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  1. I think I donated my cassette when I went over to CDs ages ago. Who knew they would make a comeback in the roaring 20s? Only had a handful of albums back in the day. Still have my Doors and Eddie Money plus Asia and Foreigner. Sadly no original TP as I began collecting Cassettes in the early 80s and was on the vinyl is dead team. Now I am trading my CDs for LPs as I appear to have become a hipster in my old age. it does sound better despite the tinnitus.
  2. I went with Southern Comfort where I come from. The yankees call it dumb but Im not from NY. (Hurricane eye, snicker snort... 🤣🤣)
  3. Mike is doing a tour he is almost certainly doing for the fans as he could hit larger venues and sell more tix. Its my way of giving back for all he does for the animals. I love dogs and MC does a lot for them. I'm blessed to be in a position to be able to 'give back' to the community so why not as I have the time? 😎
  4. It belongs on the b-side of You don't know how it feels. or an "out takes and alternate takes' bonus disc, Girl on LSD has no place on the final cut.
  5. great album! Cant belive its older than me! never really considered when it was recorded but Id have guessed mid 70s listened to it a lot as a young teen...
  6. took me a minute as I was focusing on the song. Great tune! Love me some Muddy!
  7. I don't know how many people will get this present but I am somewhat speechless. I had a package waiting for me from WB when I got home this afternoon. At first I thought it may be my DK shirts which I ordered and got shipping notification on. I could not have been more surprised by the contents especially given my recent frustrations with the TP store on his website. I ordered my wife 2 or 3 shirts for xmas. One arrived in November when I placed the order. Last Sunday I got an email from WB saying the final items in my order were backordered and I would get a credit for thoses items. I was miffed as it was a T shirt and why the heck can you not get that straight. I was fairly sure it was the Gator logo TP shirt which looked pretty cool. I tried to look at the order but there were zero details showing itemized orders in the cart, or on the my account page. I was miffed but over it as its a T shirt so NBD. very oddly the following Monday I received a t shirt in the mail that was not the Gator logo for my wife so now I was baffled as I would not have ordered her 3 shirts. So by now like Brad pit in Se7en kept saying "whats in the box????" So there was this nice note: and a cornucopia of nice merch as seen below... sort of stunned. Luckily I plan to do a meet and greet for the DK Derry show and planned to do a raffle for Tazzy fund so some of this will go into that as I'm not a huge pin guy. My wife will love the hoodie so its a win for her as well given the missing shirt... Its a very nice gesture and I see it as the ship being righted now that the estate squabbles are over. Edit to add. I did message them a number of times about the forum being down so that may be what is being referenced to in the note but its a little strange as it reads as a form note and I have to think other people got something similar... Strange stuff.... <shrug>
  8. Having dug a little too deep into the legal filings I thing Jane is involved as she does own some of the publishing rights and had a single vote share in the proposed trust that Tom had described in the will. Each daughter and Dana had one vote but Dana was supposed to be in charge of the estate. Sadly we all know the squabble that came with the release of the greatest hits packages the estate pushed. Its clear to me with Adria and Anakim trashing the coffee story the kids did not have as much a hand in the day to day affairs of Dad after they moved out (I can't say became adults as that is obviously not the case with one of the kids but I digress) and I think Jane and Dana were in favor of releasing All the Rest but one of the other egos decided it was better to do a career retrospective rather than fulfil Tom's dream of a proper full treatment of this project. Hopefully the diva BS is over and quality projects like ATR and the Fillmore Box or archive live stuff slowly flows out. I would be ecstatic if they released all 20 nights as stand alone shows over time. Heck I would gladly subscribe to a new service that gave catalog access to live shows as they have nearly all the soundboard stuff form 97 forward.
  9. there is an existing thread already with discussion ongoing... why not continue there?
  10. That will sadly be a little more than a month from now. I dont know how well a show like this would travel but that may add to things with the Shelters opening west coast dates and Jake Thistle or Tom Leadon opening east coast shows and special guests coming on in each city. Susan Tedeschi in MA or wherever the Trucks Band lives, Peter Wolfe cand do the east coast and the spoiled folks from LA can get all the star power in the world there.
