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  1. Mr Timba

    For Real

    I understand the song this way "I love rock and roll just like you love jesus, it is the same thing for my soul. All I did, I did it for real".
  2. Mr Timba

    For Real

    The meaning of the line "Oh brother look what we've become..." is similar, in terms of meaning, to "what have i become my sweetest friend" (from he amazing cover of Hurt by J Cash) I'm agree with the ones who said this song could be a prequel of "the last dj".
  3. Mr Timba

    TW 30th Anniversary

    I have enough with my original vinyl from 1988 (I can't play it because I don't have a turntable now!). I also have the 2007 cd's and dvd. Enough fot me. For now.
  4. Mr Timba

    Lyric Question

    Pretent I'm Samuel Clemens
  5. Another fascinating character who lives into a wasted song... That girl who is a loser and a forgiver, but she still finds good where anyone could. She deserves to be remembered in Tom's voice. She has been deserved a place into the American Treasure. But they left her alone again.
  6. Do you think the "cash" sound in this song has something to do?
  7. I think his silent partner is a prostitute. A classic cliché to portray a man who is alone, a man who pays just to talk; he was not looking for romance... Just someone he could trust.
  8. Another fascinating character is that girl who payed for his cigarettes in that 7-11. They were friends at first sight, maybe because they both were different from the rest of the people... There is no need of any explanation, it was just something in their blood... They were just dogs on the run. Maybe that fascinating girl who payed for his cigarettes is that bleached blonde who light his cigarettes in a room painted blue and grey...
  9. Sally (the girl who said "bye bye" when she saw the size of the pocketbook of that city man who came to town)... Sometimes I think Sally could be that girl who probably works in a restaurant or sings in a night club. Sally did what she had to do... And she deserves the best of everything in the world. We never know if Sally finally found whatever she was looking for. What do you think?
  10. Mr Timba

    Question About "American Girl"

    I don't know about that different mix 45 Guy is talking about. But the isolated tracks from American Girl were on youtube. Anyone who has a simple software just lke audiacity can make new "mixes" if he had the isolated tracks and a little bit of skill and a little bit of musical sense. But I doubt a homemade mix ended up in a radio station. But who knows. Now I can't find that isolated tracks. Unfortunately I don't have a copy. Someone here has this tracks?
  11. Mr Timba

    Damn the Torpedoes

    Louisiana Rain is one of my favourites. 😁 "Casa Dega" it's a great track from that sessions, it's not into the album, but it is a great one. Next? Hard Promises? (Something Big is one of my favourites from this album)
  12. Mr Timba

    WTH??? Best of everything 11/9/18??

    Yes, in the new release. I was talking about the "alternate take" included into the American Treasure before knowing about this new release. You can call me mean minded. But I guess the first intention was to include the extra verse version version into the AT box. But later, someone thought that it will be fit better in a new compilation tittled "The best of everything".
  13. Mr Timba

    WTH??? Best of everything 11/9/18??

    I'm really pissed off with this new release. I said this thing the last week in the "American Treasure" thread about the "alternate take" of "The best of everything" included in the American Treasure box: "The best of everything". They say this track belongs to the SA sessions.... yes? Well, it is the same track used in SA, and we all know that this track belongs to the HP sessions. The main difference (in my ears) between the album track and this "alternate take" is a keyboard. The album track has a keyboard, and this alternate take don't. Apart from that keyboard, little things, little details, but the basic tracks are just the same. I think it would be a better and a more interensting choice, to put into the box the "naked basic tracks" wtithout the overdubs made by Robbie Robertson. I want to hear "The best of everything" without the layers added by Robbie. There is, at least, one early live performance of this song from the early eighties with an extra verse. Maybe they have recorded this extra verse, I don't know, and maybe Robbie cut that verse to make the song more suitable... It is only a speculation. In any case a naked version without the horns it would be a more interesting thing." Now I know that i was right. But the natural place to this take is the American Treasure box. Two compilations in a row with a bunch of songs that we all already have it's not an elegant way to pay tribute to Tom. Well, at least this is my point of view. Tom's heirs don't know about his fight against the price rise before the Hard Promises release? If you reach back in your memory a little bell might ring, about a time that once existed when money wasn't king... Well, it seems that Tom's heritage is in the hands of that guy named Joe. Yes, that guy that makes the big wheels roll.
  14. I said this thing the last week. From tompetty.com: "The Best Of Everything is the first career-spanning collection of all of Tom Petty’s hits with The Heartbreakers, his solo work and Mudcrutch. The 38-track set also features two previously unreleased tracks: the poignant and autobiographical “For Real” and the collection’s lead single—an alternate version of the title track, which restores a never-heard second verse to the song that was originally recorded for the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers’ 1985 album, Southern Accents. Available for pre-order as a 2-disc CD, featuring deluxe packaging." Well, I think we don't not deserve this kind of treat. Two releases in a row. A bunch of songs we already have. And a little dose of unreleased tracks. No. This is not the way. Sorry.
  15. About the coda... I don't know what to think. For me the coda is a beautiful exercise of cynicism. I guess the meaning of that end depends of the mood of the listener. A hopeful end or a cynical end. In any case one of my favourite tracks from HE. I feel like a shadow's falling over me.