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  1. Thanks to @Marion and @Mudcrutch and all of the other people who have made this place possible. I first joined here -- or at least this site in an earlier form -- when I was a young teenager and now I'm 30! Crazy how time flies. This place is definitely an institution for any TPHB fan, and I appreciate and enjoyed all the conversations I've had with many fans here over the years. Suggestion: I find reddit to be confusing and difficult to load. I understand the advantage of it, though, because it ostensibly organizes things by thread. But what about Facebook? I know there's a Mudcrutch Farm group on facebook, and that would be a far preferable outlet in comparison to the Tom Petty Nation FB page, which seems overloaded (in my opinion) with boomers just freely writing their thoughts with random word association. Could we maybe continue to participate in discussions via Facebook somehow? Either via Mudcrutch Farm's Facebook site, or create a new one, with forum capabilities? Or if forum capabilities actually don't exist, we can tag posts, etc.
  2. Interview: Full one here from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/610849950/posts/10159940914654951/?d=n
  3. from a show around the same time as the one discussed above!
  4. They didn't play a show on 3/10, but did on 3/9 and 3/11 (Petty Archives source). Also, it looks like you just uploaded the same file twice: the acapella-driven version of "It Won't Be Wrong" from the 5/30 Memphis TN show. Nevertheless, that's a great version of the song; the version they played on 3/5 was earlier in the set and a full band version that sounds much like the original Byrds recording, so it's interesting to compare the two. It Won't Be Wrong (live 3-5-95).mp3
  5. Not Cameron either, haha. He's an active bootlegger but not the Live Petty mastermind! That guy goes under the alias "MoneyBecomesKing" on his blog and other bootlegging sites. I truly like this "Rebels" version in G! My fav version of the song has to be the American Treasure remake, though. And the 2013-2014 acoustic version is quite great, IMO.
  6. Sporadically throughout the 2008 tour they did a full band version. They moved it from key of C to key of G:
  7. You're very kind, but I am not the mastermind behind Live Petty. I do upload torrents on sites that that site creator does wind up posting, though. As for "Kings Highway," it was mostly played acoustically after the 1991-2 shows in support of Into the Great Wide Open. More specifically, acoustic renditions of the song were offered at the 1993 Gainesville show, 1994 Bridge School benefit shows; it was also sporadically played in 1995 during the Dogs with Wings Tour, in 1997 for the Fillmore run, and in the second leg of the 2002 tour that was in support of The Last DJ. They finally revived the full rock version of it as the concert opener for the first few 2010 shows. Then, it moved to the set list's middle, but was only played on occasion (I didn't get to catch it at MSG or SPAC in 2010). They also played the "rock" version in 2012 and 2013 occasionally. Great track!
  8. Actually it is known that Highway Companion was recorded in late 2004 and early 2005, and that it was a kind of happy accident that the record even happened at all. Tom reunited with Jeff and others to induct George Harrison into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the spring of 2004, and in both the Runnin' Down a Dream documentary and Zollo's book Tom said that this occasion sparked his decision to work with Jeff again. Tom said he didn't even really realize he had the songs for a record, but he had written them all before the sessions except for "Damaged by Love" and "Saving Grace," and apparently did record a version fo "Golden Rose" with the Heartbreakers in 2004 (according to the Zollo book). Tom discusses his decision to play drums in the Zollo book in more detail; from what I remember, Tom said that he played drums because he wanted a more stripped down approach and didn't feel like calling everyone and just wanted it to be a very insular, limited production process with Mike and Jeff. As for playing "Turn this Car Around" live, and then turning around with "Saving Grace" as the main Highway Companion-advertised song in 2006, I think it's because "Saving Grace" wasn't written yet: it's the song that the Conversations book ends with, with Tom saying that there's one song that's not yet finished. When the band decided to tour in the summer of 2005, then, I'm sure Tom wanted to advertise what he thought would be a standout song, and "Saving Grace" hadn't been written yet, and so he decided to pull out "Turn this Car Around," which unfortunately, from what I remember, got a lot of lackluster responses and many audience members in bootlegs can be heard mistaking it for another YDKHIF. As for the "we" thing, I chalk that up to Tom always being humble and not wanting all the attention on him. He was always a bit bashful, and definitely valued the band all the time, so it makes sense that he would say "we" instead of tooting his own horn.
  9. The Boston show from a few nights prior was the first time this song -- and "Breakdown" -- was played on the tour. But like "What Are You Doin..." and "Makin Some Noise," it was played at the 2004 benefit show in Santa Monica CA, so it was probable it would have made it into the set at some point. What I remember about the Boston show is that Tom even introduced their history with the song: that it comes from their live album (the only one at the time, Pack Up the Plantation: Live!), and that the recording comes from a 1978 performance at the Paradise club in Boston (which I think is no longer open/standing?). Was a very nostalgic and candid introduction to the song.
  10. You're totally right that "Turn this Car Around" was the only HC song played on that tour, and it is so unfortunate that there aren't any soundboard shows from the tour! My first TPHB concert was three nights before the Jones Beach one in Boston with an identical set list, and it was a truly great set list. The start of the 2005 tour was definitely off to a more diverse start with "What Are You Doin' In My Life?" and "Makin' Some Noise" making appearances. However, like the rest of the tours, the shows wound up getting more predictable, and with less rarities, toward the tour's end.
  11. I know I've posted about this before, but I loved when the band revived the song on the road in 2012 and 2013. I actually hardly listen to the 1989 version, and mostly listen to this version: Now I definitely listen to the AAT version as my go-to official version.
  12. Interestingly, "You Wreck Me" dropped out of the 2010 tour pretty early on. When it was played at the first few shows, it was in its usual spot as the first song of the encore. When it got dropped, however, "Runnin' Down a Dream" got moved from being the final song of the main set to the first song of the encore. This precedent was set in 2008 because "You Wreck Me" was the tour opener on that tour. In 2010, that pattern continued: "Refugee" closed the man set and "Runnin'" started the encore.
  13. ^ Martin, like myself, is from upstate NY. He's referring to the July 2002 Saratoga Performing Arts Center show. Loved seeing Tom at that venue; he played some real gems there over the years (the July 2001 show has a pretty varied setlist, too, as that show is the the only time the band covered "Stop Breaking Down"). The first time I saw him there, in 2005, he even whipped out "Angel Dream" <3, which was rarely played outside small venue shows
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