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    mikemono got a reaction from Hoodoo Man in Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers   
    found this among my old DVDs. Enjoy!
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    mikemono reacted to peterdimples in Thoughts on Columbus, OH show from 1995   
    Sorry about that. I'm on a MacBook Air that has a folder that's jammed with mp3s of TPHBS rare live tracks of various quality. During quarantine, I roll out of bed and go to work on this computer with some pretty good headphones. I'm finding tons of stuff I've downloaded but have not listened to. Its pretty neat
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    mikemono got a reaction from Arete411 in Radio Music Awards 2003   
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    mikemono got a reaction from Shelter in Thoughts on Columbus, OH show from 1995   
    They didn't play a show on 3/10, but did on 3/9 and 3/11 (Petty Archives source). Also, it looks like you just uploaded the same file twice: the acapella-driven version of "It Won't Be Wrong" from the 5/30 Memphis TN show.
    Nevertheless, that's a great version of the song; the version they played on 3/5 was earlier in the set and a full band version that sounds much like the original Byrds recording, so it's interesting to compare the two.
    It Won't Be Wrong (live 3-5-95).mp3
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    mikemono got a reaction from Arete411 in TPATH Jones Beach June 21, 2005   
    Sporadically throughout the 2008 tour they did a full band version. They moved it from key of C to key of G:
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    mikemono reacted to TomFest in Who got a "Walls" harmonica?   
    Can I have whatever they're having?
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    mikemono got a reaction from Arete411 in TPATH Jones Beach June 21, 2005   
    Actually it is known that Highway Companion was recorded in late 2004 and early 2005, and that it was a kind of happy accident that the record even happened at all. Tom reunited with Jeff and others to induct George Harrison into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the spring of 2004, and in both the Runnin' Down a Dream documentary and Zollo's book Tom said that this occasion sparked his decision to work with Jeff again. Tom said he didn't even really realize he had the songs for a record, but he had written them all before the sessions except for "Damaged by Love" and "Saving Grace," and apparently did record a version fo "Golden Rose" with the Heartbreakers in 2004 (according to the Zollo book). 
    Tom discusses his decision to play drums in the Zollo book in more detail; from what I remember, Tom said that he played drums because he wanted a more stripped down approach and didn't feel like calling everyone and just wanted it to be a very insular, limited production process with Mike and Jeff. 
    As for playing "Turn this Car Around" live, and then turning around with "Saving Grace" as the main Highway Companion-advertised song in 2006, I think it's because "Saving Grace" wasn't written yet: it's the song that the Conversations book ends with, with Tom saying that there's one song that's not yet finished. When the band decided to tour in the summer of 2005, then, I'm sure Tom wanted to advertise what he thought would be a standout song, and "Saving Grace" hadn't been written yet, and so he decided to pull out "Turn this Car Around," which unfortunately, from what I remember, got a lot of lackluster responses and many audience members in bootlegs can be heard mistaking it for another YDKHIF.
    As for the "we" thing, I chalk that up to Tom always being humble and not wanting all the attention on him. He was always a bit bashful, and definitely valued the band all the time, so it makes sense that he would say "we" instead of tooting his own horn.
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    mikemono reacted to TomFest in TPATH Jones Beach June 21, 2005   
    "Lackluster" is a pretty good description - not just of the audience response, but of the song itself.  I like it, but it's a deep track or album filler if you will.  The song sat people down in concert and just had very little energy.  Any kind of drumming from Steve wouldn't have changed that.  
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    mikemono reacted to TomFest in Damage you've done... Favorite era or version?   
    I loved that this band could pick up a song that they hadn't played for 10 years and crush it.  But this audience tape can't match up to the sound quality of a proper recording.  AAT can't be beat for sound quality.
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    mikemono reacted to martin03345 in Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers "cover songs"   
    I'm personally fond of their cover of "Keep Your Hands to Yourself". A rarely played cover but they do the best rock song ever justice.
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    mikemono reacted to martin03345 in Tom Petty "The Woods"   
    The Last DJ is a top 5er for me lol
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    mikemono reacted to High Grass Dog in Highway Companion Re-Sequence Challenge   
    Interesting takes here. I never would have thought to remove "Saving Grace" from the lead-off spot, but you know what, "Down South" could work there. I still think "Saving Grace" is too perfect of an opening track to mess with, even though it doesn't "represent" the rest of the album. And "Down South" feels like the heart of the album to me, so it works best in the third spot. Shelter, I don't know how anyone could remove essential tracks like "Turn This Car Around" and "This Old Town" from the album!
