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  1. Oh, and BTW, whatever happened to Lonesome Dave?!? (Used to play in a rock and roll band). Was this tune from the Greatest Hits sessions?
  2. Just thought I'd point out how similar my quick little All the Rest mock-up I did earlier this year ended up being to the official final cover artwork...:)
  3. So no digital downloads are included with any of the tiers?
  4. Yes and no. I have one friend, Charly, who is a huge fan. We talk and text about Tom a lot. He listens to TP Radio all the time (along with the Beatles station). He's in a little bar band and he plays TPATH covers all the time. I'll send him a "deep cut video of the day" for fun. I have a few other friends who dig TPATH music, but not as much as me. Mostly the Greatest Hits variety. When Tom passed away in 2017, my brother, who isn't a big fan (doesn't own any albums, but doesn't have anything against him either), said this to me: "You know, Tom Petty, he's not in anyone's Top 3, but he's in everyone's Top 10." I laughed, because he is in fact in my top 3, but I got what he meant by the comment. Everyone loved Tom Petty. Everyone thought he was cool. Everyone thought he rocked. I feel that most anyone and everyone liked him, certainly no one hated him, or had a strong reaction against his music. I mean, how many people have you ever heard say, "Man, that Tom Petty, I CAN'T STAND HIM...AND HIS MUSIC SUCKS." None here. Never heard it. He was just a likeable guy all around, you had no problem with him, and his songs were impossible not to enjoy in some way or another. It seemed that all over the internet, with articles, blogs, and comments on YT videos from regular people, that Tom's passing was a big deal. Even if people weren't huge fans, I think that many people realized the absolute loss to the music world, and the world at large. In a good way, Tom and his music were like wallpaper in their lives–always there, always dependable, quietly and consistently providing joy through several decades. Even if you weren't always aware of it. And it made you incredibly sad to realize that his presence was gone.
  5. Thanks, MJ2LD, you too, my friend. I was reading through Paul Zollo’s book again yesterday. I’m even more convinced that there needs to be an in-depth series of interview conducted with Bugs. I can’t imagine the stories he could tell… Tom says in the book that he doesn’t give interviews, but maybe he would change his position since Tom’s passing…
  6. For sure. Agree with you on the b-sides and alternate versions. Where would they go? Are you sure Girl on LSD wasn't considered for inclusion with the original 25? I'm definitely not a fan of that song....
  7. Don't know where this observation would be best placed, so I'll add it here. We know WF is a very personal and introspective album. I just realized that the concept of dreams and dreaming were a BIG theme in Tom's writing during this time (1992-1996). Never really noticed it before until a simple lyric from the new song struck me, and I started thinking about it (Have a dream on me). This idea of dreaming or desperately wanting something better in life. To hope for, happen, to manifest, to be in a better (different) place... - Wildflowers - the entire song is wistful and wishing (dreaming) for someone to be in a place where they feel free. - Good to be King - A long dream or daydream. "Excuse me if I have someplace in my mind, where I go time to time..." - There Goes Angela (Dream Away) - Feels so weird typing out the title of a new TP song!! "Have a dream on me." -YDKHIF - "I woke up in between a memory and a dream." - Dreams of Flying - apparently from 1994...See chorus - Hung Up and Overdue - We're overdue for a dream come true..." - Angel Dream - "I dreamed you..." - Wake up Time - "You follow your feelings, you follow your dreams..." Perhaps it was time to wake up from a certain dream and walk into another.... Maybe this was intentional, or maybe a lot of was coming to him subconsciously. Just wanted to share!
