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  1. its boggled my mind since we lost Tom that there was not a mix order in mind as he seemed to be actively working on this prior to the final tour. I'm guessing Tom might not have rolled out the home demos we will now get but he must have had some kind of track order and mixes in place if he was approaching folks about a tour. I hope whatever package they release in the end has an nice companion booklet like AAT had and some hint of what Tom had planned is offered...
  2. Amazon now lists the disc drop for November 20th so now its a race for All the Rest and the debut album for TDK. Who knows which will come out first. I suppose this does not bode well for the tour but the dates are still listed on the band website.
  3. Interesting that Turning Point was also an unreleased track...
  4. so some of you that downloaded the song may have noticed it's listed as track 26 home recordings 01, I read over on the Hoff forum the thinking is it may be 25 tracks comprising Wildflowers All the Rest and this is the first of the Home Recordings / Demos... so it sounds to me like we should be seeing some thirty tracks or more. Now we need a release date for the package....
  5. sirius posted some of the interview with Ben. https://blog.siriusxm.com/hear-the-all-new-tom-petty-song-there-goes-angela-dream-away-on-siriusxm/
  6. so is "Dream away" "A Dream come true" or is there more out there than we know??
  7. I was not able to record it but he said Ben does not recall him ever hearing it before. He would have bugged Tom to record it in full if he had. He mentioned it was set in Gainesville FL as the 18th ave was located there and he suspected Tom felt it was too much like a few of the other tracks to include. Did not seem to think there was a specific Angela it referenced and it was very, very early in the writing of the album as it was a 1992 copyright. Is this even listed as one of the "outtakes" known about for the album?
  8. Its lovely. Just listened to the Sirius broadcast. it should be available for free on Tompetty.com very soon and Ben says think of Gainsville when you listen to the song as it to him gives cues about the song. Is it called There goes angela or Dream away? Thanks to Mudcrutch for staying open so we can talk about this!
  9. so it's not just me that was kind of sick to death of Free Fallin?
  10. Its to the point I am beginning to wonder if some of the venues the DK plan to play will exist by the time this virus burns out in the US. That said I'm guessing some of you have seen the "Save our stages" program looking to get congress to send a little love to the independent music venues. I signed up for this and got replies from my congresspeople so it does indeed go to them... #SaveOurStages The time is now to help save our beloved independent music venues. Click here to do your part to keep the music playing. The mission of the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) is to preserve and nurture the ecosystem of independent live music venues and promoters throughout the United States. Today, they are asking music lovers for a final push of letters to Congress -- there won’t be another opportunity. Please help #SaveOurStages now. Act Now
  11. In no specific order American Girl I wont back down Refugee Mary Janes last dance Crawling Back to you Wildflowers Echo Swinging You got lucky Learning to fly those are the first ten I think of as favorites.
  12. looks like we been fooled again. I don't like it.
  13. Its the third and I am still not seeing it.
  14. nothing official, the website seems unstable and the tour dates come and go from it. I can see them listed now for September. The NH show when you go to the boxoffice website says "needs to be rescheduled" and you can not buy tickets. My expectation is we will not see Mike this year as there are too many restrictions to go from state to state with expectations of quarantine etc I don't understand why they don't just pull the plug and move it to 2021. Every other tour I had tix for has already been moved or canceled.
  15. I really like the vibe of this song. They are not aping the band and going for note for note cover but it is still very recognizable as what it is. I actually like how the video was out of focus for a moment or two mid song. Not overly a fan of the cover band concept per se but at least they are not impersonators dressing and trying to look like the band.
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