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  1. Submitted as a point of discussion. The Duesenberg MC Starplayer guitar has been discussed aplenty in these forums. The discussions have been mostly of a spontaneous nature but also stimulated by shared marketing information from the manufacturer. The guitar is a favorite of a number of members, and I know of one who even owns and plays one. There can be no greater endorsement by a guitarist. I have seen Mike play this guitar several times and if I am any judge I would say that he rather fancies the instrument. There is absolutely a legitimate place for Artist endorsement of products. Similarly there is absolutely a legitimate place for product advertising. But it may be that the best endorsement of all is the spontaneous positive chatter on internet forums. That is the kind of ‘buzz’ that is the envy of advertisers everywhere. Should a line be drawn between spontaneous discussions and officially sanctioned Artist endorsements and Manufacturer advertising? That line can become blurry in the information age, even without ‘astroturfing’ on internet forums. I am proud to say that very little astroturfing goes on here at the Farm and it is absolutely not encouraged in my experience. And so the positive discussions about the Starplayer guitar on these forums are heartfelt. What happens if the line between spontaneous contributions and marketing becomes blurred? Well, for one you can’t be sure if you are getting the straight story, or are being groomed to hopefully purchase a product or service by someone with a hidden agenda. This may greatly undermine the value of the forum. Similarly blatant astroturfing may backfire on the perpetrator and generate negative PR. I submit that we must be careful to draw a distinction between discussions originating from commercial and non commercial motivations – between spontaneous user contributions and marketing copy or submissions from an online army of astroturfers. What are the IP implications? Well, I’m sure everyone knows you can’t take someone elses work and use it commercially without their permission. We wouldn’t think of taking some of Tom Petty’s music (his IP) and re-selling it to others to turn a profit. After years of indoctrination from the record labels, we should also know that giving it away free is also a no no unless officially sanctioned. Instinctively we know all of that is wrong without prior permission. But lord does it go on. Do the IP Laws work the other way around? (They are supposed to as well - sometimes) Although it may fit the strict legal definition of ‘fair use’ to take internet forum contributions without asking and use them for analysis, research, data mining, etc. it can absolutely feel like an intrusion and violation to those whose words are thus harvested – if they discover it. There is an ongoing situation like this on the official Tom Petty website involving text contributions of forum members – an area with little automatic protection as compared to photographic submissions which are imbued with a copyright starting the moment the shutter was released. IP laws exist to try and protect the IP owners from unsanctioned or unauthorized usage. One tenet of these laws as applied to photography is that commercial usage requires approval from the IP owner (not to mention all kinds of other parties who may have an interest in the image). These laws exist for good reason. You may have read about the Times Square Billboard featuring President Obama who happened to be wearing a particular manufacturer’s outerwear when a photo was taken. The photo was licensed from the photographer by the outerwear manufacturer, but the outerwear company did not seek a modeling release from the President. The billboard is coming down now that the President has objected since he is one of the stakeholders and he gets to make that decision. I am not mentioning the company name because viral marketing as a result of the incident was what they were seeking. If a fan / photographer were to willingly upload their image to a manufacturer’s website – and agreed to its redistribution in that context – then the IP has been effectively ‘licensed’ by the manufacturer. Its all above board provided the other stakeholders sign off. If on the other hand the manufacturer scoops up an image without permission and redistributes it in a commercial context, it is a breach. The IP laws exist specifically to ensure that the photographer is OK with the proposed usage. In the information age, the line between astroturfing, legitimate spontaneous fan endorsements, and celebrity endorsements are in danger of becoming blurred. Adhering to these laws helps to ensure the continued equity of spontaneous accolades from fans and guitarists for the Starplayer guitar in online communities. It also helps to protect the sanctity of non commercial endeavors whenever and wherever they exist. (I took the photos of Mike and Slash playing the guitar because the artists were passionately engaged in making music that I love - and I was moved. I thought others might be too. That they were playing a Duesenberg guitar at the time might have been coincidental, but I think the passion on their faces says something about these artists and by conjecture their relationship with the instrument. Thats excellent advertising whether its on a manufacturer tied site or a fan community. I would ask that this be enough as it seems a fair line to draw considering the source of those images.)
  2. Beautiful Photography. I can see why they would include these terms and conditions: http://www.duesenbergusa.com/terms/index.html "... You may view, copy, print and use content contained on this Web Site (including recorded material) solely for your own personal use and provided that: (1) the content available from this Web Site is used for informational and non-commercial purposes only; ...The use of any such content for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited...." Seems fair
  3. Well you may take my money You may turn off my microphone But you can't steal What you can't feel Can't stop the sun from shining Down and down and down And you may think you control things But there'll be more just like me Who won't give in Who'll rise again Can't stop the world from turning 'Round and 'round and 'round Hey mister business man Be sure to wash your hands Be careful where you stand 'Cause life goes on and on and on And you may think it's all over But there'll be more just like me Who won't give in Who'll rise again Can't stop a man from dreaming On and on and on
  4. May my love travel with you everywhere May my love travel with you always
  5. Source: http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/local/BO133130/ A cat gets called to Jury Duty and his owners contact the court trying to explain the problem. The jury commissioner denies their request to cancel the jury duty summons and now the Cat has to serve Jury duty LOL! I cant wait till the court sees the juror they forced to report for duty. (I sure hope no Dogs are up on trial soon)
  6. I hear that after 10,000 posts you get one free request from the band. Do the Knobs play any Who? Well, I'm sure you'll think of something. Thanks Linda.
  7. Well, I tried to reply with a video of a song entitled 'Ring around the moon' but it got moved...
  8. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=" "></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
  9. I think this is Ref's desperate attempt to trick us all into listening to the Who
  10. For completely selfish purposes, I sure hope they aren't planning on hanging it up of course, but this got me thinking a little and I came up with the following: How exactly would one tell from their playing if it really were a last tour? The gigs I've seen have each been performed with such passion and intensity that I don't think a fan could dare to hope for much more in a 'last set' - I think you could say the same for their albums. And, as Forrest Gump says, "That's all I have to say about that."
  11. I wonder if The Dude ever got his Creedence back? LOL Anyhow, I actually sent the news paper an email linking the tompetty.com news article and offer to replace the guy's box set. I hoped that they would pass it on to the right people, maybe even run a story about it. Who knows what will happen... But it was a cool offer from the band to replace the box set don't you think? Gotta love whoever it was who thought to extend the offer.
  12. A former co-worker also has one of those things. It has saved his life on numerous occasions. He says it really jolts him good when it needs to go off - but considering the alternatives its the only way to go. Hes a very lucky guy actually, his heart basically stopped one day in the company parking lot and the paramedics worked on him for over an hour before they got him going again. Thats when he first discovered he had a heart problem. It was a young paramedic who saved him - and the guy just refused to give up on him. He was very lucky. Hope Slash takes good care of his heart. There is a lot of music in there!
  13. ^ I'm glad you had a happy birthday KPF!
  14. angelic_22