  8. Yeah. For a moment there, I thought that maybe there would be 26+ home recordings....!? Then I read that same thing you mentioned on the Hoffman forum about the potential track sequencing for this... And this would make sense with a multi-disc deluxe release in mind. For example: Disc 1: Wildflowers: Original Album (1-15) Disc 2: Wildflowers: All the Rest (16-25) 10 song album of unreleased songs. The 10 that got cut from the original 25 song vision for the double album? This appears to be what Tom said in the Rolling Stone article* that were so good, that it could almost be a "new" album on its own. He could not see them as outtakes. Quote: "There’s probably six songs that nobody has heard. There’s 11 or 12 [new] songs on the album. I think people are going to like it a lot. I like it a lot. At one point the label really just wanted to put it out as a standalone album.” Disc 3: Wildflowers: Home Recordings (26- ) We've heard 2 songs so far from this batch. To me, this might be one of the more exciting things about this release. This would be the closest thing to hearing Tom in his living room playing these songs for you on the couch. Talk about intimate. So there could be 30-40 tracks for ATR... Someone mentioned that there won't be a live album included, say a complete show from the 1995 Dogs With Wings Tour. Which is kind of a bummer if that's true. *https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/tom-petty-considering-wildflowers-tour-in-2017-86493/ Also being considered and being discussed for ATR was releasing the original double album concept - with 25 songs. This would be a mix of old and "new/unreleased songs", that would potentially drastically alter the sequencing of the Wildflowers album that we're familiar with. Would this be a good or bad thing? Would this mess up the Wildflowers experience, or throw is in an alternate universe? At any rate, this seems to be the less probable option. But it would be interesting to at least see the proposed track order that was submitted to WB.
  9. 100 is a pretty big list. I was thinking about what would be considered the top 10 most well known & popular TP songs with the general public. For the casual fan, the radio listener, occasional concert goer. Then contrasted with my own favorites. Here's what I came up with. GENERAL PUBLIC TOP 10 1. Free Fallin' 2. I Won't Back Down 3. Don't Come Around Here No More (memorable video) 4. Mary Jane's Last Dance 5. Runnin' Down A Dream 6. Refugee 7. American Girl 8. The Waiting 9. Wildflowers (seems to get quoted a lot, and get the most tattoos...) 10. Learning To Fly Gosh that was hard. Honorable mentions: Here Comes My Girl, Listen to Her Heart, Into The Great Wide Open, Breakdown, Even The Losers... MY TOP 10 (for today at least)... 1. Walls (Circus) 2. You Get Me High 3. Surrender 4. Kings Highway 5. To Find A Friend 6. Casa Dega 7. Scare Easy 8. Even The Losers 9. Good To Be King 10. Mary Jane's Last Dance How about yours? Go with your first take, from memory....and don't overthink it. There's no wrong answer
  10. SIDE A 1. Rebels 2. Trailer (Playback Version) 3. The Apartment Song (A Little Lonely Tonight) Feat. Stevie Nicks 4. Spike 5. Dogs On The Run SIDE B 1. Don't Come Around Here No More 2. Walkin' From The Fire 3. Casa Dega 4. The Best of Everything 5. Southern Accents
  11. Less than 2 weeks and counting! I wanted to try tossing out a handful of random/hodgepodge mini-topics out there, and see what sticks. Maybe one or more will spark or spur a few more conversations before it's finally time to move on. Feel free to jump in or add your own to this list. 1. Take my skateboard, take my snowboard, take my wallet, take my car... We've heard that there's a 7-minute studio version of Breakdown. I would love to hear it some day, and wonder if it will ever be released. Hard to imagine there wouldn't be some extended, moody guitar work from Mike here. 2. Not On Label I was checking again to see what WF vinyl is going for these days. Anyone ever seen this before? Unofficial Wildflowers LP - on cream vinyl https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1112305204 3.Interesting tidbit. Stan’s departure was announced on Oct. 20, 1994. https://www.thepettyarchives.com/archives/miscellany/newsletters/1995-february Notice that particular date? 4. 