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  1. Walls is listed on the live cd. Strange thing. Any thought?
  2. Yep. There are several from 1993 for sure.
  3. I think this is perfect stuff for them. "The Letter".
  4. Talking about covers and hamonies... "My back pages" is not exactly a cover but Tom's is singing another one's song. I guess probably we all know that Bob and Tom they had to overdub their whole parts of the song. Bob because he did his everyday thing and Sony/Columbia wanted another thing, they wanted a nice sounding single to put on the radio. Tom had to re-record his whole part simply because he was wrong with the first line he sang. Tom also overdubbed the chorus. They paste a clean track with his voice in some/all the chorus parts. My back Pages without overdubs. My back pages with all the tricky things. Even more obvious in the 2014 reissue
  5. I think this is the case of Needles and Pins, I think they did it "a la" Del Shannon. Yes, I know, it is difficult to say for sure, of course, (I love this kind of insubstantial songs! ­čśÄ)
  6. I think we all are living hard times and we have a some extra time in our everyday life... Another thing to do, share a playlist! I did this one a few days ago. "The Stories we could tell" Trailer God's gift to man Up in Mississipi Tonight Something Big Louisiana Rain About to give out Red River Casa Dega Bus to Tampa Bay Down South The Stories we could tell Share your playlists!
  7. Same with Two Gunlingers and Kings Highway. The studio versions did not work onstage. The new arrangements are better on live performances. They never did again Too good to be true after 91-92... Same reason I guess, it doesn't work live.
  8. Another fav of mine. Not Heartbreakers. Mudcrutch. Lover of the Bayou.
  9. Take a look to the "thanks" section in some of his records... "Thanks to God, Jane... etcetera" The end of the shows: "God bless you!". Yep, I think he believed in God.
  10. I think this is a one-off performance, but I don't know for sure. Tom and the HB playing the Sir Douglas Quintet classic "She's about a mover". RFK Stadium, Washington, District of Columbia 7 July 1986 Listen: https://voca.ro/izDcNI7R3z1
  11. I miss Benmont on HE. He is lost somewhere in the mix. Not a 100% Hearbreakers sound alike album.
  12. You can also see Stan playing drums on YDKHIF and on Girl on LSD in the Bridge School 94. They also played Time to move on, but to be honest, I don't know if Stan is playing something or if he is just killing time behind the drum kit during this one.
  13. This is not right. Howie plays and sings harmonies on more songs. Check the booklet. Howie sings harmonies in YDKHIF.
  14. The other day while I was listening some Tracy Chapman's old cd's I realized that Mike played in Tracy's third album (Matters of the Heart). It's not my favourite album by Tracy. Do you remember "Bang, bang, bang"?... Mike played electric guitar in this one... A forgettable work I guess... Well he plays in several songs, but Mike's guitar is lost under the annoying and prominent sound of the keyboard of Roy Bittan... Well, Mike adds a nice mandolin in Woman's Work.
  15. I did not know the song "A little bit of soul" until I heard Tom's cover. The first thing that came to my mind when I heard that riff for the very first time... Oh my god Tom is covering an spanish song!
  16. It is one of the most important songs of the album. Room at the top, Echo, One more night... Devastating songs, they put you down... But Rhino Skin is just like, hey, I'm down but I have elephant balls to keep running through this world.
  17. It is one of the most important songs of the album. Room at the top, Echo, One more night... Devastating songs, they put you down... But Rhino Skin is just like, hey, I'm down but I have elephant balls to keep running through this world.
  18. It is an outtake from Wildflowers. Probably it was recoded the same day he recorded To Find a Friend (Ringo!). The harmonies were recorded some time later. It is a wonderful song about lost dreams and hope.
  19. I don't know. I hear some homages in this album... A guitar which sounds just like George Harrison, a little bit of J. Cash, maybe a kind of "wilbury"song, a little bit of R. Mcguinn... And maybe more things that I'm unable to grasp. Some trip "companions" after all.
  20. Yes. I suppose. Another reading of that cover. A monkey on a rocket... It is an experiment! A monkey on an unfamiliar environment... Let"s see if he survives! Just like Tom on that album... Playing the drums, bass, keyboards... It was a kind of experiment... And probably he was afraid... Just like a monkey on a rocket!
  21. I like the plane on the pool picture on the sleeve on LMU... Probably nowadays I lke the picture most than the album. ­čś▒ I like a lot Highway Companion. It is really high on the pile. Maybe Ankle Deep isn't the best track on that album, but I love that song. It has the repeat button effect on me .
  22. Interesting discussion about LAD. I don't know how to rank LAD in my personal ranking. It was never an album that I have played constantly. It was a victim of my "first opinion about", probably a wrong opinion. That was my first opinion: It is a weak album... so my LAD was condemned to be covered with dust on the shelf. Sins of my youth!. How I was able to play constantly "Let me up" and not LAD? This is a mistery. Nowadays, Let me Up is without a doubt in the lowest position of my personal rank. Althought my first opinion about the whole album could be wrong, there is one thing that remains as true for me: Straight into Darkness is one of the finest songs Tom ever wrote. The lyrics and the music. The alt take/alt mix included in the AT box is awesome. Sounds different, I prefer this kind of sound. The bass line is more audible, (what a bass!) that bass, that piano, the guitar, the drums... And those lyrics... Not a happy song, not pop, for sure. Probably LAD is not one of my favourite albums, but Straight into darkness is one of the better songs by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.
  23. I haven't seen this one for ages (I have the vhs tape but nowadays I don't have a vhs player). I guess I have a downloaded digital copy somewhere. I like a lot this film. But it is a little bit dissapointing the way someone mixed the footage. In almost every song there are footage from the two days. Tom's scarf is the proof!
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