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  1. mikemono

    "Echo" from March 13, 1999

    I posted the whole show to Dime A Dozen about a year ago, so it's on there as a torrent if you know how to download torrents. Otherwise, I think the Live Petty site took my rip of it and posted it to their site. And....upon looking...it looks like they did! https://livepetty.com/1999-03-13-san-francisco-ca-aud/ This show was a really weird one. Tom started playing "Learning to Fly" and then stopped midway, but I can't remember during which song that's tracked onto in this version (possibly "The Letter"?). In any case, the show's got a great set list: lots of cool covers that they frequently played on their early 1999 shows as well one of the first performances of "Sweet William" can be found towards the show's end. Enjoy!
  2. mikemono

    Question on Tom Petty Book

    Well, if you read a revised version then it seems you know something more than we do, haha. On his Facebook page, Paul Zollo did announce that a revised/expanded edition of his 2005 book is in the works with the original press but no official news has been released as to this new edition yet.
  3. mikemono

    The song "Strangered in the Night"

    Yes! He did change it to "crazy big guy," "big bastard" etc. on the 13th, until one time in the end of that performance he slipped up and didn't follow that line change. The performance of the 17th isn't as politically correct, though. Another song that has uncomfortable sentiments, I think, is "Kings Road" with the "there were people all around wearing funny looking clothes / Some boys, some girls, some I don't know." But with the rise of the modern era's (finally) accepting of people of different genders and sexual orientations, it becomes all the more clear that art develops and changes over time as culture does.
  4. mikemono

    Your Favorite TP&TH Cover Songs

    I've been combing through my bootlegs to pull out some rare covers that the band performed throughout the years. Am slowly posting these songs to YouTube; many of these were only performed once! Here are some, which have already been mentioned in this thread: The Left Banke's "Pretty Ballerina" 1981-10-02 [performed 2 other times: 1981-09-18 and 19] Shirley Ellis' "The Clapping Song" 2006-06-14 [only performance of the song] Gram Parsons' "I Can't Dance" 1983-06-10 [only performance of the song] Johnny Cash's "I Still Miss Someone" 2000-10-28 [only performance of the song]
  5. mikemono

    Did Tom ever do a solo acoustic show?

    In Conversations with Tom Petty and other venues Tom talked about how he was more comfortable with a band, and that he doesn't actually think fondly of the one solo acoustic show that he ever did: the 1986 BSB show. Despite this, it's still an interesting listen! It's the only performance of "Twist and Shout" he ever did.
  6. mikemono

    The Double LP That Tom Never Had

    "Tonight Will/Might Be My Night" was performed frequently during the 1986 tour with Bob Dylan, and yes he did often say it was going to be on the next album. The main riff for the song actually became the solo in "Mary Jane's Last Dance." "Ain't Enough Money" was performed twice on the Temple in Flames 1987 tour: on 9-19 and 10-4. I posted the audio of the 10-4 show to the "Best of Everything" forum here a few months ago and 9-19 is available on The Traders' Den. The version from the 10-4 show is superior to the 9-19 one, in my opinion. "Goodbye Little Rich Girl" was performed almost every night during that same tour, and so many audio versions of the song exist. A video of the song can be found at the video I pasted below at the 47 minute mark. Out of these three songs it's the one I go back and listen to the least. These three songs are definitely bluesier than anything that wound up on Let Me Up, so perhaps that's why they were left off the album. Who knows!
  7. mikemono

    The Brigde School Benefit Thread

    Really beautiful cover performed at the 2000 BSB show 18 years ago tomorrow!
  8. mikemono

    The Double LP That Tom Never Had

    Though there were definitely other songs recorded for the sessions that were not played live, eventually released on Playback, or made it onto the album, the songs from the Let Me Up era that we officially know about are listed below. Even though there's more that haven't surfaced, this right here is enough for a double album. from the Let Me Up album proper: Jammin' Me Runaway Trains The Damage You've Done It'll All Work Out Think About Me All Mixed Up A Self-Made Man Ain't Love Strange How Many More Days Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) from Playback: Ways to be Wicked Can't Get Her Out (performed live at least twice in June 1986, too) You Come Through Make that Connection (B Side) played live but not released: Tonight Will Be My Night Ain't Enough Money Goodbye Little Rich Girl
  9. mikemono

    Ok, so now.. I'm crying..

    I was going through old videos on my hard drive and found this one. It's a great performance! They played Leno quite a few times that year: first, they premiered "Black Leather Woman" on 4-4-03 (which I also posted to my YouTube channel and linked to here); second, when they played "I'm Cryin'"; third, when they covered "I Gotta Move."
  10. ^ i have a similar thing but with a different song. The C D G chord pattern that goes over the refrain line “and I’m waiting for the bus to Tampa Bay” isn’t just the same chords but sung in an incredibly similar way to “Orphan of the Storm”
  11. ^ I think that’s one of the better new songs in the package. Really cool to know from the Sirius interview that Marion graciously uploaded that Tom didn’t put it on ‘Hypnotic Eye’ because he thought he could re-record it later with / save it for Mudcrutch. “Walkin From the Fire,” though, takes the cake for being my new favorite song from the set. Incidentally, the completely new (not alternate version) ones released in advance are the ones I like the least.
  12. mikemono

    Finding live version of Swingin'

    If you search through the "Best of Everything" forum you'll find a topic devoted to Sirius XM exclusive live tracks. But it's also posted in this YouTube video:
  13. Some of my early standouts: "Like a Diamond" is much more intimate as it delays the drums coming in and it is just Tom and the piano and strings for awhile. The alternate version of "Sins of My Youth" isn't as stellar as the original but it's an interesting take on what seems like an entirely different song! Barely any reusing of lyrics and an entirely different chorus and feel. "Two Men Talkin" resembles the performances from 2012 more so than 2003 in its having joint lead guitar parts and a bass solo in the middle and even similar guitar licks to the 2012 versions of the song. It also has some different lyric changes! "Walkin' From the Fire" and "Bus to Tampa Bay" are definitely my favorite of the new songs. Unfortunately, the alternate version of "Best of Everything" doesn't have the extra verse found in the 1980 live versions and the alternate version of "What Are You Doin in my Life" only slightly changes one line and also puts the "Shelly Shelly, Shelly Yakus" more at the front. of the ending. You can tell the effort and love that went into this collection and I'm really liking it so far!
  14. mikemono

    Gainsville (Outtake 1998) coming up next

    Agreed! In the interviews that Tom and Mike gave for The Live Anthology (that Marion generally posted awhile back), they both talk about how the energy inherent in the venues they played in in Europe, particularly in England, influenced the quality and drive of their playing. Tom specifically references the tracks from the Hammersmith Odeon show that made it onto The Live Anthology ("Here Comes My Girl" and "Even the Losers") as examples of this.
  15. mikemono

    Gainsville (Outtake 1998) coming up next

    The song was actually "Free Girl Now." I can't remember where I heard Tom say it or where I read it, but I think it was in the interview that Paul Zollo unearthed from his archives that's now on YouTube. He admitted that the version of "Free Girl Now" on Echo is kind of rough for that reason: because they thought they could go back and make it better but actually didn't wind up doing that. I do agree with your reading of "Gainesville" though: there's nothing super catchy about it, but, affectively and mood wise, I quite like the sentiment.