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  1. and now back to your regularly schduled program.... stolen from facebook: Its occurred to me that TP&THB can also stand for "toilet paper & the hording bastards..
  2. glad to hear it, and I agree we are in really uncharted territory in modern times. this will be a hell of a book someday when they do the historical analysis on reactions and the effect it had on areas and what failed and what worked... I agree we may be going too far but I wonder if we are not going far enough. If a certain world leader had not claimed understanding and knowledge and clearly had neither we may be in a different place today. As it stands seeing what has happened with Toilet paper, flour and eggs not to mention isopropanol and soap. I fear for society's ability to band together and unite after it clears. My bigger worry is my kids mental health with school canceled for now through May 1st but I know the school year is over as we knew it.
  3. Shelter, this is a novel virus like SARS was about 10 years ago. As a novel or new virus its something that nobody's immune system has seen before and it has a range of outcomes from asymptomatic for people with healthy immune systems, to flu like where the body fights hard for several days before beating it, to the overactive immune response that ends up with the person dying or with permanent lung damage. The flu while it does kill randomly is something that we can at least partially immunize against and even with 300-700K deaths world wide most people can fight it off. I have not researched typical flu and the deaths from that but my guess is the virus is too concentrated for the body to defend itself and an over-reactive immune response. the flu while contagious is not nearly as contagious as the current threat as many people carry natural antibodies against it. Most people 80% was the last number I saw have a mild case and its over or never show symptoms and its over. Without the blood test for antibodies we don't know who has had it and can move freely again. The reason its a big deal is 20% will get sick enough to be hospitalized, anyone on chemo, or with asthma. COPD or other respiratory ailments are at greater risk as are the elderly who have a poor immune system so the 80% put those 20% at a much higher risk. Also we are set up to handle the flu and have staff and respirators to treat anyone with the flu, nurses and docs are vaccinated against it and are less likely to get sick. There is a theory that the level of exposure also influences the severity of immune response so that is why Docs and health care workers need PPE and lack of replacement masks are causing them to use contaminated masks to protect themselves. SARS got out of hand but was not as contagious and it was more easily contained compared to COVOD-19 , interestingly Hong Kong and South Korea were hit hard by SARS and they had the best societal response as well as governmental responses to the current crisis with people in Hong Kong . We have not seen anything like this since the pandemic of 1918 and there initially was a lot not understood about transmission and infection levels as the team that would lead the response from the CDC was disbanded and the WHO had to navigate the response without the CDC support. We should have been leading the fight but instead denied it was coming and acted too slowly to do anything but practice social distancing and let it burn itself out. A major issue is that there is a 7-17 day incubation so anything that happens today will show as sickness in one to two weeks and it can be transmitted when you don't yet know you are sick. so there is a lag time where the measures taken today show a net gain as we are fighting a slow moving target. Its really a total mind bender how not ready we are for something like this when we have had a decade or more of a threat like this coming up again. Also now that the disease is out in the world its a constant threat and will continue to mutate (At last I read there were two mutations already.) Mutations to the current copy can make it worse or milder to non reactive. But the flu shot offered at the local drug store? That will eventually have a COVID component as its here to stay at some level more like than not. Hope that was not too preachy or anything and I hope it explains a little why we need to act now to prevent it from exploding.
  4. tl;dr I cant imagine trying to play that live and remember the lyrics.... 🤪
  5. Mark did mention during his show that he was struggling with the track order and expected criticism and loads of feedback there was a post on the TPN facebook page he made so probably lots of comments there... have been busy around the house and yard so I have not spent too much time on social media lately as its not a fun place given the pandemic.
  6. Just finished side A streaming. Decent choices, Mark indicated he would have included Gainsville if he could but it was from 1999 so is not qualified. I have to say I really love Walking From The Fire.... Side A Southern Accents Don't come Around Here no more Big Boss Man Rebels Walking From the Fire Trailer (Playback version) Side B... Dogs on the run The image of me Spike Apartment song (w Stevie Nicks / Playback version/ Demo) Mary's new car Best of everything (Best of Everything version from 2019) Not a bad effort. I really like the original myself so I don't know if I want to remix it myself. I do with Walking the fire was on the album...
