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  1. RedfordCowboy

    Did anyone read 33 1/3 Southern Accents? What did you think?

    I've read it. 1. I do think it was an interesting album choice to tackle. It makes sense, as SA is a conflicted, scattered album with a compelling backdrop/concept. There is potentially a lot to angles and ideas to dive into and parse out. And it's not an initial "obvious choice", like DTT or FMF. It would be like tackling a 33/3 book on Echo or Mojo or something... 2. I agree that that author brings too much of his own history, upbringing, and experience with the south into the book. He spends a lot of time discussing the over- saturated use of the rebel flag in the SA marketing and subsequent tour & merchandising. He claims that the album only tells ONE SIDE of the southern story: Tom's side. AKA the white side. And that he didn't attempt to tell the black perspective or story of the south.* Or that he wasn't able to, or wasn't aware of it, etc. He ultimately calls the album a failed attempt. Barely a concept record. Mixed and messed when Dave Stewart came into the picture. Ben and Mike call it a missed opportunity, unfocused, the one that got away... 3. I think the most fascinated aspect about the SA years, as touched upon here, is the total public perception transformation that Tom underwent between 1985 to 1989. Think about it. If 1985 gave us the southern Tom Petty. When the concept album and idea of SA "failed", or fell flat, what happened? In just a few short years, Tom shed the southern image (characterization) and somehow became the quintessential California dude by the time Full Moon Fever came out! Look at the music video for Free Fallin. Total feel good-laid back California vibes, which seemed to fit him perfectly this time. Maybe the beginning of the mellow, easy-going rocker image that Tom seemed to show from this point forward.... Southern Gentlemen or California dude? (or both in equal measure?) Still so fun to debate whether TPATH are a Florida or LA band, of course. Tom says they're LA, although I'm not fully buying it. I think they are southern at heart... Proof to me is when Mudctrutch reunited in 2008. This is Tom going back to his roots, returning to Florida, showing his true self...IMHO...The Mudcrutch detour just felt so right... *For further introspection and study, check out the album "White Mansions", released in 1978. Its a concept album about slavery and the civil war. Various artists, featuring Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter, Eric Clapton, and several more. The stories/perspectives of 4 characters are woven throughout. Not quite related to Southern Accents, but close. Tom's song Rebels or the title track could fit in with this record.
  2. RedfordCowboy

    New TPATH Releases

    That's why I used the word 'massive' before 'bummer!!!" The different parties involved obviously have very STRONG and OPPOSING opinions on what should be released, how and when/moving forward/curating the catalog, etc. And it seems that Adria is exhibiting her fathers' traits/stance in the matter (aka. WE DON'T SELL OUT. WE DON'T BACK DOWN. WE DO IT FOR REAL.) Just look at how difficult it was to manage/cooperate/arrange the release of the first 2 posthumus TP projects (as we now find out what was really going on) Yikes. Sad that it's heading/headed in this direction. And I agree it takes the fun (or joy even) out of it...
  3. RedfordCowboy