  11. you guys need to do a dive into the Petty All star birthday bash. I've shared a few videos here, Ron Blair and Steve were there and it was a line up of all star musicians and it was lovely. Hattie Webb sang a few tunes, Ron Blair sang a few, STEVE sang a song. It was a lovely and moving tribute that I would see again. Lots of people I had somewhat heard about had also played along with a son of Wilburys (Roys son for sure.) I just wish I knew more about the names of some of these folks as it was just a fun night and a fitting tribute. If Mike and Ben got on board... damn... Could be more of a Grateful dead vibe than a somber sad tribute. There were multiple people playing drums and bass so it was more of a festival vibe than a tribute, its just that 99% of the songs were Petty or TW or Mud songs. they did one cover of the FM song Mike now does but aside from that it was all parts from the Petty Shed. I really hope Jeff Slate releases a DVD or streaming version of the show as there were 3 cameras doing professional videography but it seems to be tied up in production and or legal for release... Im sure if Anikim smells cash she will fight to see it released. 😣 it was a party in short...
  12. I found it on Mikes IG and immensely enjoyed it. Likely cross posted on the DK IG/FB but I was tired and wanted to share. Feel free to move it if a mod wants to. Mike is BA. that is all...
  13. the google is not strong in me tonight so take this with a grain of salt and see if you can follow my addled brain here. Someone on TPN on the FB page shared a IG that was posted by Jane Petty (first wife) and it indicated some convoluted story about Jane mixing "Wildflowers 2" at the moment. It looked like a legit IG post with a picture of Jane. Cant recall if it was 'benyo" or whatever her maiden name was but I dont think it was still Petty. And redford coyboy Really???? Girl on LSD is track 1??? 🤢
  14. lets not forget the track I head on TPR today that I can never rememer the name of that has the "my middle name is richard" drumkin country anthem too! I think its also on the same playback disc as the country version of Damage you've done.
  15. Hidden track on a seperate CD only available by mail order, with a coupon required for purchase... Best I can do with that track in all seriousness would be a track of at least 10 minutes of quite and then this song comes on so you only hear it if you forget to turn the cd player off... some other artist did something along those lines back in the 90s so it would be in keeping with the ERROR. err era. whoops, forgot what I had posted above. I would put Girl on LSD right up there with I'm stupid, or the iguana song.... a farcical track not intended for commercial release but a way to blow off steam very much in keeping with the "country version" of the Damage you've done off of playback. I was thinking we were in the Mojo re-tracking thread when I made my first reply... .
  16. I would consider something like "Echo" a mature song. It goes a bit deeper introspectively. Crawling Back to you (CBTY) is also one that is considered 'deeper' and more profound or contemplative. If you look at the album as a whole, Honey Bee, you wreck me are somewhat juvenile or light but the contrast of Wildflowers and CBTY bring a balance to the lighter tracks and the album simply works at a lot of levels depending on your mood.
  17. I would think maybe adding the two covers he released of Help Me and Little Red Rooster may help replace a weker track or two. Honestly for me First Flash of Freedom (FFOF) sounded like a cover song when he played it live and was the best time to go for a bathroom break. As I never liked the album until recently, I am just now getting to know it. I did not realize FFOF was an orignal track and thought it to be some obscure cover song as I could not get into the album before seeing them live (I got two copies as I bought tix through TM). I'm still ambivalent about FFOF and Don't pull me over. Going to listen to the arrangement above a few times and will share my thoughts although I did add Help me to the end.
  18. that would make you very American. I truly do not understand people these days watching videos on the phone without earbuds.. clearly some people were raised by wild boars. I yell at my youngest when she walks around the house in hopes she will not do it outside the house....
  19. I love when you can combine fun stuff into one trip! Have fun at the game and enjoy the show!! I may have to hit the Troubadour just to say I've been when I go to LA in April. I missed going into the Whiskey a go go last time as it was closed and I was overscheduled between the two Petty tributes, Disney and the price is right tapings. this time the kids are coming so I hope to still get out to see some night life even if my wife has to sleep while I make some rounds... Anyone know if they offer tours of the Hollywood bowl or the other large amphitheater in the hollywood hills near the observatory? I plan to try and do a pilgrimage there next time as well.
  20. here is another one from the same guy. He seems to have really good taste in music. Sadly he missed the first few seconds on this one...
  21. how I did not fall in love with this song on first listen is beyond me...
  22. are you sure you are not Canadian Ruth?? 😎
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