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  1. These apply more today than ever! https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/star-trek-quotes-leonard-nimoy-778305
  2. I have a 15 mile bike trail behind my house that runs from Youngstown, Ohio to New Castle, PA, but the only bikes I've had were Harley's! No motors allowed on the trail. The whole 15 miles is a country setting along a river, no cities.
  3. I've noticed that a lot more people are using the 360/12 for lead guitar solo's!!!!
  4. ^ Sweetwater has some 330's and 330/12's coming in shortly and I think they are around $1700. I checked about 1-2 months ago and requested a price on a 6 string. I was thinking of getting a Mapleglo 6 string and replace the PUPS with P90's.
  5. ^ Yeah, I call the Fireglo a 315, but when I bought it new in 1966 it was sold as a 325, even the tags said 325. S/N means it was made in Nov 1966 and I bought it in December. I ordered the Jetglo 320 in Dec 1980 with F-Hole and it took 6 months to make and come in back then. Shortly after that I ordered a Mapleglo 360/12 like Roger McGuinn's and that took 13 months to make and come in. I later met with Roger in Cleveland and brought the guitar and he signed it. I still have it. So that brings my RIC total to 7 - 315, 320, 4001, 360/12, 360/12V64, TP 660/12, 650D
  6. With all the TV shows and movies throughout history, why is it that when people put their hand in a bucket of chicken, they always come out with a leg? Never a chicken breast or a chicken thigh, what's with that?
  7. SEEDLINGS Daytime with blue lights Left side - cherry tomatoes, Center - Sweet Peppers, Right side - San Marzano tomatoes. Far right - Hot Pepper plant Night time with red lights
  8. I'm gonna try Flats on my 1964 Gretsch Country Gentleman (Double cut like George's) and I already bought a set of LaBella Flat bass strings for my Hofner Beatle Bass.
  9. I took a couple pix of my little seedlings (peppers & tomatoes) and will post them here today or tomorrow.
  10. Great listening how they evolved from early Beatle R&R to this. AND then evolve even more on their upcoming LP's.
  11. I'm getting pretty shaggy myself. I haven't had a haircut since Oct 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. PEOPLE are making the difference on their own and helping others in need. That's the way of the world, and right now we need more of that. BUT, the people can't do everything, we need governments to step up and take control, and that hasn't happened in MY country. People will die by the millions because of Governments. They are inefficient, dumb, lazy and years behind the curve. I don't want to see another 70's something president again, but I certainly don't want to see a 20-30 year old either. Nothing against the younger generation, but you have to live and learn a few things 1st! We all had to learn a bit before being taken seriously. My gripe as a kid was why can I go to Viet Nam and fight and maybe lose my life for a "Conflict", not a war? Give me a break, I can fight for my country at 18, but couldn't buy a beer, WTF is with that! Nothing seems to change, SOS. The only difference is we all get older and die, then no one remembers you and no one cares.
  13. The good news is always there in small print that you can't see. Where are the HEADLINES by a man that doesn't care about you and supposedly runs this country?
  14. Have you noticed how Online News has been banned? Nothing anywhere online says how bad the VIRUS is and what's being done. It just plain disappeared. I wonder who put that order up?? This virus is a lot worse than "OUR" world is telling us. Our leaders are safe with masks and ventilators, what they aren't telling you is that you are expendable and are going to die and they don't care. They claim to have ordered millions of masks and ventilators, but where are they? They come from China, the same country that started this virus. And most of the ventilators that have arrived from China are broke, they don't work! The Ventilators are now being ordered by states and instead of getting them directly from the manufacturer, they are going to a 3rd party 1st so they can resale to hospitals and make a profit! And on top of that, the fuckin' world is so greedy they have everything made in China because it's cheap!!!! Well, welcome to the real world you greedy bastard American and other country companies that buy from China, you deserve to go out of business and never be heard of again. WTH happened to a country or world that worked together to make it a better place to live? Today it's all greed, we can't even get 2, let alone 50 states to work together, and forget about the world. This is all BS and most world leaders should be disposed of.They are also expendable!
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