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  1. I should add I know you all are going to love this show. Mojo just ROCKS! The crowd will be more in the groove later down the line after they have heard the music. Raw music in front of 10,000 maniacs isn't easy to pull off. Everyone was very intent on listening where I was seated on both nights. They seemed to love it as much as I did! I look forward to hearing all about your shows as this tour matures!!!!
  2. Tom had on a really great silk shirt with a raw silk vest that showed off the same dark red color of the shirt under the coat. Very nice conservative rocknroll look. It was a great night with center seats for me. I hope everyone who attended got lucky with their tickets and showmates! Thank god for assigned seating! :023:
  3. The same people that post over on the offical post over here. They just feel free to say what they want. I feel they can here too BUT it doesn't seem to happen. Thanks for your honesty Emmie.
  4. For amps it's is a shame they have concessions. We used to go enjoy the park bring a picnic and have a show. Now you can't even bring in water for fear the may lose a buck. I get distracted when people walk around during the show too, it takes away from the show and brings the attention to them. I actually think that's why they do it. I'm not sure why you can't wait a couple hours for a beer. That makes no sense.
  5. There all reserved seats. No General Admission. No hanging out burning up all day, Marion. I feel so bad I know we were probably on the for the second leg and now Red Rocks shows up during a changed date.
  6. Ray plays some really great places. I had a great time seeing him in Northern California so I'm glad he is stopping my the area.
  7. They switched the Denver venue to the Ogden Theater on March 20th. Should be good.
  8. That's right. I could just slap them for doing this A/B thing. A means you pay less for membership B means you pay five bucks more. That five bucks sure must be important to them. People aren't complaining about the five bucks they all worried about tickets. Hey Good luck everyone on your presales. Some really good opening acts. Have fun!
  9. That's interesting Danny. I had to look up to see what Archer was though. There's an interesting history here: http://www.afn.org/~archer/arch011.htm It seems the Gainesville sprawl may gobble up this town so the raffle goes to that historical society and the Foundation. How did Bo Diddley end up moving to Archer, Danny. Do you know? I hope someone who can play the guitar wins myself Relic! lol (just giving you a hard time for winning the other one)
  10. I'm not sure if I remember the words to his songs anymore either! I'm going to go to the Soiled Dove to see him here. I have no idea whose playing with him or what he may play. It'll be fun. Anyway here is the rest of his dates. Here it is: http://www.leonrussellrecords.com/touring_info.shtml
  11. Attention, Leon Russell fans! The ultimate studio man will return to SOhO on Tuesday, May 5th! Get your tickets early because this is an assigned-seat show! Tickets are available at www.sohosb.com or at SOhO (cash only). Here's the details on the show, and a short biography for a performer that needs none... Leon Russell Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 8:30pm, all ages <DIV style="MARGIN: 0px"><DIV class=MsoNormal><SPAN>Legendary Leon Russell returns to SOhO in May!
  12. You can get it all right here: http://www.moogis.com./ They are going to replay all 15 nights at some point is my understanding. Too bad it happened so far away. But we can watch. Thanks for the utubes Bon.
  13. Everybody have a good time! I hope to hear all about your trip and shows Brandon. That's a long drive. Be safe and happy travels.
  14. So no colors then. Steve I'd leave the camera out of that club. Seriously. The fake country place shouldn't be a problem. I doubt you'll see a real cowboy there.
  15. I appreciate reading about this. Thanks for posting it. I can't help but wonder why I want to listen to shelved material though. I always hear Revolution 1 as the one on the album. The finished product. Man I'm getting old.
  16. It's the first weekend of Spring. As long as the Hell's Angels don't show up you should be fine. I don't think you can go into any "local" bar and start snapping shots without getting permission or I certainly don't suggest it. Sounds like a blast. So ladies do your leathers still fit?
  17. Then they should pay the money back tomorrow to the US Government and it'll be good for them and everyone. I don't see them offering to do so.
  18. Tony D. through the fanclub took the crap seats the Pepsi Center hands to all the fan clubs and had them moved down to the front section rows of the floor. Much better seats then the block they planned on handed out. I was very thankful for that. This is just PR nonsense by Live Nation. Live Nation also said they would make sure the musicians didn't charge so much for their shows in another article. They are going against anti-trust laws as far as I 'm concerned. They need to can the deal. I wonder who we write to?
  19. I think you need to be careful as to whether that is God speaking or just your own little voice. The reason I believe in God is for several reasons. One comes to mind right now. Have you ever really thought you were in control, you had it all together and all of a sudden something that could never happen in a million years just does? There is nothing you can do, it doesn't matter what you think. There is the direction change. No way around it. I believe that is one sign of God showing you a way you may or may not wish to go. There simply is no choice. Then I go back to trying to control my future and blam it happens again. I believe you need to plan and act. I don't believe you control the universe nor does anyone else. I hope that made sense. Good luck with your art. Someone once told me you should always have at least three irons in the fire. So if one fails hopefully another will prevail.
  20. I went through something similar with a friend a few years back. I wish all the best and only wish I could donate to the cause. I happy to see it went well.
  21. I don't think I have ever seen an introduction page. I just learned things I never knew. Mine is pretty easy. My name is Carol I'm in Conifer Colorado Single no children Two German Shepards Occupation: Totally unknown. I'm looking for my retirement job. My total passion is music music music and more music.
  22. This band has such a sad history.:085: RIP Billy Powell.
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