    Darn DSL

    Our crack team of DSL repair technicians have just left to respond to the call LOL. ETA 8 hours or so. Give or take traffic on I 5. (Sara and Michael just left our house after a wonderful stay). They will install a new modem and light up the server sometime after they arrive home and wipe their road weary eyes. It better work its a long drive to return that modem!
  15. angelic_22

    Darn DSL

    ^ hang tight folks. You'll make it! Still trying to get my web server restarted - But the webmaster and mistress are visiting us right now! Now how do we reboot something 450 miles away from here?... LOL! We think its the DSL modem that locked up...
  16. I'd probably give it to Second Harvest food bank, or Tazzy Fund. I know it would find its way to those in need if I did that.
  17. God Bless the Knobs. Every Dirty One
  18. Peaceful and relaxing Listening to the Avett Brothers and nibbling on munchies.
  19. Merry Christmas Everyone! May your entire day be full of Jangle! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  20. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE5BM39420091223 "Arsonists set fire early on Wednesday to a giant straw statue of the Swedish Yule goat, a forerunner to Santa Claus in Sweden, defying security measures for a third year in a row.... Police in Gavle, north of Stockholm, said an unknown number of attackers had torched the goat in the early morning hours, leaving a blackened skeleton standing in the town square. [OK you can admit it. You thought the giant wooden rabbit in the Monty Python movie was just made up! Nobody would really do such a thing, right? Well, read on....] "It's a tradition to burn it down," Lofberg said. "It's happened an untold number of times since the 1960s ... it's been burned down more years than it's survived." "Burning the goat" has been a popular, and illegal, tradition in Gavle since the 1960s when an advertising executive first came up with the idea to endow the city with a giant replica of the goat, a Christmas decoration common in many Swedish homes. There were no witnesses, but a bottle of lighter fluid was found near the goat's frame, which stood about 12 meters tall at the apex of its horns, police told Reuters. [Luckily the Gavle Police are on the job! Cue the CSI theme music] "We have some leads," said Stefan Lofberg, who is leading the investigation for the Gavle police. Police have tried a range of tactics to stop would-be arsonists, including posting guards near the straw goat, coating it with flame retardant and training security cameras on it. [Well that should solve the problem, right?] But vandals have usually found a way around the foils and their assaults have become more elaborate: in recent years the goat has been run over, dragged into a river and attacked by arsonists dressed as Santa Claus and the Ginger Bread Man. [ROFL! This sounds like something out of a Flaming Lips performance] Flame retardant coating thwarted attempts to burn the goat in 2006, but the group sponsoring it then stopped flame-proofing it because of the ugly, brownish tinge its straw took on. Goats have special meaning in Swedish Christmas tradition. Before Santa Claus became ubiquitous at the turn of the 20th century, men would dress up as goats and hand out presents to well-behaved children. [Don't try that around here!] Bad children received lumps of coal. Well there you have it. So if you see a flaming goat run by tonight, wish it a Merry Christmas!
  21. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34577241/ns/travel-news/ May all your holiday flights be Otter free.
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