP sets look gorgeous! Also word of warning for those not on Hoff if you order the LP there may be a light glue holding the book into the set. Make sure you remove all the LPs before trying to get it out as its somewhat tricky to do so. I'd imagine this goes for the non deluxe 9 lp set too.
  12. still waiting for my shipping notice. Looks like I will be streaming this weekend instead of listening to the CDs.
  13. one more week!!! So looking forward to this. Wonder when my physical CDs will arrive in MA. Looking forward to reading the liner notes book for this one for sure! I will definately be listening to this on my phone come next week!!
  14. somehow brings this to mind...
  15. I know nothing, nothing nothing....
  16. https://americansongwriter.com/reflections-on-hearing-the-audible-version-of-conversations-with-tom-petty/ looks like there is now an audio version (audible) of the book but sadly its not the raw interviews of Tom and Paul.
  17. @Tom what do you know about McCool over at Hoffman? he is obviously connected and knows alot but I can't figure out if he is just a superfan or worked for TP etc. I'm pretty disappointed in the fanclub as well. Was hoping to see an uptick there but its still quieter than here.
  18. the site was set to close down at the end of July or so, when we discovered All the Rest was coming out as well as Reckless Abandon it seems Ryan had a change of heart and kept things open in reduced form. As yet he has not said how long we are operating like this before things go dark...
  19. was not sure to stick this here or the Dirty Knobs thread but at any rate here is a new interview with Mike mostly covering DK stuff. Nothing about Wildflowers but a litte FM. Enjoy! https://www.guitarworld.com/features/mike-campbell-the-dirty-knobs-are-all-about-having-fun-at-least-95-of-the-solos-were-recorded-live-on-the-floor
  20. yeah, another track is coming out Wed on Sirius and then should be out on streamers on Friday or so... seems like a lot of pre-release tracks to me, too many at this point so I want to avoid spoilers as much as I can going forward. Its been a dream for 5 years or so and its too close to be getting bits and pieces so close to the release date... I need something to look forward to these days.
  21. Anyone listen to the Rick Rubin special on TPR last night? Have not heard too much about the special but it seems like there will be a few of these shows. I'm avoiding unboxing videos and new tracks until 10/16. I've waited this long and want to hear things properly for the first time.
  22. OMG Did Ron actually pick up a quarter from the stage?? that is hysterical. I might try and watch this show on youtube again soon. Thanks for sharing the pictures such a shame these shows are no more....
  23. I find it very interesting they show a 25 track list different from what is being released that has the JJ Cale tune alluded to in one of the articles but they cant find the original mix??? 1. Time to move on 2. Its good to be king 3. Leave Virginia Alone 4. House in the woods 5. Its only a broken heart 6. Higher place 7. Hard on me 8. Hard to find a friend 9. Hung up and overdue 10. Wildflowers 11. Climb that hill 12. Honey Bee 13. Lonesome Dave 14. Cabin Down below 15. Crawling back to you 16. You don’t know how it feels 17. 13 days 18. Girl on LSD 19. Don’t fade on me 20. Something could happen 21. Hope you never 22. Confusion wheel 23. Wake up time 24. You wreck me 25. California PS guess what playlist I will listen to on 10/16...
  24. I can't believe we are creeping up on the third year already. Hardly seems possible.
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