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  1. And the moral of the story is... Don´t call an exterminator when you " got musicians". We girls do not want to know the truth, don´t we? Just let them play... :-)
  2. It is so sad that Willy deVille passed. His wonderful music will remain in my heart. Rest in Heaven, Willy!
  3. Yesterday it had been If Not For You, the original Bob Dylan version...Today I woke up with a melody I do not know... sung by a friend, I am missing so badly...strange...I wish I could remember the words...:cool:
  4. Hello everyone and thank you for your notes and thoughts. You are all very nice farmers! Your wishes made my birthday really beautiful! @ Ladywiz: I am still buzzing...
  5. Thank you for your thoughts, Beth, I apreciate it! And I LOVE Hollyhocks! Wildflower, my family and me are celebrating a beautiful day, right now. Best wishes from Germany, Barbara
  6. HI Linda, i am i am Barbara from GermanyANANAND A CLOSE FRIEND OF OUR wildflowereA BARBARA FRON germqny

  7. Oh my God! This is deeply sad news! I cannot believe that she is gone! My heartfelt thoughts are going out to her family. Her light will stay on.
  8. Hello folks in Europe! Well, I just listened to Bob Harris` show on BBC2 (he is my favourite DJ ever), he played Mudchcrutch last Sunday and said, that this airplay might be a step to persuade them to this side of the Atlantic... http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/bobharris/ Let´s believe in the magic of Bob Harris....and hope... By the way Hope is my middle name...:003:
  9. Happy Birthday WildflowerNJ! May the flowers in your garden grow under a good sun, always. Have a shiny day! All the best from Germany, Barbara
  10. Have a great day and keep on being just you! I love you! See you tomorrow! Yeah! Bee...
  11. Thank you MaryJane! Benmont is uncomparable great!
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