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  1. Hard Promises......what a great time to be 17....
  2. Just sent you an e-mail. Let me know if you got it.
  3. Hey, Danny! I met you backstage here in Gainesville. I've got a couple of pictures of you from that night. Let me know if you want me to e-mail them to you. I've still got my pass stored safely away along with all the great photos and other keepsakes from my mini-vacation. :003: What a special time it was to be in Gainesville....
  4. Hell's Fire. This movie is the most exciting thing to happen in Gainesville since the band was here last September!! The only other thing that happens here that makes Gainesville exciting are the Gators and when football season's over--well, it'll be sad. That's when I go back up to Georgia a few times a month and hang out with friends and party! :035::041::icon_cool:
  5. Update--just found out that tickets for Gainesville are sold out!! It's going to be a big night at the theatre.
  6. Got mine for Gainesville! :003:
  7. Same here--unless the film will be shown here in Gainesville.....and there is a really good chance of that happening.
  8. I had read in the Gainesville Sun on Sept. 11th that the screening will be Oct. 15th.....I hope this turns out to be true!!
  9. Gator Girl


    Mariska in Micanopy
  10. Wishing him a safe and happy one!!! :113: Keep on rockin'!.............:035:
  11. Gator Girl

    Back in Macon, GA.

    At the Big House.
  12. I was up til 5:00 AM watching the Last DJ Sessions DVD along with a bunch of other shows....and wouldn't you know, I had 'Have Love Will Travel' in my head.
  13. "Common sense is not so common."
  14. 10-4....last year, Glendale--this year, new book in Gainesville. Really looking forward to this one!
  15. Hey Steve!!! Yeah, as you know, it was the best 2 days of my life!!!!!!!!!!! Christina
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