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  1. RedfordCowboy

    TP Question

    I'm tempted to write a lengthy response on this subject/question at hand. Like "Shelter long." But it would take a lot of time to thoughtfully formulate and compose...and based mainly on outside observation, some speculation, and the man's lyrics & songs.
  2. RedfordCowboy

    For Real

    Anybody know what year this was recorded?
  3. RedfordCowboy

    Maxwell House

    Dang it, I hope Amazon lets me return these 400 cans of Maxwell House now...
  4. RedfordCowboy

    Let Me Up (the album)

    1976 Self Titled LP, you're gonna get it!
  5. RedfordCowboy

    Let Me Up (the album)

    I'm always up for a little design challenge, BBS. You reeled me it. Without spending too much time, I did this. Is this what you guys are talking about (something like this)? Basically having the cover of the first record feature the whole band, not just Tom solo? Anyways, I tried to find an early Heartbreakers image that could work...I'm not ready to make a collage of the 5 band members just yet...And wow, Ron is definitely standing close to Tom.
  6. RedfordCowboy

    Remembering Mindbender - 25 Years Later

    Too much ain't enough! Ha ha...JK. You may be right...2 releases in 1993 might've been too much Petty. But look at that string of releases that MJ2LD mentioned - FM/ITGWO/GH & WF - You could almost add Traveling Wilburys before and Playback Box set after...what a run! Strike while the iron is hot. You think of how the Beatles & Stones released 1-2 albums a year for the first decade....no one was complaining then. I was thinking Mindbender would be cool as the connector (musically) between Into the Great Wide Open and Wildflowers. I've said it before, but I'm intrigued by those summer 1993 Greatest Hits sessions. And then I listen to this podcast yesterday: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/broken-record/e/57883752?autoplay=true Are you ready for your mind to be blown........ According to Rubin..... 50 songs recorded for the Greatest Hits!!? Whaaaat...Is this even possible? Is this even real? I'm gonna assume a lot of covers here... In another thread (which I can never find...Shelter, help) we tried to generate a list of potential songs recorded. I think our list concluded somewhere around 14. but......50? The lost Heartbearkes album from the 1993 GH sessions could now be a super ultra deluxe box set. Obviously released after the Fillmore 1997 box set, and BEFORE ALL THE REST. (ha ha) Yes.
  7. RedfordCowboy

    Super Deluxe Pre-Release American Treasure - SALE

    Hey Muddy! That's great! I'm really looking forward to seeing your original TP works. Far out! I was thinking, it might be cool to start a new thread of TPATH related-artwork (all mediums encouraged) created by fellow Farmers. I've tried my hand with drawing TP a few times in the past....
  8. RedfordCowboy

    Remembering Mindbender - 25 Years Later

    MJ2LD, thanks for bringing this topic & thread back up! And thanks for the kind words. To answer your question, yes. It was just a one-off writing exercise to compliment the concept and artwork. I'm a graphic designer, so that part comes first. I can't help it at times, to create imaginary TP albums, related artwork and dream releases! I've done it at least 3 times here, with Mindbender, A Play Back Vol. 2 boxed set, and a Wildflowers All the Rest single disc concept.... You know, the kinda stuff that keeps you up at night. Like trying to make Southern Accents great (again)...
  9. RedfordCowboy

    Remembering Mindbender - 25 Years Later

    Yes, I agree! An incredible stroke of luck and outcome for the song, to become the massive "hit" that it was! Prophetic? Timing? Sheer power of the song? Lucky inclusion pick by Tom or Rick? When I think of other Greatest Hits packages that come out by similar artists of Tom's caliber, the playbook is the same (do labels just do this as standard practice?). To include *TWO BRAND NEW SONGS!!! as part of the Greatest Hits package. Obviously it works great for marketing purposes, getting us to buy the old songs again. But, in my assessment, for other artists, those 2 new songs are often disposable at worst, forgettable at best.... But it certainly worked out well in Tom's case! But what about Something in the Air then? I didn't get the reception or longevity that Last Dance has enjoyed. It got lost in the cracks, as it were. And still, to me, a pretty great song! It still feels good in there with the rest of em. What do you guys think? Just overshadowed?
  10. RedfordCowboy

    Remembering Mindbender - 25 Years Later

    I can dig it! But....your vinyl version comes in at 7 songs. This puts it in a weird space, a little too long for an EP, a little short for a long player. I think at best, you can get away with an 8 songs for an album release for most artists. Maybe, maybe not. What do you think? Would you be willing to balance out side two for a nice even track listing of 4 songs per side? A bonus track? Live track? God's gift to man?
  11. RedfordCowboy

    Let Me Up (the album)

