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  1. I definitely have a sweet tooth, but after dinner I'm too full. I voted Other.
  2. We're waiting for a plumber to fix a big leak in the kitchen. It was intermittent before Hurricane Irene, but has gotten much worse. I'm mainly relaxing. The sumatriptan (generic Imitrex) worked on my migraine, but I'm wiped out. I may yet try to get on the stationary bike. Getting my heart rate up for 15 minutes a day keeps my anxiety at bay. I'm loathe to skip a day and possibly get sick. Nap and work. Five days a week; that doesn't change.
  3. We've always had fake ones. Dad was always afraid of a real one catching fire. At this point, we don't bother unless we know someone's coming to the house. I despise the hassle of putting up a tree. I got a little one from a friend at work a couple years back, but we've yet to put it up.
  4. There're so many, but the LAST thing? Two loads of laundry. I'm sick today with a migraine and its hangover, but I'll either have to finish the loads, or reboot them so that they last 'til tomorrow without rotting.
  5. The last thing I heard was a live version of 'Freebird', lol!
  6. ^I like that poster, but I have no interest in going.
  7. Plastic ShopRite bags to go back to the store for recycling.
  8. No, but hubby does. He keeps trying to quit, but hasn't succeeded so far.
  9. I drive 'til I drop, so music, a pillow, and a blanket.
  10. I just heard a live version of The Kinks' 'Demon Alcohol'.
  11. Hamburger, the way hubby makes it. Cheese, medium rare, just on a little plate, no bun.
  12. Cool down. I just got off the stationary bike. I need to pump up the tires on my bikes. Cat boxes and garbage. Some laundry. Nap, then go to work.
  13. I just bought the MP3 soundtrack to 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice'. I'm trying to get away from soundtracks, but, of course, THAT one sucked me in.
  14. I hate, hate, HATE that I had a dream that Tom had died. I came on here so fast this morning when I woke up. However, I'm still troubled by it. He'll be 61 next month, and in the dream, he was 62. I sure hope it's not prophetic. At least it wasn't anything traumatic.:085: Take care of yourself, Tom!
  15. Well, I certainly think that they are quite a bit older than him, but maybe I'm wrong. And Tom's hair has been so light, it's often looked white on stage, so maybe he's going in the opposite direction?
  16. Clip and file fingernails. Ride stationary bike for 15 minutes. Take a shower. Go to Charlie Brown's for a Prime Rib dinner. Our fourth anniversary is tomorrow, but we're busy and still going to work, so we're just doing a little something today.
  17. Yeah, I was in for about four days when I had my pre-teen concussion. Then I was in again when I was 22 after the birth of my son, whom I gave up for adoption. That was more like two nights. At the beginning of May, hubby, brother and I had 24-hour access to Dad in hospice, in a hospital, so yeah there, too.
  18. Move a stereo receiver and speakers out of Dad's room, and a cassette player and CD changer out of the living room. They're being relocated to the cellar, where I work out and also get ready for work. Catch up online. A load or two of laundry. Run the dishwasher after a late supper. Maybe some paperwork.
  19. Moolah. I think too much as it is.
  20. I barely dated, anyway, and certainly not online. I met both my loves through work, including, of course, my husband.
  21. 1. Besides a clock or a watch, what in your home displays the time? VCR 2. Name a food recognizable by its odor. Cabbage 3. What holiday, other than Christmas, makes the post office busy? Mother's Day 4. Name something a customer might do to annoy a waitress. Snicker 5. Name something people are often chased by in movies. Wolves 6. Name a bad job for someone who's accident prone. Butcher
  22. TPATH's version of 'The Image of Me'. The original is slo-o-o-ow, and boring as hell.
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