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  1. Hoodoo Man

    38 CD Disk Set!!!!

    OMG, I'm surprised and at the same time not surprised they sold out of this. I would guess the folks that were there (or at least claimed to be) would have the disposable income to drop $800 bucks on something like this. That said if The Hearbreakres released a 38 disc set of the Fillmore shows I would be in line to pony up for it even though I have the bulk of the bootlegs.... well just because its Tom.. that said there are greatest hits type sets I still don't own and have no plans to buy...
  2. Hoodoo Man

    F Mac in Austealia & NZ 2019

    I'm truly glad to hear you enjoyed the show! I think us Americans really took for granted how amazing he and the Heartbreakers were and how lucky we were that they would play somewhere like Boston and then hit Connecticut and do multiple stops in NY. I was blessed to catch the Heartbreakers twice last tour and still haven't found my way to a "big show" since then tending toward much more intimate venues. I don't think I could handle seeing another band cover Free Falling. 😕
  3. Hoodoo Man

    Echo in the Canyon

    good news this is coming to DVD September 10th (and streaming some time before that.) the DVD seems pretty reasonable at 13.19 on Amazon at the moment. Bluray is a little spendier at 22.99... probably order the Blu soon...
  4. Hoodoo Man

    Farm Aid 1985 & 1986

    Spike has long been one of my favorite songs and despite having seen Tom over 10 times since 87 he never played it live on a tour I saw.
  5. Hoodoo Man

    Rock the dogs Mike Campbell Stage used guitar straps

    So the above guitar strap went for $1325! Wow, a few others went for less but were not as easily identifiable as Mikes stuff. I was lucky enough to win one of the sets of Mike's guitar pics that appear to be used to play guitar. Nothing indicates they are stage played etc but they do show more wear than 'new in box.' Cant wait for them to arrive! They are still a few auctions open, one is somewhat incredible; Marcie Campbell's Mike stage played 40th anniversary bracelet. 😎 2 days left and its over 900 already!
  6. Hoodoo Man

    New news on Learning to Fly video? Extras etc.?

    @Skyfreighter have you read Warren Zanes Bio of Tom or Zollos conversations with Tom Petty (its being re-released with new sections this fall)? I don't know that either book delves into the video but they offer some interesting insight into Tom's life and music and as you seem to be more than a casual fan are very worthwhile reads. More related to what you are originally asking Running Down a Dream offers some insight into the music making as well and IIRC that is where Tom revealed (to me at least who was unaware of this) that the Band not the record label had to cover the cost of making music videos. Kind of blows my mind thinking of some of the epic vids Tom made and the fact he wasn't a fan of the media. I think its safe to say the post-apocalyptic mad max video for You Got Lucky was what really pulled me into the Hearbreaker's orbit....
  7. Hoodoo Man

    Sad News

    😎 glad to see you back in and in recovery mode!!
  8. Saw this in the news this weekend! Looks like Tom is getting a historical marker installed near Tom Petty Park at the Gathering in Gainesville this October! Nice to see him get some more recognition in his hometown! Too bad they didn't rename a section of 441 in his honor as well as they had considered doing according to another article I read .... https://bestclassicbands.com/tom-petty-historical-marker-8-4-199/ the first hidden comment is an article about the plack and the second is a press release from earlier this year. Its funny as the press release seems to suggest several things that have already happened.
  9. Hoodoo Man

    Official Tom Petty forum down?

    It was active a week or so ago. I suspect they are doing some kind of board maintenance as I cant log in at present. It happens from time to time over there and traffic is VERY slow over there. I would expect that they would make an announcement if they were planning to close for good. As long as you were a member in good standing at the end of the 2017 tour they have "Extended membership indefinitely" but are not signing up new members since Tom passed away. they did offer pre-sale on a few shows over the years since 2017 and have promoted both Mike and Ben's solo stuff there with announcements for FM and Ben's solo gigs.
  10. Saw this today on FB and thought some of you kids might be interested... 😎 curious what these will go for but I'm guessing I will be out bid. great cause so thought I'd share.
  11. Hoodoo Man

    Sad News

    hope all went well Nurk! Been thinking of you and hoping for good news!
  12. Hoodoo Man

    Photo of the Day IV: Don't it feel like Heaven

    Another interesting share from Adria. Hopefully you can read the text but this was the intended cover for Into The Great Wide Open but permission was not granted until past the deadline. I like the painting they used better for the cover myself but it appears the kids on the beach in this one were reminiscent of a photo of the girls...
  13. Hoodoo Man

    Lost Universal Master Tapes

    I know right? I've heard the tompetty store is getting really bad about shipping orders....
  14. Hoodoo Man

    Photo of the Day IV: Don't it feel like Heaven

    I'm willing to bet without searching that today is the Anniversary of Tom and Janes wedding as both girls shared this photo today: Babies at the time really. 💕
  15. Hoodoo Man

    Tom Petty time....

    Well, its always Tom Petty time for me as I never seem to get tired of listening to him and the Heartbreakers, so I decided to do a rare (for me anyway) craft project. I had found the Pizzawednesday stickers on etsy and couldn't bring myself to deface a TP record so I found a reproduction American Girl sticker on the site as well, add one clock mechanism from Michael's and some 2 way tape to get the placement of the stickers right and there you have it, my custom Tom Petty Clock, the album was an old LP that was scratched that came from one of my uncles that passed away some random compilation so I didn't feel too bad sacrificing it for the project. I've messaged with Pizzawednesday and they plan to eventually do Howie and Scott as well as the new guy so for now I'm holding off on applying the actual stickers to the record and using the 2 way tape to hold them. I think most of the stickers are still available in the shop if you are inclined to try and make your own. For a while I had Tom, Mike and Ben but when they released Stan it threw the original design off so I got the other era Tom's to help bring it in balance.