    New TPATH Releases

    Massive bummer! And everyone here let out a collective, heartbreaking “Noooooooooooooooooo!” The key players in maintaining and championing the future of Tom’s legacy are Dana, Adria, Annakim, Mike, Ben and Ryan U. All pretty awesome people. And the one’s apparently at odds (most visible) at the moment are the first 3 mentioned. The important thing to remember here is that there’s always 3 sides to every story (or six). As fans looking in from the outside, we have no clue as to what’s happening or being said behind the scenes. We don’t experience the drama, tension and sadness first hand. No use taking sides. I’m certainly not going to call any of them evil. We can only speculate and add our own thoughts to the mix (which, at the end of the day is potentially futile, and sometimes not constructive). That being said (ha ha), here’s a perspective. Each of these 6 individuals were a vital part of Tom’s life. Obviously. No one’s arguing that. In fact, we’re thankful for these people like we were for Tom. They were in Tom’s camp. His inner circle. His family! Each of them should absolutely have a say as to what goes down from here on out. As to how the story unfolds. Each should have sway, as their opinions, convictions and beliefs matter! Is it any surprise that all 6 of them might have completely different ideas and desires to bring to the table? Adria: "Hey, here’s what I’m thinking. You know, my dad wrote so many awesome songs besides all those massive big hits! We should spotlight more on the lesser known but equally great songs, and put out a collection of rare/overlooked/underappreciated songs. Also known as hidden gems, or deep cuts. I’ve always loved Keeping Me Alive! What about Waiting for Tonight!? Oh my goodness, the list will be endless. Could be a 3 disc set!" Dana: “Guys, we totally need to do a 25th Anniversary Wildflowers release, since this was the last project Tom was working on for the last few years! It’s perfect timing for this year. Come on, we all know how much this album meant to Tom, and the fans as well.” Annakim: "I have any idea. How about a release we call “Tom Petty: Peace and Love”, and we collect tracks that have a running theme about how groovy, mellow and chill our dad was. Here’s a few off the top of my head that we could include: Something in the Air, Alright For Now, A Higher Place, …what do you think? Can you dig it? And we could do more themed releases….like Tom Petty: Songs for Stoners….yeah!" Mike: “Hey guys, how about that Fillmore ’97 run? I think every show was recorded, was it not? There’s some good stuff on there! Shoot, maybe it could be a 26 disc box set, of every show. I don't know...I think the fans would like that…" Ben: "Yeah, what Mike said." Ryan U: "Guys, can I come up from the Tape Basement now? I’ve been down here for weeks now. I think you forgot about me. At any rate, dang, the Heartbreakers were a GREAT LIVE BAND. How about a staggered series of digital only concert releases? Premium bootlegs. We could pick one show from ever tour, chronologically. Release one like every month. You know, call it Tom’s Live Treasure. Charge $10 buck a digital download. Kinda like how Springsteen does it. What a novel idea! BTW, I found this song called “For Real.” Check it out… -------- My point…all good! We say yes! I have to believe that their intentions are good, emotions are raw, and convictions are strong. And that combination is creating an impasse. Maybe they aren’t quite able to see through the haze right now because of their loss. The forest through the trees. They are hurting and grieving, they are devastated by the untimely passing of Tom. It’s understandable. It’s simply hard to imagine a world without Tom Petty in it. It’s a terrible thought, and a sad reality. So here we are. We all want Tom back. We all cherish the man and his music. We all get super excited about the thought of new TPATH music coming out. The saddest thing is the apparent inability or unwillingness to choose to come together for the greater good. Are they not able to put aside some personal ideas and ideals to make it work for all? Everyone sufferers as a result of this, yes, even the fans. It’s always so unfortunate when it goes down in public like this. It has the potential to do irreversible damage to family relationships, which is sad. Once these things get set in motion, it’s hard to go back. For the love of Tom…
  4. RedfordCowboy

    Let's Try to Make Southern Accents Great Again

    So I'm in the middle of reading the new 33 1/3 book on Southern Accents. It's good. Both Ben and Mike were interviewed for the book, and it's neat to hear their thoughts looking back on it. Of all of Tom's albums, why are we still drawn back to this one?...in equal part frustration and fascination. To me, it makes a ton of sense that of all his albums to analyze, that the author would've picked SA. It further breaks down the southern mystique, and discusses where Tom got it right and where Tom got it wrong. He talks at length about how Tom doubled down on the Confederate Battle Flag concept and imagery after the album came out...putting it T-shirts, stage backdrop, tour program, coat with flag lining, and wearing it on a trucker hat around this time in vidoes, etc. He comes away saying that it's a deeply flawed record..basically a failed attempt for a myriad of reasons (the band members agree they didn't achieve what they set out to do). Many of which we know and have discussed at length here. Drug problems. Self producing it. Home studio. Dave Stewart. Losing vision and concept. Recording frustrations on top of recording frustrations. Demo envy. Tom's broken hand. Tom hearing The Boys of Summer. Doh! What might be most fascinating is in essence the complete reinvention of Tom Petty, from the Gainesville Southerner of SA, to the California Dude of Full Moon Fever. Those album are night and day different in almost every way possible. Look at 1985 TP to 1989 TP....what happened!?? It does mention that they were looking at 26 tracks (!!!) for SA, and that when Iovine was finally called in, he pared it down to the 9 songs that we know. Going from 26 down to 9 is a huge jump! And of those 9, I would say a solid 4 are quite subpar. Not to mention it totally destroyed the idea of it being a double album. The whole thing comes out as a muddled mess. Ben says in the book, "it was the one that got away from us." The author states that the core 5 songs that faithfully make up the core of SA are Rebels, DCAHNM, Dogs on the Run, Southern Accents and Spike. I can agree with that. So I'll start there and build the perfect SA album. He mentioned that still fans (ahem...us) who are still to this day trying to piece this album together. To re-imagine it closer to Tom's original vision. To make it great again. Basically, we made it in the book. Which immediately made me think of this thread. And I had to come up with my updated track list....AGAIN. Side A: 1. Rebels 2. Spike 3. The Apartment Song (feat. Stevie Nicks) 4. Dogs on the Run 5. Casa Dega 6. Don't Come Around Here No More Side B: 1. Trailer 2. Image of Me 3. Big Boss Man 4. Cracking Up 5. Walking From the Fire 6. Southern Accents This feels closer to some sort of southern theme or idea. Supposedly, the album was to be based on the outlook and journey of a solo southerner (the character we discover in Rebels.) But is he mentioned or referenced anywhere else as the album unfolds? Maybe SA was never so much a southern "concept" album, as a southern "themed" album. An exploration of the American South. Maybe I can be done with my nagging restlessness to make this album work now....who knows, maybe not. * I would add Casa Dega since it feels like it fits the mysterious southern theme and landscape, and it's such a moody song. Every time I listen to it, I think of how powerfully it would be a home on SA. And they would've had this song in the vaults by this time. They could've easily looked back into their inventory to see if they had anything that would fit along the way. ** If someone wants to create an actual playlist of this, I'd love to hear it in this order. Yes, that's an invitation ***Also, who knows, if there were 26 songs around this time to work with, how many haven't we heard yet? Maybe the "Revisiting SA" package that Adria mentioned would be super cool...finally creating a fuller picture & depth to this album that has been hidden or lost all these years....
  5. RedfordCowboy