    Honestly, when I think of TPATH's catalog, I don't imagine them very high in the iconic album cover department. Not too many album covers stand out as classic to me...(ie. a Dark Side of the Moon, Abbey Road, Led Zeppelin I, Aladdin Sane, What's Going On, Born to Run, London Calling, Insert Your Favorite Here_________) That being said, we know art is subjective, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are several covers that I love that don't make it on any iconic album artwork list. Beck's Morning Phase and Band of Horses' Infinity Arms come to mind. So, here's my take on TPATH album artwork. My favorite might be the Greatest Hits cover (1993 version. Love the warped/wavy psychedelic band photo, with colored faces. Like a Fillmore poster from a different era. Also the first TP album I bought, so that might factor into it...Just sayin') Pretty great: - Full Moon Fever (love the colorful gradient background, feels bright and happy. Might have the happiest photo of Tom on the back cover. We know he was flying high and in a happy place during this era. Perfect cover for a perfect album) - TPATH (I've always dug their first album cover! Cool introduction to TP, has some attitude) - Southern Accents (feels intriguing, feels like it wants to compliment the concept album that never quite came to be) - ITGWO (feels warm, whimsical, and strangely out of place for 1991/1992) Pretty mediocre: - Wildflowers (I don't mind the minimal treatment, craft/tan texture reminds me of Neil Young's Harvest) - DDT (classic album obviously, fairly iconic shot of Tom, yet not quite an iconic cover, in my book. Not bad though) - She's the One (mixing photos of the band with the actors messes with me, dilutes the power of the album) - You're Gonna Get it (doesn't grab me, or say much) - Hard Promises (see above) - Long After Dark (see above) - Mojo (see above. Love the "MOJO" icon with all 4 letters connected. Super cool) - Mudcrutch (dig the colorfulness again. LOVE the back cover embroidery artwork!) - Hypnotic Eye (nice graphic design. The only TP LP that has the track listing on the cover, which I love) Pretty poor: - Last DJ (probably my least favorite. The back of his head, the angle, the black and white, all of it) - Mudcrutch 2 (but I love the horse/rider insert card!) - Let Me Up (Ugh...) - Highway Companion (just does not fit the mood and theme of this record!) Again, just my take. The bulk of them I put in the middle-of-road category. Neither here nor there.
  12. RedfordCowboy

    Let Me Up (the album)

    Yes, Big Blue Sky, you’re right! Mindbender is a pretty classic cover. I’ve always loved that one....cool album too. I’m thinking now that Lonesome Dave would’ve fit nicely on this album...
  13. RedfordCowboy

    Wildflowers BOX set and Filmore release potential!

    1. Yes, it wouldn't let me post the specific VH1 video on here either. I too was getting a "forbidden" message....I figured you might be able to recognize which one I was referring to from the link I was allowed to post... Yep, I knew that. Still, I think it was quite random to put it on the LA box set....seeing how it was a doc from just one of the many tours through the years. That being said, that was basically the main the reason I purchased the Live Anthology, was to get that!! I wish someone would've had the foresight to realize that it would be an awesome and appropriate inclusion to put on some future Wildflowers Anniversary set/reissue/collection...it just makes sense, doesn't it? An unreleased shelf doc from the WF era...
  14. RedfordCowboy

    Wildflowers BOX set and Filmore release potential!

    Did anybody see this rare Wildflowers promo video from MikeMono?? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-u1aOGLrNB6AOjzrx9u_iQ Wildflowers will turn 25 this year! Bring on the All The Rest Box Set! Forget The best of Everything collection (no offense)....an American Treasure was monumental, and all that was needed leading up the Wildflowers Anniversary release. Here's the ultimate (in my dreams) treatment for this: Wildflowers All the Rest Super Deluxe Box Set: Disc 1: Wildflowers original album Disc 2: Wildflowers All the Rest tracks (outtakes, b-sides, alternate takes) Disc 3: Wildflowers Home Demos (Tom's guitar and piano basic arrangements and sketches) Disc 4: Wildflowers Live - Soundboard recording from 1995 Dogs With Wings Tour Disc 5: 400 Days Documentary Hardcover book with essays, liner notes, recollections from Rick Rubin, unseen photos from Martyn Atkins and Robert Sebree
  15. RedfordCowboy

    Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

    “Believe me, I’m grateful,” Campbell says. “And I feel very blessed for where I am.” - 40 years in one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time....check. - Bob Dylan's backing band....check - Johnny Cash's backing band....check. - Solo gig with the DK....check - Studio musician/producer/song writer for other acclaimed musicians....check - Invited to join another huge, successful, renowned (but not as cool as the Heartbreakers) band....check Yes, Mike, I would say you are indeed a very blessed man!!!!