  7. Swinging reonates as does wont back down. but the line : ""and the world got still" really hits home seeing so few cars on the road. Strangely I live on a normally very quite side street, lately we have a ton more foot traffic as its a nice scenic walk up my road. We may need to install a toll...
  8. all of the above are starting indoors in theory these should start maturing between early May and July for the celery. I plan to have a poly house lean to of sorts (think vertical greenhouse on a triangle on racks against the house, when things are big enough to get going outside. Hopefully that gives them a push to grow over the summer. We did have snow today but the 4-5 inches is nearly melted already and there is no ice on the ponds so we had a fairly mild winter and hopefully with the greenhouse of sorts I can extend it some. Frost and ice seem to be gone. I have a few other things to put in later, I think the spinach is premature but went small with that planting and figure I will do a few rounds of lettuce and squash. My family has gone more or less ovo-vegetarian. The other issue I have is we have a dozen full grown chickens so I need to keep them out of the garden with fencing and some kind of roof to keep them out of it. Something to keep me busy as the world burns... I also have a couple of other things to go in like radishes and other varieties of lettuce. I figured Id see what germinates well and go from there for round two. I have an acre or so total to work with so I can go as big as I want or scale it back if things settle in. I should check on when I need to start the pumpkins too.
  9. Firefly was great and deserved to be rebooted beyond Serenity. In this age of endless reboots and revivals I find it shocking this never got a green light...
  10. Just to be clear as I was having trouble editing my post, Lost was good and enjoyable but had a lot of plot holes that become evident on a second watching. I liked it but Battlestar was one of my favorite sci fi shows. Lost in the end really ran aground and floundered with the series ending not redeeming it at all. Way too many unexplained things in the show like the smoke monster. The entire last season was more or less uneven to terrible not sci fi per se but: Although it is ongoing still(to my utter amazement) The walking Dead has got to be the biggest let down of a series I can think of. It went from must watch TV to unwatchable. I essentially abandoned it after Rick left the show. Add Dexter to the list of shows I never finished as well. I loved the series for the first two or so seasons but it just went down the drain quickly. I've read about the seires finale on line and its so terrible I cant believe it was on the air.
  11. So I have been working on ideas for self sustaining food for a little while and bought seeds before going into lock down a few days ago. today I did my first planting indoors of a bunch of stuff. My plan is to do two gardens one in a hot house kind of setup next to the house on my porch in raised beds and a second when its a bit warmer on the ground. Lettuce, squash green zucchini, lettuce mix, green beans romano blush, Cucumber, carrots little finger, onion, Tomato Chadwick cherry, spinach, celery, yellow squash cilantro, pepper mixed (green and red), pole beans, beefsteak tomatoes. Also have some red and russet potatoes to be cut and planted and a few sets of mushrooms to grow from amazon. got the bulk of my seeds from Agway using Hart and Livingston brands. So in addition to being chief Jeff, I hope to show a green thumb and be farmer Jeff... Pics to follow.
  12. I liked most of Battlestar and don't like the ending / series finale but for reasons different than yours. The backstory parts of the finale felt like filler, there was no need to get into so many backstories for Adama/Roslyn and Gyus Kara and Lee and so on. The angel bit was a stretch but the overall arc of the series was good. The final battle scenes and the resolution with the Cylons was well done in my opinion. One of my favorite sci fi series. as for Lost I was recently stunned to find out they were not all dead on the island and the only time we actually see them when they are truly dead is in the last minutes in the church. Someone on another forum shared a 5-10 year old interview with the creative team in which they clumsily explain that. I can search for it if you like.
  13. I actually made a few of Alice's dishes and they came out great fwiw.
  14. Ben posted this great video of Johnny B Goode last night on IG and it made me wonder why we don't have a thread for him. so here it is! Benmont Tench III also his wife Alice Carbondale Tench is quite lovely and a decent cook with a fun weekly show. She is not an expert but she is very entertaining and fun to watch. (When I say not an expert I only mean I don't think she has trained as a chef but has great recipes and talent.) Give them both a follow if you like. I love how he gets the phone to topple and the footage after that.
  15. trying really hard to ignore the fact that this is the weekend A) the album dropped and b) I would have seen the DK twice by now with more shows to come. One of the rescheduled dates is now on my Wifes Bday at a venue I only got one ticket for that is a three hour plus ride from home. I'm going to have to give that show up most likely or deal with a very awkward dinner table for a while...
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