    I was a fan of Highway Companion when it came out, and I really don't think I would change too much about it. That said, there are a few tweaks I would make. Here's my take:
    1. Saving Grace
    2. Flirting With Time
    3. Down South
    4. Square One
    5. Turn This Car Around
    6. Big Weekend
    7. Night Driver
    8. Home
    9. Damaged By Love
    10. This Old Town
    11. Around the Roses
    12. Ankle Deep
    13. Golden Rose
    Regarding the changes:
    "Jack" is just too weak of a song to hold up. Easy to let that one go. "Square One" never worked in the second spot. It flows better at 4. Adding "Home" and "Around the Roses" to the back half does enhance an already-very-good album.
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    mikemono reacted to Hoodoo Man in Covers of Tom Petty songs   
    I feel like I have heard Tom sing that lyric live before, is this familiar to anyone else?? 
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    mikemono reacted to TheSameOldDrew in Wildflowers (the album) and a bunch of other stuff   
    I like those songs from HC; I also like "Night Driver" and "Home" quite a lot.  "Night Driver" has a very cool, atmospheric quality to me, and "Home" is just a strong song with nice vocals and some great rocking sounds.  I think the problem for HC is that it has too many slow paced songs, especially without "Home" on the original version, which would have picked up the pace.  And the track ordering is wrong, IMO.       
    I do like the cover also, kind of a sci-fi take on the album, where the monkey is the companion - possibly because there are no humans there or none willing to make the trip.  It also reminds me a bit of the Curious George books, which I always enjoyed. 
    I'm trying to do a re-ordering of the tracks to make a stronger album, adding in the two "special edition" tracks but not dropping any songs (despite the temptation to cut it down to 9-10 songs that I like best).  I figure it should be organized for pacing and to suggest a story; the original album does neither particularly well, even though it appears that it was supposed to be true to an overall concept.  I might start a new topic some time to see if others have ideas on a re-ordering of the (14) HC tracks.  And I do plan to burn my own version to CD.  
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    mikemono reacted to martin03345 in Wildflowers (the album) and a bunch of other stuff   
    I was referencing it lol. Good eye. You fool, you've fallen into my trap!
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    mikemono reacted to martin03345 in Best Live Version of Mary Jane's Last Dance   
    And that 05 show, which I was also at lol, they played a really nice version of "Knockin' On Heavens Door" which I believed they only did 2-3 times that tour. The version of "Have Love Will Travel" from the Live Anthology is from that 7/5/02 show at SPAC.
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    mikemono got a reaction from martin03345 in Best Live Version of Mary Jane's Last Dance   
    ^ Martin, like myself, is from upstate NY. He's referring to the July 2002 Saratoga Performing Arts Center show. Loved seeing Tom at that venue; he played some real gems there over the years (the July 2001 show has a pretty varied setlist, too, as that show is the the only time the band covered "Stop Breaking Down"). The first time I saw him there, in 2005, he even whipped out "Angel Dream" <3, which was rarely played outside small venue shows 
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    mikemono got a reaction from TomFest in Wildflowers (the album) and a bunch of other stuff   
    I'm pretty confident "Restless" never was played and that that it is just posted on that site in error. I'm similarly not convinced that "Rockin' Around (With You)" was played once in 1977, as setlistfm claims. I bet it was first played at the two Irvine CA shows in 1983 (with one of the nights' recording of "Rockin'" making it onto Pack Up The Plantation). I think people's memories from the late 70s and early 80s is finicky and unreliable, and that's why there's so much discrepancy among early set lists/dating.
    "Hurt" has, interestingly, always been included on that set list fm set. Given the versatility of the show they played the night before, it's not necessarily out of the realm of possibility that they played "Hurt" that night, but it just as easily could have been confused with "No Second Thoughts" (which did occasionally appear in the sets on that tour, including the set from the night before). Seems like we will never know!
    As for "Letting You Go," I remember someone on the old TPHB bbs in the early 00s said they did hear it being played at a show in 1981, but unfortunately that show wasn't circulating among bootleggers so there's no way to confirm that.
    As for "The Same Old You" and the 12-10-82 show, I can confirm that the song was played and that 12-10 is indeed the correct date that it was played. I don't have the full show, but I know that it previously circulated among traders years ago, and was of pretty poor quality, so I was always discouraged from seeking it out.
    Good eye! I am the one who updated the sets on both db.etree and setlist fm.
    And a recording of the song DOES exist: I have one! Though I don't have the full show, this one song from that night made it onto a bootleg compilation that some old TPHB bbs'ers circulated over a decade ago. It's a pretty sparse and muffled recording, and you mostly only hear the cowbell of the drums backing TP's rhythm guitar. I just uploaded it to my YouTube channel. Perhaps @Marion has the full show in her archive somewhere?
