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  1. nurktwin

    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    9/24/18 The Byrds
  2. nurktwin

    Guitar of the day

    ^ I agree completely, it's just a cheap copy and I would never buy one. I almost bought a 70's Squire Strat today, but opted out. Instead I bought a Nike Orange Cleveland Browns Game jersey with my name and number on it for $150. AND I don't even have a favorite football team!!!!! Almost bought blue and gold shirts from the RAMS and CHARGERS too, that would have been $450 for 3 shirts!! Gotta get off the sports sites and back to guitars.
  3. nurktwin

    Random Thoughts Thread

    The more I watch old movies on TCM, the more I think Tom wrote songs about those movies with the movie title as his song title. Example: A Face In The Crowd.
  4. nurktwin

    Guitar of the day

    9/21/18 Here's an affordable acoustic guitar. https://www.elderly.com/catalog/product/view/id/145336?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI07vN49bH3QIVCGcBCh3W1ALtEAEYASAGEgLEuvD_BwE
  5. nurktwin

    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    9/21/18 Keith Richards
  6. nurktwin

    Happy Birthday Sparky

    Have a great day Mark. Hope to see you soon, your friend Nurk.
  7. nurktwin

    Rock N Roll Drive-In

    9/19/18 The Rolling Stones Live In London 2018
  8. nurktwin

    Buried Treasure Playlist Graph

    ^ OR they should have been artists that started it all in the 50's and 60's!!
  9. nurktwin

    Question of the day 9/19/18

    As much as I'd like to see them get in, I'm not sure they will. They were only together 2-3 years with 2 LP's. I think the brief career and only 2 LP's is holding the HOF committee from voting them in. BTW, is there a TW Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame? I've been there several times and never saw one.
  10. nurktwin

    Question of the day 9/19/18

    In your opinion, what are the chances of The Traveling Wilburys getting into The Hall Of Fame?
  11. nurktwin

    LP of the Week II

    9/18/18 This weeks LP is "The Place I Love' by Splinter. Produced by George Harrison that also sings, plays guitars and percussion. Should be 9 songs.