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  1. I'm a little surprised there isn't a thread here yet. there seems to be an announcement coming today from the official website. Im guessing a book of some sort as it lists the Andy Tennille collection 2018... Any thoughts on this?
  2. Hoodoo Man

    Something BIG happened!!

    very cool! Saw some of this stuff on FB, very kind of you to do the CD for Rock the dogs!
  3. OMG! OMG! I heard Christmas all over again on local radio today for the first time in YEARS! Beyond happy to hear this song!! the Pike a Worcester MA based station!
  4. Randomly came across "running down a dream" on the radio yesterday. Was nice to hear it on the radio and I actually had to go back to it as I was doing my quick run through the pre-sets and it took me a second to realize what I had almost missed. 😄
  5. Hoodoo Man

    The Petty Coat Of Arms

    this just screams for a modern makeover tribute to Tom. Logo in the crest, guitar on the sash and some "Alice" inspired spades from a deck of cards as a starting point. Wish I was a graphic artist sometimes... thanks for sharing!
  6. Hoodoo Man

    American Treasure Vinyl w. Lithograph - Record Store Day

    this is the current black friday release list. There is a Petty album listed. LOL https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialReleases BLACK FRIDAY 2018 > Rockabye Baby! - Lullaby Renditions of Tom Petty ROCKABYE BABY! Lullaby Renditions of Tom Petty DETAILS Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2018 Release Date: 11/23/2018 Format: LP Label: Rockabye Baby Music Quantity: 1000 Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release MORE INFO Rockabye Baby! transforms everyone's favorite artists into instrumental lullabies for babies and kids. Lullaby Renditions of Tom Petty features top hits such as "Runnin' Down a Dream," "I Won't Back Down," and "Free Fallin'" on clear red vinyl. All Rockabye Baby! vinyl is pressed exclusively for Record Store Day in limited quantities - once they're gone, they're gone for good! 1. Refugee 2. Don’t Do Me Like That 3. American Girl 4. The Waiting 5. Don’t Come Around Here No More 6. Free Fallin’ 7. I Won’t Back Down 8. Runnin’ Down a Dream 9. Learning to Fly 10. Into the Great Wide Open 11. Mary Jane’s Last Dance 12. You Don’t Know How it Feels 13. Walls (Circus)
  7. Hoodoo Man

    American Treasure Vinyl w. Lithograph - Record Store Day

    Shelter there is a "black friday record store day" now too and the Tompetty website is indicating this should be available for Friday in store... not on the "normal" record store day that happens in the spring. Now is the perfect time to panic... Also there is a sale going on the TP website today and tomorrow if anyone has been holding out on the deluxe set or has other things they may want from the store. We’re running a special early sale just for Highway Companions. Use code COMPANION20 to get 20% off everything in the store. SHOP NOW Also available at your favorite Indie Retail for Record Store Day’s Black Friday with an exclusive Lithograph, available while supplies last! For more info visit: RecordStoreDay.com WATCH THE UNBOXING VIDEO HERE
  8. Hoodoo Man

    Happy Birthday Marion

    Happy birthday and thank you for all your generosity to the group here! Have a great day and a great year!
  9. Hoodoo Man

    Tom Leadon interview from 10/18

    above is the audio link from an interview with Tom Leadon. WUFT 89.1 / 90.1 Morning Edition host, Glenn Richards, spoke with singer/songwriter/guitarist Tom Leadon. For over an hour, Leadon talked about returning to Gainesville to celebrate the life and music of his childhood friend and former band-mate, Tom Petty, including a deep-dive into the 2007 Mudcrutch reunion. Along with Randall Marsh, Tom Leadon was a founding member of the Gainesville band Mudcrutch with future Heartbreakers Tom Petty and Mike Campbell. Heartbreaker Benmont Tench joined Mudcrutch after Tom Leadon left in 1972, when he moved to Los Angeles where his brother, Bernie Leadon, had recently formed the Eagles. Tom Leadon also played with Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Rivers, and the country-rock band Silver — whose 1976 hit song “Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang” — was featured in the movie and on the soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Leadon lives in Nashville where he works as a professional songwriter and guitar instructor. He will be returning to Gainesville October 19 and 20 with his band, The Bayjacks, performing two shows at Heartwood Soundstage for the Tom Petty Birthday Weekend. They also plan to attend the dedication of Tom Petty Park (formerly Northeast Park) on Saturday afternoon at 1:30. It’s all part of a host of events in Gainesville and Ocala celebrating Tom Petty including the Tom Petty Birthday Bash at Depot Park, the Tom Petty Birthday Concert at Reilly Arts Center, History Bike Gainesville’s Tom Petty Tour, the release of several Tom Petty-inspired beers by local breweries, and more. Thomas Earl Petty: October 20, 1950 – October 2, 2017. A song written to recently departed Tom Petty (2017), by his long-time close friend and band-mate with Mudcrutch and The Epics, Tom Leadon. Mudcrutch, 2016: guitarist Mike Campbell, left, Tom Petty, guitarist Tom Leadon, keyboardist Benmont Tench, and drummer Randall Marsh. (Brian Van Der Brug / Los Angeles Times) Mudcrutch, circa 1971-1972: Tom Leadon, Jim Lenahan, Tom Petty, Randall Marsh, and Mike Campbell; Photo by Red Slater
  10. Hoodoo Man

