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  1. Hoodoo Man

    Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

    New interview with Mike and Benmont about the Best of Everything. Also touches on Mike saying why there hasn't been a tribute show yet. Good read.. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/la-et-ms-tom-petty-best-everything-collection-20190220-story.html?fbclid=IwAR05SlrmqLf0lOiS02lbS_KqssHU7ZsWPC_w06z8pkRu8nubMHyRrOdoc7Y article in the hidden comment below...
  2. Hoodoo Man

    For Real

    Official (if very simple) video released today as well. I am also happy to report in that both For Real and the new version of the Best of Everything are available as single downloads from itunes right now, so this to my mind is a little less of a cash grab....
  3. Hoodoo Man

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    Is there any update on his condition since then? I assume the vocal cord damage is due to being tubed during surgery and is very temporary?
  4. Hoodoo Man

    Fillmore-Feb 2, 1997

    always love me some John Lee Hooker.... Wish Tom had done an album with him and Heartbreakers... 💘
  5. Hoodoo Man

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I think this was one of the last things I bought at Best Buy about 3 years back. I'm really disgusted with their customer service in general. the buzzing is a whirring noise I associate with a laptop on its way out... its a grinding noise that seems come and go. Got a full backup going ongoing with a portable drive.
  6. I would love to see more of these. Would a submission made by Tom be OK? Saw this on FB today. "Drawn and Kissed by TP From Yahoo Celebrity Auction to benefit Elton John's AIDS Foundation"
  7. Hoodoo Man

    Random Thoughts Thread

    my current HDD is on its way out, making a buzzing noise periodically. This computer is slow to boot and open new applications when running so I was hoping the new SDD would help load things quicker. I've gotten about 3 years out of this machine and wouldn't mind a little more time out of it but I don't know if I want to get into cloning this hard drive to another HDD and still have a slow machine... I may do it and give the laptop to my daughter as she only watches netflix and youtube for the most part. Occasional homework using google but not a lot of that....
  8. Hoodoo Man

    Maxwell House

    Its far from the greatest but I don't mind drinking what I have, its cheap enough. Personally I hate starbucks coffee- too bitter for me. I like Dunkin Donuts- born and raised in MA. I will drink the tub or two I have and see if the local GS carries Tom's brand of Coffee Bean but I sort of don't think I will go back to the Green Mountain stuff I had been drinking before. I have noticed its very dependent on measuring the beans accurately with Maxwell... ☕
  9. Hoodoo Man

    Random Thoughts Thread

    thanks Aimee, don't think the is much I can do that doesn't involve something more than I want to do with the machine now. Its a HP m3-u001dx I looked at best buy where I bought it and in the online Q&A HP said it has a SDD slot, some online videos also seemed to indicate there should be a way to use a HDD and SDD at the same time but the real estate for the HDD occupies the same space as the SDD and the factory connector / slot for the SDD isn't there... If it was there I might be willing to shell out the ~$20-30 for the cloning gadget to copy my current OS over to the SDD but at this point I'm guessing I should upgrade to a newer machine with i5 or i7 and a SDD.... only have 500gb and i3 chip in this one and was hoping swapping drives would make it less of a dog. in the pic above you can see the "pins for a SDD" and the hard drive is spun out of position so I could see if the connectors were under the board...
  10. Hoodoo Man

    Random Thoughts Thread

    well, that was disappointing.... the motherboard for my laptop apparently does not have an input for a SSD. Looks like the internet was wrong. from what I can see there is a place to put it, just no connections to slide the board into. ugh.
  11. Hoodoo Man

    Random Thoughts Thread

    well, wish me luck, replacing my ailing HHD on my laptop with a new SSD and cloning the OS. If I disappear for a few days its due to the snowstorm and me needing to replace my computer LOL. Watched the online video for the procedure and HP does not make access to this stuff easy, no access ports and it seems like I will need some glue afterwards to reseat some of the anti friction pads on the bottom of the computer. 🙄
  12. Hoodoo Man

    Let Me Up (the album)

    I could really kick myself sometimes.... After years of keeping that magazine I threw it and a number of others out in a cleaning fit in early 2017. I had plenty of space but decided to pitch a dozen or so magazines with Tom, as well as a couple of David Letterman and one with Letterman and Carson on RS. Stupid, stupid, stupid...
  13. Hoodoo Man

    Maxwell House

    Did you happen to see the show "halt and catch fire" its an fictional AMC show about the computer revolution that uses fake company names to show real events along with some real stuff. they showed the "live stream" on the show LOL... My description sucks but it was a fun show and its on Netflix now..
  14. Hoodoo Man

    Grand Canyon

    these guys are great! There is another video on the forum somewhere and they just released another video. @Joejoe hope you guys make it to Boston someday!
  15. Hoodoo Man

    Maxwell House

    My thinking is its this: https://store.coffeebean.com/house-blend-coffee