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  1. I mustn't forget the screaming! It was so much fun to scream and reach out my hands when ever Tom addressed himself to the audience! Like it would matter anyway, I never got any closer than that second row in Denver. He might as well have been on the moon!
  2. I only have three concerts to refer to, so it's narrowed down... Going to America! I have always wanted to go to America, and now there was a reason... Getting to see new places and experience something... Getting close to Tom! I was crazily in love with that man. Yeah, that was crazy. Not so much for the music, more for the experience and the thrill of it all.
  3. I have got my Rickenbacker, bought online many years ago, because I wanted to know what it felt like, having such a guitar in my arms. And then there is a "Long After Dark" LP cover, signed by mr. Petty himself. My two most valued items.
  4. Please Eat Another Colorful Egg VALID
  5. Wonderful picture of Tom on the main page!
  6. Shiny Cars Are Never Tiresome. GLASS
  7. Three times. One in Toronto, one in Denver, and the last one in Horsens, Denmark.
  8. Stop Teasing Eddie's Aunt, Maria. VEGAS
  9. Raymond! Is Gillian Here Today? LIKED
  10. I have grieved in my own quiet way. Been thinking about Tom almost every day, reading my diaries from years back and from the times when I went to his concerts, looking at pictures, been admiring my Rickenbacker and just been thinking "Now what?"
  11. I am so sorry... I haven't been here for ages, but this requires action! I haven't forgotten Tom (or you), and I read the devastating news in the paper this Monday. I am speechless. Tom was way too young to already die! Thank you, Tom. You have given me the times of my life and I have learned to fly in more than one way. You were my teacher. We are going to miss you.
  12. It sounds awesome! I remember magic every time I had to go to one of their concerts, all the excitement and anticipation...
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