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  1. Best wishes Mike...hope your Birthday rocks!!!
  2. ^Thanks for that recap Relic. Great story about that young man ... lucky him! Love that setlist....All Electric and Goldfinger :049::049:...wow, that alone would've been enough for me!! Feed the Skank, lol. I'm glad Chinner didn't mess you up or anything . Looking forward to your pic's later.
  3. Henley's tickets are too pricey and I wouldn't have bought them but fortunately they were comped to a co-worker who isn't using them, and generously passed them onto me . I'm looking forward to seeing him again...I love all his solo stuff as well as The Eagles. I haven't read Felder's book but saw him this past May, at the same venue Don will be playing, and he was absolutely fantastic...sounded great, had an awesome backup band and played all the classic Eagles tunes to perfection, and some great covers too! Thanks Beth...I'm sure I'll enjoy it...I'll bring some "throat-coat" for Don :003:
  4. I'll find out soon how Don's voice is. I've got tickets for the Windsor show on Nov. 7th
  5. Me too Sharon...Joe & the James Gang would be a definite yes for me! Don's coming to my home town and I'd love to see him again, but I haven't decided yet. His tickets are double of what I paid a few years ago when he came to Detroit with Stevie Nicks.
  6. Kenny Wayne was here in Detroit last year with Experience Hendrix ... he stole the show!! Wish he'd swing by this way again!
  7. That show kicked ass! A full house of more than 22,000 very appreciative fans were rockin with the band that night at The Palace in Auburn Hills, Mich, the 2nd stop on the 2008 tour. I can see my friends Neil & Janice having a great time there, at the tip of Tom’s right hand. My friend Kathy and I were rockin in the 3rd row along with Tara and her friend who were in front of us. Great band, great music, great crowd….what a night! Tom’s expression says it all! :heart: Awesome photo…great find SLQ and thanks for sharing it!
  8. Wow...he's still going strong at 67...I love it! Other than TPATH, his concert is my all-time favourite! He really is amazing and I hope he continues on. A very nice article...thanks for sharing it Beth.
  9. Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd
  10. Whether Mike's playing fast or slow, he brings a distinct sound and precision timing to every song. That's what it's about...not how fast the guitarist is ripping up the strings. This guy clearly discredits himself ...Mike can rip with the best of them :045:
  11. Yes..am thinking the same thing about Bernard Fowler....and damn...he's HOT!! Amazing photo's and stories!
  12. Wow...sounds like a great night of music and fun! Love the TDK's set list! And all those guitars on stage together :041: Thanks for the re-cap Linda
  13. Hi Sierra....thanks for the invite! Are you still on Cloud 9? lol....

  14. What awesome shows these were!! Back-to-back solid rock and roll! All Electric and Hurricane....and all those guitar jams! It was just great! RD really rock..love their tunes! I'm glad they had their cd's there...finally got one! It was so nice to meet you Ref, Sharon and Teresa. The hugs were a nice welcome too! Nice to see Marion & Ben again. And Relic...thanks for taking a pic of my friend and I....it turned out real nice! I'm glad you were able to fit through the tiny space in front of us...your pictures are amazing! All the pic's on here are great...thanks to all for sharing. Here's a few more to enjoy...
  15. ^ Me too Liz....I'm flying out of Michigan as well. Check your PM's.
  16. If all goes according to plan, I'll be in Vegas in May. Hmmmm.....Donny & Marie :009: or The Chippendales :050:
  17. Gorgeous picture Beth...I bet it's so pretty at night too, with all those lights!
  18. I just finished watching it.... WOW!!! Great, great show...they totally rocked!!
  19. Love that setlist!! Oooooo, I can't wait for tonight.... hoping they keep The Waiting in there....am keeping everything crossed for Swingin or Out In The Cold! :heart: Thanks for posting this Ref
  20. Hi Ryan....thanks for the invite.

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