    Question on Tom Petty Book

    this was posted by Paul Zollo today on TPN! Paul Zollo shared a link. 13 hrs Hey TPN ! it is such a LONG time in coming - but I am here at last to say - YAY! Conversations is officially about to be reborn! You are all mentioned in this press release. Thank you for your love of Tom - of the book - of rock and roll -and friendship forever. || ___________________________ At long last! I am thrilled and honored to announce "Conversations with Tom Petty" = published back in 2005 - is now officially being reborn. It will be published in the fall of 2019. A new edition of the book - with some extra material (including a new expansive opening chapter that takes in Tom's whole career) It will also have all the photos Tom & Dana chose for the original, as well as new photos, including those I took of a very exultant Tom at his last show, 9.25.17 at the Hollywood Bowl. When Tom left us, the book sold out quickly. Suddenly people were selling them for $800 on E-Bay. (My brother volunteered to sell his). The publisher - Omnibus - was in NY but is now in London, but they were keen to do it right away. But Tom and I shared authorship and the copyright - which I was proud to do. So I needed to get the okay of Dana. And to make that happen - just as she made all my interviews with Tom happen - since before the book and after - Mary Klauzer took over- (Mary, with Tony Dimitriades, managed Tom for his entire career- with good reason - they are very great) Mary gently put everything in place. Doing the book, Tom was forever brightened anytime Dana would come in - or if her name was spoken. She really helped him enjoy life in a way he hadn't before.So it is especially heartwarming for me after all this time - and this time missing Tom - to get to give this book a new life with Dana's blessing. Thank you forever Dana York Petty. And giant thanks to all the Tom Petty Nation family of fans and friends - we mentioned you in the press release. So many of you have kindly and patiently written me : Dude - like WHEN ALREADY? And I did not want to wreck the deal! Not easy for me. Thank you all for caring -and for waving Tom & The Heartbreakers flag faithfully for so many years.
  11. Hoodoo Man

    2019 speculation

    Hows this Best New Artist of 2019 Grammy award....
  12. Hoodoo Man

    Let's Try to Make Southern Accents Great Again

    have they ever done a stripped down version of Don't come around here no more? Every live version I've heard has the typical build up and bold sound... I'm wondering if a more subdued version would have fit in southern accents.. or at least take out the sitar... otherwise one might advocate @High Grass Dog's playlist above, remove DCAHNM and drop in Surrender so it finally sees an actual album release and hold DCAHNM for the next album so it gets proper exposure to the universe.
  13. Hoodoo Man

    Dirty Knobs

    you know it kind of bothers me that Tom brought back Mudcrutch but begrudged Mike having the DK..... Don't get me wrong I love the two mudcrutch albums that they released and one of my favorite shows of all times was seeing Mudcrutch at the HOB Boston, its not like I was going to get a chance to see TP in a club around boston again otherwise..... I'd really love to see the DK have some success and I didnt realize Ron and the new guys were part of the DK before... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zmvt7yFTtt8
  14. Hoodoo Man

    Let's Try to Make Southern Accents Great Again

    You almost need to drop Don't come around here no more.... listening to this tracking now and it's jarring how out of place the horns are on that song with this track list. I really like the song too, but I also like Marys car as I always found it a simple sweet song, almost like background noise....
  15. Hoodoo Man

    Tom Petty called...

    I think you found the perfect opening act for the Dirty Knobs national tour... I don't have spotify and there is very little on youtube so i made a rare blind buy on iTunes and its a pretty darn good vibe to the album! Not a bad investment for under $9....