    New TPATH Releases

    Dang it, Adria. I love you, I respect you, I appreciate you, and I think your heart is in the right place, but please stop. Release this Wildflowers All the Rest Box Set. In 2019. Cooperate for the greater good. Give it the green light. Do what you gotta do. The fans want it. We've been waiting for 5 years now. WB wants to do it. They paid a lot, and are offering more for the demos. The marketing dept wants to do it, to capitalize on special anniversary dates. Fine. Cool. Ryan U. wants to do it. He's the man. He found a treasure trove. He has great instincts. His loving care and mixes make the music sound out of this world. He and Mike and Ben can put together an awesome track list. Trust them. Just reading the above snippet about finding the demos and home recordings gets us more excited than you will ever know. The album already is warm and intimate....we can only imagine what the home records sound like and they are starting to be formed, realized, and fleshed out. Finally, Tom wanted to do it. Please do it....for your dad and for the fans. Not to be selfish here, but I think Tom would do it for the fans alone. Please don't be silly about this.
  6. RedfordCowboy

    Songs not on Normal Albums

    Whoa. You almost forget that TP was signed as a solo act for a brief moment with Shelter Records, circa 1975. Mudcrutch is signed in 1974. Record never happens. ------ What if the world saw a Tom Petty solo album in 1975? What would that record look like? I say we'd get to hear the studio recording of Dog on the Run. The whole album has gotta have that bridge feel - somewhere between a Mudcrutch/TPATH sonic thing. Struggling to be cohesive, a hybrid of all the influences and instincts built into an ambitious 25 year old TP thus far. Going off of the above track list, and Mudcrutch set lists for clues, I imagine something like this....(see attached). Unhappy with being a "solo artist", and Tom being the stubborn guy he is, goes back to the label (who is starting to have their doubts about him), and tells them his next effort HAS TO BE A BAND EFFORT. ------ Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers first LP is released in 1976.
  7. RedfordCowboy

    Greatest Hits Vol. 2

    I must say, Big Blue Sky, that's an awesome list you have there. And I like your idea of choosing only ONE song off each album, hard as that may be. I enjoyed your exercise to much that I'll follow suit. BUT, I'll include a song from Wildflowers. That being said, any song off WF can be and deserves to be on a Greatest Hits compilation, so it doesn't really matter which song you pick in my opinion. All are deserving. WF would easily weigh down any GH2 album. In my teens, It's Good to be King was my favorite track. In my early 20's, it was Time to Move On. In my later 20's, it became Hard On Me. In my 30's, it was Crawling Back to You, tied with Wake Up Time. Now, at this season in life, it's gotta be To Find a Friend. But that song would be too slow to kick off a GH2 album, so I'm choosing to go with an upbeat & optimistic selection. Here goes: 1. A Higher Place 2. Walls 3. Sea of Heartbreak 4. Counting on You 5. Have Love Will Travel 6. Big Weekend 7. Scare Easy 8. It's Good to Be King (live) 9. I Should Have Known It 10. Fault Lines 11. Dreams of Flying 12. Lonesome Dave 13. For Real
  8. RedfordCowboy

    "Best Of Everything" album released

    Opps. Hit "return" accidentally. Back to my new thought. And this came after listening to the Rick Rubin podcast recently, where he talked at length about making of Wildflowers with Tom. I wonder how much of the confusion/hold up was from Tom. You could make a case that Tom couldn't make up his mind about it, about how to handle and best present the reissue. Tom was "haunted" by Wildflowers. It obviously meant something deep, and yet he was scared of it, the nature of the way the songs arrived. (ie. "Where did those come from? Did those come out of me? How did that happen? How do these feel so right? Can I ever match this moment, or do this again??") A few scenarios we sort of already know: 1. He thought All The Rest was more a less a new album (good enough to be one) 2. He didn't see it as a leftovers project, or wanted it to be easily dismissed or overlooked (because of it's perceived greatness) 3. Present the original double album concept? (if they could locate the running order) 4. He was afraid of it? Conflicted or tortured over wanted to do it justice??
  9. RedfordCowboy

