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  1. kira

    Question Of The Day July 17, 2012

    I laughed on my way to work. Was listening to interview on radio.
  2. kira

    Poll of the day 7/17/12

    Whichever is closer when I need them.
  3. kira

    Question of the Day 5/20/2012

    I'm with Susan. Can't wait. Let's go!
  4. kira

    Poll of the Day 5/20/2012

    I'd go with Italy. It's on the bucket list so to cross it off with an all-expense paid trip and tickets would be sweet.
  5. kira

    Question Of The Day 05/19/2012

    Nope! Kinda like that electricity thang, especially to navigate the stairs. Combine with three dogs and one cat that are under foot, and I'd have an accident for sure.
  6. kira

    Question of the day 5/18/12

    I've heard the Buried Treasure show a few times, but can't recall the theme music. Is it a TP&HB song?
  7. kira

    Poll of the day 5/18/12

    Yes, I don't believe I can recall watching a show either. I don't know one from the other.
  8. kira

    Question of the Day 5/11/2012

    Sold copy when print sells are down. The mother was interviewed on network news. I don't know if I would call it news, but it sells so we can change the channel if we don't like it. I had pictures taken of my colon yesterday. Wonder if those could translate into controversy??? Headline - Dirty Colon Blasted Clean
  9. kira

    Poll of the Day 5/11/2012

    I don't have any. I don't wear t-shirts and second that they are too expensive. I thought about buying one, but didn't want to pay $40 for something I wouldn't wear. Billy bought one for Mudcrutch when we saw them.
  10. kira

    Special Ticket Packages

    oh, that's so nice! I love the quilt idea!
  11. kira

    Austin Show

    loved looking at fan and band pics. Thanks for sharing.
  12. kira

    Austin Show

    So gald we were able to hook up before the show. Really nice to meet your family. I'm glad your son had a great time for his first Petty experience. The photos came up on my timeline. If you go to my photos, they should show up there too. Let me know if you can't find them.
  13. kira

    Tour Vids-Austin

    Very cool! Thanks!
  14. kira

    Austin Show

    I posted 25 pics on my facebook timeline but these are the best of the best. I think you can find them by finding kiraholt. I think it's public.
  15. kira

    Austin Show