400 Days in a gig in the South... I always thought it was odd/random that 400 film first became available on the Deluxe version of the Live Anthology. Why do you think the 400 Days doc was shelved in the first place? I also wonder if it was Tom’s idea to document the recording and subsequent tour of the Wildflowers album this way. Was it Martyn Atkins idea? 5. Rare shows Which show would you rather hear: - 1993 Viper Room Opening Night - 1996 one-off show, where several yet-to-be-released STO songs were played 6. Next Archive Release Which Box Set release do you want to see the most? - All the Rest - HB GH sessions 1993* - Fillmore Box set 7. My Back Pages I've read Zollo book and Zanes book. But I haven't checked out any of these. Have you read them, and are they any good? - Rock and Roll Guardian https://www.amazon.com/Tom-Petty-Guardian-Rotondo-Paperback/dp/B014I8D506/ref=sr_1_5?crid=2C80BFBGIZLYS&dchild=1&keywords=tom+petty+rock+and+roll+guardian&qid=1595088537&sprefix=tom+petty+rock+and+%2Caps%2C258&sr=8-5 - A Rock and Roll Life https://www.amazon.com/Tom-Petty-Rock-Roll-Life/dp/0980056187/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=tom+petty&qid=1595088662&s=books&sr=1-13 - Definitely looking forward to this one: https://www.amazon.com/Somewhere-You-Feel-Free-Angeles/dp/1642935115/ref=sr_1_15?dchild=1&keywords=tom+petty&qid=1595088698&s=books&sr=1-15 8. But what about Bugs? Has there been a tread dedicated yet to Alan "Bugs" Weidel? I think he was more than just a roadie. He basically rode shotgun with Tom throughout the duration of his whole career. He was with Tom when he saw his mom for the last time in the hospital. He drove Tom to his dad’s funeral. He ran the tape during the HB recording sessions. Can you imagine the perspective and insider stories he must have of Tom, his family and the band? Has he been featured or interviewed before on TP Radio? I think someone could conduct a multi-part podcast series where Bugs can talk about his life and time with Tom. The man behind the scenes who got a front row seat to it all. ----------------------------------------- Bueller. Bueller....Anyone?? *Rubin says the band recorded somewhere in the ballpark of 50 songs...!!
  12. Beyond Stoked. In light of this, and the strange transmissions that are emanating from TomPetty.com....I wrote this poem: Static at first… Static at first… Now I’m picking up signal On the Supernatural Radio Tonight a Full Moon is hanging In the midnight sky And we’re going for a moonlight ride Can you feel it? There’s Something in the Air It’s just the normal noises in here… Harmonicas on the back porch Back by the tall pines and power lines Music notes rising, intertwined With the sounds of the night– Werewolf howling in the distance An Indian shoots out the light The sound man is ready to capture all the magic Can you feel the Mojo & studio vibes? Bugs has enough tape While Rubin is twisting the knobs The first stop on the journey Is not far from the Crystal River We’re heading to the Cabin Down Below Hit the last number and walk to the road Oh Baby Doll! What a ride it will be– One with an old friend He’s been Waiting For Tonight Your ultimate Highway Companion So turn the radio on soft and low Because it’ll be Time to Move On When the sun comes up tomorrow. ----------
  13. Studio album ranking 1. Wildflowers 2. She’s The One 3. You’re Gonna Get It! 4. TPATH 5. Full Moon Fever 6. DTT 7. Into The Great Wide Open 8. Hypnotic Eye 9. Echo 10. Highway Companion 11. Mojo 12. Long After Dark 13. The Waiting 14. Southern Accents 15. The Last DJ 16. Let Me Up Expanded List/Bonus Round…to include Mudcrutch, box sets, live albums, GH, etc. Why? Because there are some TPATH releases that I enjoy (no, LOVE) more than some of the studio albums. 1. Wildflowers 2. Playback - Disc 6 3. Playback - Disc 5 4. Mudcrutch 5. Greatest Hits* 6. She’s The One 7. The Live Anthology 8. An American Treasure …. All the rest (starting at #3 above. And I would have to put Mudcrutch 2 high up in this mix, 'cuz that record is also EXCELLENT.) *Yes, 1993’s Greatest Hits will always hold a sentimental place in my heart. Even though I’ve heard each song 1000 times or more, and I only return to it on occasion, because I surely WORE IT OUT, I still love and cherish this collection. As a hardcore TP fan, you sort of take GH for granted, and dismiss it because you know all about Casa Dega and the other deep cuts and the residencies and you’re a card carrying member of the Mudcrutch Farm, etc. and you’re a mini encyclopedia of “real stuff” the casual Greatest Hits listener will never know anything about. Shame, really. But man, what a Greatest Hits package it is!!! A Greatest Hits that eats other Greatest Hits for breakfast. A benchmark, that only the Beatles and maybe a few others can possibly top. I’ve always loved the cover too…with that slight warped photo and colored band faces that give it a psychedelic vibe…the band hanging out behind the board, smoking, let you know that they’re just dangerous enough…that they do in fact embody the full spirit of Rock and Roll…1968 meets 1993…Something In the Air indeed. I bought that puppy on cassette in the fall of ’93. A teenage mind was blown. A fan for life.
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