    The shows were mislabeled when they were originally posted to Dime a Dozen. My guess is that this was done purposefully in order to prevent the shows from being taken down (remember that Dime doesn't allow you to post shows with officially released tracks on them).
    I have contacted the people who added the 12-10-82 show to their db.etree lists and it seems that they paid more attention to date than venue when adding the show to their lists, as they have all, in error, mistaken it for the 12-09 show, and they do not have the ACTUAL 12-10 show with "Same Old You" on it.
    Upon consulting the very accurate tour itinerary on the Petty Archives, you can see that these are the surrounding European dates you're talking about (* next to shows hat are known to have been bootlegged):
    1982-12-07 Wembley Stadium London [mislabeled by bootleggers as 12.12.82)*
    1982-12-08 Manchester England*
    1982-12-09 Edinburgh Scotland [mislabeled by bootleggers as 12.10.82]*
    1982-12-10 Coventry England*
    1982-12-12 Brighton England
    1982-12-14 München Germany*
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    mikemono reacted to martin03345 in Official Tom Petty forum down?   
    I honestly didn't know it was still a thing. Thought it died back in like 05 *shrug* lol
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    mikemono reacted to TomFest in Did anyone read 33 1/3 Southern Accents? What did you think?   
    I only have the "Dusty in Memphis" book, which I got because it was written by Warren Zanes.  I saw the "Southern Accents" one on the shelf at a record store recently along with several others in the series.  I'm skipping it just based on some reviews and I'm not really too interested in reading about the Rebel flag controversy again.  Tom excised that little mistake and rightfully so.  As far as I'm concerned that flag needs to be put away for good.  By everyone.
    As to the "Southern Accents" album, it's never been a favorite of mine.  In fact, I never owned it until about 20 years after it came out.  I like a couple of the songs a lot, but there are a number that I don't really care for.  I don't rate this album high in Tom's catalog.
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    mikemono reacted to DogOnTheRun76 in Unheard Song From The Mojo Sessions?   
    Help Me

    Here you go guys and gals, Enjoy!
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    mikemono reacted to TomFest in Wildflowers BOX set and Filmore release potential!   
    We'll find you some help, Shelter....
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    mikemono got a reaction from High Grass Dog in 11/26/06 show?   
    I think this show was added to that site in error. I've seen it as the only time "Depended on You" was played and I just don't buy it. One-off shows that were played outside of main tours were usually advertised to some extent, however minimal, and this one wasn't. Even the time Tom played "American Girl" solo at a birthday party made it to the news. 
    Plus, lots of people have posted stuff on setlist fm that I've tried to keep track of and report as false. For instance, someone has recently added "For Real" to the end of every 'Echo' tour set list (insert eye roll emoji here).
    Tom was definitely very burnt out by the end of the 2006 tour; he acknowledged that he only did it because of the occasion of the 30th anniversary and in a Rolling Stone interview from that year said that he wouldn't tour again. So to add a show at the end of 2006 after a lengthy tour seems unlikely on Tom and the band's part. Thankfully, we know that the lack of desire to tour sentiment didn't wind up being true.
    But my guess is that the only performance of a rare song ("Depending on You") wouldn't be for a one-off show, and that they definitely wouldn't do a one-off show outside of CA or NY, or without significant financial incentive (though of course I could be wrong, since apparently She's the One material was performed at a benefit. But, that album didn't get a tour, so different logic may apply.) The performance of "Southern Accents" randomly, as well as "A Face in the Crowd" (which would be performed for the first time more than a decade in 2008), makes the set list even more suspect. More than this, the set list order didn't follow any kind of template of a previous set, and, let's face it, the band didn't really mix up sets (especially ends, i.e. "Refugee" and "Runnin' Down a Dream" as ending songs before / or part of encores) that much.
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    mikemono got a reaction from PG10538 in New TPATH Releases   
    I think all parties are aware of the importance of the Wildflowers project to Tom's musical legacy, as it's been brought up by Mike and Adria in various interviews since Tom's passing. In the Facebook live video before The Best of Everything's release, Adria didn't mention Wildflowers in particular, but she did say she wanted to give both An American Treasure and The Best of Everything time to breathe before new material was going to be released. In the last hour, Annakim posted on Instagram that "We don't sell out," which may be a message to Dana. Given that this TMZ article frames Dana -- and not Adria and/or Annakim -- as the person who wants access to the Wildflowers material for a twenty-fifth anniversary edition, it seems that she wants the music within a certain time frame; it doesn't necessarily imply that anyone is opposed to the eventual release of the material. So, in addition to potentially figuring out who (individually) should execute Tom's wishes and run his estate, it seems that the timing of releases -- when as opposed to what stuff is going to be released -- is a central issue for all party's involved.
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