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  1. 7/8/20 Songs produced by Jeff Lynne Various Artists
  2. Go to YOUTUBE and get to the Ringo Starr channel. Click the "SUBSCRIBE" button and you'll be set to watch the show tonight at 8pm ET - 5pm PT.
  3. Thanks, I just emailed her. Hope it works.
  4. WildflowerNJ eadietz@verizon.net
  5. I'm trying to get used to the 3 way switch positions for 3 pickups! Should have a 6 way switch.....lol. I read about that before I bought the guitar, but it's an easy fix. The blend knob helps a lot. If I want, I can take it to Lay's guitar shop and have it rewired, it's been done many times by a lot of players and it worked great for them.
  6. July 7th is RINGO'S 80th birthday and there's going to be a party at 8pm EST on "YOUTUBE". Many guests will show up for a 1 hour concert including Sir Paul McCartney. Read more at the link below and watch the 36 minute video of Ringo. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/ringo-starr-birthday-charity-show-paul-mccartney-1022662/
  7. ????????? probably an Apple PC
  8. 2nd version of the song above will not load and play
  9. a life long friend of ours here at the Farm emailed me and said she can't get in the site because of a window that pops up saying her certificate has expired and she can't get into the site. She's 1 of the originals here, can anyone help her to be able to sign in again?
  10. sorry, my pix don't seem to be coming out clear. I've noticed that the last couple times I used my camera. Maybe it's time for a new one! Suggestions welcome.
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