    "Best Of Everything" album released

    The whole Wildflowers Deluxe Reissue/Box Set/All the Rest could either be classified as a mystery or a fiasco at this point. Why are they (whoever they are) over complicating it? The album is beloved. People would love the other songs. Release it. It will be special, it wil. Like American Treasure. Or the Live Anthology. Have you seen how many huge box sets have been released since David Bowie's passing? https://www.amazon.com/Loving-Alien-1983-1988-David-Bowie/dp/B07FPP5R6R/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3Q5XTV1A0ZGY0&keywords=david+bowie+box+set+vinyl&qid=1552492329&s=gateway&sprefix=david+bowie+box+set%2Caps%2C154&sr=8-1 https://www.amazon.com/New-Career-Town-1977-1982-13LP/dp/B073NXD2MD/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3Q5XTV1A0ZGY0&keywords=david+bowie+box+set+vinyl&qid=1552492363&s=gateway&sprefix=david+bowie+box+set%2Caps%2C154&sr=8-2 https://www.amazon.com/Who-1974-1976-13LP-GramVinyl/dp/B01IRI05CO/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3Q5XTV1A0ZGY0&keywords=david+bowie+box+set+vinyl&qid=1552492373&s=gateway&sprefix=david+bowie+box+set%2Caps%2C154&sr=8-3 https://www.amazon.com/Bowie-At-Beeb-Sessions-Limited/dp/B019PJII6O/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3Q5XTV1A0ZGY0&keywords=david+bowie+box+set+vinyl&qid=1552492402&s=gateway&sprefix=david+bowie+box+set%2Caps%2C154&sr=8-4 Which brought me to a new thought.
  10. RedfordCowboy

    Thoughts on Playback

    Right on MJ2LD! I share in your love of the Playback box set. It holds a special spot in my TP collection, as it's a real treasure trove and testament to the Heartbreakers catalog up to that point. The first American Treasure, as it were. It is interesting that it arrived just 2 years after the monumental Greatest Hits album. Apparently people were ready for a lot more Petty. I bought it when I was just a few years into my discovery of their music (that first flash of freedom), so it was overwhelming and wonderful at the time. So much music!!! So much investigating to do! It demanded a lot from the listener (not a casual listen), and I was up for the task. And back then, spending a lot of money of a set like that made it feel very valuable, like you were really investing into something. It certainly was a big deal to get it at 16 or 17 years old. Remember back in the 90's when a new CD was like $16.98...and a bigger collection like this was much pricier. I'm also with you, in the fact that discs 5 and 6 are my absolute favorite things on Playback. I can play those and never get tired. I think it's because they feel like they could be independent/official TP albums. They're that good. These "leftovers or outtakes or missing children" are as good (if not better) as songs found on the regular albums, don't you think? And didn't they release "Though the Cracks" and "Nobodys Children" as stand alone "albums" a few years ago? Maybe just digitally, can't remember. "I Can't Fight It" rocks. It's got that punchy and rowdy rock & roll attitude, underdog feeling, etc. This song in particular feels like it could be a connector between 70's Mudcrutch and the early Heartbreakers. Also pretty rare for a Petty song, with the usage of colorful language. Along with "Zero From Outer Space", these are the only two TP songs I can think of that drop the F-bomb....somewhat out of character for him.
  11. RedfordCowboy

    TP Question

    I'm tempted to write a lengthy response on this subject/question at hand. Like "Shelter long." But it would take a lot of time to thoughtfully formulate and compose...and based mainly on outside observation, some speculation, and the man's lyrics & songs.
  12. RedfordCowboy

    For Real

    Anybody know what year this was recorded?
  13. RedfordCowboy

    Maxwell House

    Dang it, I hope Amazon lets me return these 400 cans of Maxwell House now...
  14. RedfordCowboy

    Let Me Up (the album)

    1976 Self Titled LP, you're gonna get it!
  15. RedfordCowboy

    Let Me Up (the album)

    I'm always up for a little design challenge, BBS. You reeled me it. Without spending too much time, I did this. Is this what you guys are talking about (something like this)? Basically having the cover of the first record feature the whole band, not just Tom solo? Anyways, I tried to find an early Heartbreakers image that could work...I'm not ready to make a collage of the 5 band members just yet...And wow, Ron is definitely standing close to Tom.