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  1. PLEASE DON'T GO I am not here as much as I am over on tompetty.com but I have enjoyed the content here for years and have learned a lot about our favorite band by spending time here. jptoombs (Indian who shot out the lights)
  2. Considering that we have entered March and don;t yet have any announcement from tompetty.com, it's looking like NO tour in 2014 Hope I'm wrong, but that's how it is looking to me so far. Jim (Indian who shot out the lights)
  3. Hopefully you are enjoying chapters of this documentary about Mike's guitars that are being posted over on tompetty.com There is a book about Mike's guitars in progress (details still being negotiated with the publisher). If the book happens, the working plan is to include a DVD of all chapters of the Mike Campbell : The Guitars documentary with the book. Stay tuned - I will give you further details when I can. Jim Toombs (Indian who shot out the lights)
  4. Is anyone else having problems getting into the new community message board over on tompetty.com ? I have not been able to get this to come up for the past several days and get error messages suggesting a problem with their server. Thanks, Indian who shot out the lights (jptoombs)
  5. There have been quite a few negative comments about inclusion of this song in the set. For the record, at my one show so far (Omaha), I enjoyed hearing this song live a lot!
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